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What people are saying
Robert Polino

I decided that this would be my Christmas gift to myself… but it turns out to be an even more welcome gift to those close to me.

Sara Ruiz

My hearing loss is permanent, but I am wearing a hearing aid and happy that this Christmas I will be able to hear.

Ben Thompson

Audicus has better products for less money. It presented a phenomenal opportunity to get something meaningful for a reasonable price.

Fred Levy

I can hear the birds singing, trees rustling, people talking.  Great price, excellent quality. Highly recommended.

Angie Strickler

The hearing aids have helped me greatly in work and school. Having hearing aids has been a huge blessing in my life and I hope will enable me to make a great Physicians Assistant.

Don Botten

I bought one for each ear and now I can understand and hear what other people say. Music now sounds like it did when I was younger.

David Carter

I have used them for a few weeks and find that they do well–as well or better than my previous much more costly aids. I am pleased and was not taken advantage of in any way.

Franklin Huwe

The hearing aid that I received from Audicus  is every bit as good as the ones I purchased from high end hearing aid companies. In fact, the physical structure of the Audicus hearing aid is superior to the one that I am wearing in the other ear.

Richard Perdue

I am completely happy with how much these aids have changed the way I hear, enjoy going out socially, and I look forward to fully enjoying music and movies like never before. WOW!

Betty Nollmann

Having suffered a sudden, profound hearing loss, I thought it would be a miracle to hear normally again.  My Audicus hearing aids have been that miracle. Awesome Audicus!

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