Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: Depending on the hearing aid model and frequency of use, batteries can last from one week to two weeks! Most hearing aids take size 312 batteries, which can last up to 200 hours, or two weeks. Others may use size 10 batteries, which can last up to 80 hours, or about one week.

Q: Could a hearing aid damage my hearing?

A: Hearing aids come with safe amplification limits. They are also customized so the amplification on the device is suited especially for the user. If any sounds feel painfully loud or there is discomfort, contact a hearing aid provider for reprogramming.

Q: Are hearing aids covered by health insurance?

A: Insurance plans rarely cover hearing aids. In most cases, Medicare and private insurance plans do not reimburse for hearing aids. In fact, approximately 60 to 70 percent of U.S. patients pay out of pocket.
The price hurdle is one major reason why 75 percent of Americans with hearing loss do not have hearing aids. However, Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) typically do cover hearing aids.

Q: Can I wear glasses with my hearing aid?

A: It is very common for users to wear glasses and hearing aids. All hearing aid models are compatible with eyeglass frames.

Q: Can I make phone calls while wearing a hearing aid?

A: Yes, absolutely. Most smartphones come with hearing aid compatible settings that will make phone calls sound better for hearing aid users. Hearing aid users may need to hold the phone at a slightly different angle than usual, but that’s the only difference!

Q: How long do hearing aids last?

A: On average, hearing aids last around five years. Of course, this varies depending upon the level of care and maintenance performed on the device.

Q: What is Bluetooth?

A: Bluetooth allows the user to wirelessly connect hearing aids to devices like a smartphone, computer, TV, etc. This enables all of the content on these devices (videos, music, phone calls) to be streamed directly through the hearing aids, like a pair of headphones.

Q: Will hearing aids stop me from living the active life I currently live?

A: No, many hearing aid users continue to lead active, engaged lifestyles. Though hearing aids may occasionally come loose, they should not hinder any user from pursuing an active lifestyle!

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