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With Premier, hearing better is easy. You get the most sophisticated sound experience available along with premium service. Our Series 2 products feature a brand new chip capable of faster scanning and processing of your unique environment.

Sophisticated technology. Simplified hearing. 

Rather than purchasing upfront, Audicus Premier members pay as little as $99/month for a pair of latest technology hearing aids and all-inclusive benefits. No contracts required. 

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Audicus Premier vs Buying Up Front

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Enjoy complimentary hearing aid upgrades, insurance, supplies, and more for just $99/month with our membership program.

No contracts. Cancel any time.

Step-By-Step Guide to Happy Hearing with Audicus Premier

Purchase upfront or join Audicus Premier

Purchase upfront or enroll in Audicus Premier to get the best technology and premium service for a low monthly fee.
No contracts required.

Pay as little as $99/month

For Audicus Premier members, everything is included in your monthly fee - the latest hearing aids, insurance, premium service, and supplies.

Receive service and supplies

Available as often as you need, get front-of-the-line service from a dedicated Hearing Aid Specialist, and a care package of supplies shipped every 6 months.

Get a free hearing aid upgrade

Every 18 months, enjoy a free upgrade to the latest model at no additional charge or set-up fee.

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Quality product with no issues for 18 months since purchase. Will extend my subscription. Quality company I would recommend to friends and family. Excellent pricing compared to other name brand hearing aids.

Lawrence P.  - AZ

Being on the monthly payment plan that covers the cost of the hearing aids and all supplies makes my life easier and my budget happier.

Kenny G - TN

I purchased a set of Audicus hearing aids, and I am impressed with the quality to cost ratio. Support from Audicus has been excellent. I have not had to contact them because they have checked in on me.


No more making people repeat. I heard crickets for the first time ever as well as other sounds that I've never heard and it's all so crisp and clean.

Peter - PA

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Learn more about Audicus Premier and get your questions answered

Who is eligible for Audicus Premier?

At this time Audicus Premier is only available to US residents. A valid credit or debit card with more than 6 months before expiry must be used to enroll in the program.

Audicus Premier gives you access to high-quality hearing aids, a direct customer service line, care accessory packages, repairs, cleanings, and reprogrammings, plus an upgraded pair of hearing aids every 18 months all for a low monthly fee.

What are the benefits of Audicus Premier?

How long are you committed to Audicus Premier?

Audicus Premier customers are free to cancel their membership at any time.

How am I billed for Audicus Premier?

Audicus Premier will automatically be charged monthly to your credit or debit card. There is a one-time set-up fee (dependent on hearing aid model selected) charged on the date of sign-up in addition to your first month’s payment.

What is the one-time set-up fee?

A one-time set-up fee of $249 is charged when you sign up for Audicus Premier. This fee helps to ensure proper programming and customization of the hearing aids, as well as any costs associated with shipping and handling. No additional shipping fees are incurred.

What if I want to buy my hearing aids outright?

If at any time you wish to purchase your hearing aids outright, you can purchase by paying the full retail price minus 2x your set-up fee if you purchase Spirit Series 2 or 3x your set-up fee if you purchased Omni Series 2.

What exactly is the 18 Month Upgrade Policy?

After 18 months, you can return your current hearing aids to receive the latest model free of charge. You will not be charged another set-up fee, and your monthly payments will not change.

Premier only applies to Spirit Series 2 and Omni Series 2

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