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"Indeed, less expensive hearing aids are available online. At Audicus.com, prices run from $399 to $599, a discount made possible by eliminating the middleman-- the hearing aid dispenser."

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"These hearing aids are the best I've ever had!"

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"Audicus [...] streamline[s] the steps [of getting a hearing aid] by "un-bundling" the non-clinical services, effectively eliminating the middleman."

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"Great service and product for people purchasing hearing devices for first time or replacements. As I tell my friends, I can hear crickets at night now where I have not been able to for many years."

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"Audicus is a high quality, discounted and personalized service. Do we recommend it? Sure we do."

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"I took to my hearing aids like a fish takes to water. I loved them from the minute I put them in my ears. I couldn't live without them. Thank you for making the quality of my life better."

Faye W., Audicus customer

"You simply upload your prescription and an audiologist reviews it and discusses options with you. As for the personal touch and the adjustments? [Audicus] offers people free adjustments and reprogramming."

Bloomberg Businessweek bloomberg

"Excellent, beyond expectations. Tell everyone."

Michael R., Audicus customer

"Customers upload their hearing test results and get the device in the mail, similar to Warby Parker [...] Audicus’ direct web-based sales model lets it reduce prices by 75 percent."

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"I can hear much better and clearer than with any hearing aid I've purchased before. Thank you, Audicus."

Dennis D., Audicus customer

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