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Behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE)

What is a behind-the-ear hearing aid?

BTE hearing aids sit, as the name suggests, behind the ear, with a clear plastic tube traveling into the ear. While still more discreet than the traditional bulky hearing aid, they are slightly larger than other popular hearing aid styles such as Receiver-In-Canal (RIC). Their larger size tends to make them easier to manage and more comfortable. 

How do behind-the-ear hearing aids work?

BTE hearing aids work by transmitting sound from a plastic case, which holds the electronics of the hearing aid, down a clear plastic tube into a custom earmold that sits inside the ear canal. The plastic case of the hearing aid contains a microphone which picks up sound, pushes it through the clear plastic tube, and amplifies it into the ear. 

What are the primary components of BTE hearing aids?

Microphone and amplifier

The microphone picks up sound in the plastic case, converts it into electric signals, and then transfers these signals along a plastic tube so you can hear at an increased volume. During this process, the microphone also filters out extraneous sounds. 

Speech processor

The speech processor adjusts the electric signals before they travel down the plastic tube so they are completely tailored to the wearer’s needs. 

Women with BTE hearing aids on phone

Volume regulator

Allows the wearer to control the volume of their hearing aids easily so they can always have control over their hearing experience, no matter what the environment. 

The pros of BTE hearing aids

The main pros of behind-the-ear hearing aids are that they are comfortable, have advanced features, and longer battery life, as well as that they are easy to hold and adjust. They are also less vulnerable to common hearing aid issues such as moisture and ear wax damage. 

Why some choose not to get BTE hearing aids

BTE hearing aids tend to be more susceptible to factors like wind. They are also typically larger and therefore more visible on a wearer.

Are BTE hearing aids better?

The main advantages of BTE hearing aids are:

Larger battery size

The larger profile of BTE hearing aids mean they have the capacity to house larger hearing aid batteries. This means batteries tend to perform better, for a longer period of time.


BTE hearing aids are often considered one of the most comfortable styles of hearing aid. Fitting snugly behind the ear with only a small plastic tube going in front of the ear, they are a great option for those who want to wear their hearing aids all day, everyday. 

Woman putting on BTE hearing aids

Simple to handle

With their larger size and easier to manipulate features, BTE hearing aids are a simple and hassle free hearing aid that wearers and caregivers can manage easily. 

The features of our behind-the-ear hearing aids

Number of channels
Auto adapt
Remote programmable
App Controlled
Water Resistance
(IP68 Rating)
Speech Finder
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Type of Hearing Aid RIC
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Questions about behind-the-ear hearing aids?

The Dia II, our popular BTE device, is extremely affordable, starting at $499 per ear.

Audicus BTE hearing aids are great for those with mild to moderate hearing loss looking for a traditional, affordable hearing aid. They are not ideal for those looking for rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth, as the Dia II is not currently equipped with these functionalities.

The plastic case should sit behind the ear with the plastic tube traveling over the ear and into the ear canal.

Like BTEs, RICs also have a plastic body behind the ear, however, instead of a plastic tube, they have a flexible wire that travels into the ear. RIC hearing aids are slightly smaller and the microphone is on the end of the wire, rather than housed in the plastic case.

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