Hand holding two silver adaptive directional hearing aids
Hand holding two silver adaptive directional hearing aids
Experience the latest in adaptive-directional sound.
Available online for the first time ever, the new Audicus Omni features the most advanced hearing aid technology available, delivering impeccable speech clarity and cutting out noise with adaptive-directional microphones.

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One Bluetooth Wave Hearing Aid
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The most advanced hearing aids online, for 70% less.

Enjoy unparalleled speech clarity alongside expert Audiology support with rechargeable and remotely adjustable Bluetooth hearing aids.

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Hearing well should be easy. We hear you.

Our unique online solution gets you the best hearing aids and expert support, from the convenience of your home and at a fraction of the cost. For nearly a decade, we’ve been changing thousands of lives every year – helping people reconnect with what matters most.

Man looking up how to buy hearing aids online from computer
Two small bluetooth rechargeable hearing aids on the table
Transform your hearing without leaving home.
Send us your hearing test or take ours online for free – it’s fast, accurate, and easy to use. From there, a Hearing Specialist will select the right hearing aid for you. Each one is customized to your unique hearing profile and delivered to your door with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime of expert support included.

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Come get your ears tested and buy hearing aids at our hearing clinics
Come get your ears tested and buy hearing aids at our hearing clinics
Find an Audicus Hearing Clinic near you.
Through our partnership with Albertsons, we are committed to delivering outstanding local audiology services at affordable prices in Denver, Chicago, and NYC. Book your free appointment today.

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Man buys hearing aids online from home phone
Man buys hearing aids online from home computer
Everything you need for only $78/month.
For one monthly fee, Members receive custom programmed hearing aids, unlimited telehealth support from audiologists, free cleanings and supplies, comprehensive loss and damage insurance, and a new replacement pair every 18 months.

No minimum commitment, cancel anytime.

All-Inclusive Hearing Aids
Check out Audicus hearing aid reviews
check out Audicus hearing aid reviews
Why do customers love Audicus?
Here at Audicus, we pride ourselves on transparency. That’s why we aim to share happy hearing stories from real customers as much as possible. Check out our review page to see how the lives of real-life Audicus customers have changed since they purchased their hearing aids.

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Over 10,000 transformed lives. And counting.

Get past hearing loss and back to the best version of you. Start your risk-free trial today and see for yourself how others have done it and why our customers love us.