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kathy and boats

Nobody even knows I wear them


I work in a hospital as a medical social worker. I live in California but am relocating when I retire to Ghana. I hope to build a bed and breakfast. 2 years ago, I could tell that I was having some hearing loss during staff meetings. I researched online and thought Audicus was the best value and equipment. Hearing aids have enhanced my life because I can hear what people are saying. It’s pretty amazing. Nobody even knows I wear them.

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Among the most important objects I own

Meet Marshall, Professor of Psychology, Emory University

I love spending time with my wife of 54 years, playing music with friends, urban hikes in Atlanta, and reading the New York Times. Without my hearing aids, I would have been forced to retire from teaching 15 years ago. I would not be able to play music with friends, attend concerts, or have conversations with my grandchildren. There’s a Harvard study that follows people their whole lives. It found that the most important predictor of longevity and health is human relationships.

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I never really knew how much I missed


I’m a chemist who works in pharmaceuticals making vaccines for a rare illness. I do a lot of boating and saltwater fly fishing. We get a lot of striped bass and it’s excellent eating. Last week the neighbors invited us to dinner and the hearing aids picked up so much. I never really knew how much I missed. If sharing my story gives someone the idea to get hearing aids I’m all for it, cuz I know it’s definitely improved my life.

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