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Bluetooth hearing aids

Programmable bluetooth hearing aids offer a world of streaming possibilities. Connect with your TV, Android, Apple iPhone, and much more.

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Bluetooth hearing aids

Programmable bluetooth hearing aids offer a world of streaming possibilities. Connect with your TV, Android, Apple iPhone, and much more.

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What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a commonly used technology that allows two or more devices to communicate without being physically connected. The technology is embedded in a range of modern technologies you likely already have in your home, like your smartphone, TV,  computer, or music player. It’s  a popular feature in modern hearing aids, allowing an enhanced connection experience with the world. 

How does Bluetooth work?

The technology utilizes radio waves to send signals between devices through a process known as streaming. Radio waves from two or more devices can “talk” invisibly over a range up to 30 feet. This means you can be standing far away from your television or music player and still stream sound directly into your hearing aids. Streaming is bi-directional, which means you can not only hear sound from other devices, you can feed sound back. So, if you’re taking a hands-free phone call in the car, not only can your hearing aids stream the sound from your phone directly into your ears, when you speak, your voice will be streamed seamlessly back to the phone. 

What devices are Bluetooth compatible?

Apple Products (including iPads) and Android Products (including Samsung)

Bluetooth hearing aids function as a wireless headset for Apple and Android devices, while also improving your hearing. You can stream music, take calls, and participate in online meetings by directly linking your hearing aids.

Android smartphones and tablets including Samsung and Google devices

Android devices are also compatible with bluetooth hearing aids. Pair your hearing aids with any Android device to stream calls, videos, or music. 

Woman putting on BTE hearing aids

Televisions, streaming devices, and music players

Most modern televisions and music players allow direct Bluetooth streaming. Simply pair your hearing aids with the device you want to listen to and press play. 

The pros of Bluetooth hearing aids

One of the main benefits is that you get typical features of traditional hearing aids, with the added advantage of the most advanced connection possible. You can take calls hands-free, and stream music and television directly into your ears, without disturbing friends, family, or anyone else around you.

Why some choose not to get Bluetooth hearing aids

 Bluetooth technology is not for everyone, which is why it’s important to consider your priorities before buying. Invisible or behind the ear hearing aids that do not come equipped with Bluetooth may be more affordable, offer more simple technology, and have better battery life. 

Are Bluetooth hearing aids better?

The main advantages of Bluetooth hearing aids are:

Watching TV

Ever find it difficult to understand TV? Bluetooth helps with that. When sound from the TV is streamed directly, reverberation from the TV speakers is eliminated allowing for a better hearing experience.Since the the sound is directly in your ears, there is no need to turn up the volume or wear headphones. 

Women with BTE hearing aids on phone

Phone conversations

Speaking on the phone while wearing a hearing aid can be challenging and uncomfortable. Connecting to bluetooth  resolves these issues and allows a hands-free, more comfortable connection. 

Listening to music

Streaming audio from your electronic devices to your hearing aids filters out background noise and allows you to fully enjoy the sounds you really want to hear – like your favorite piece of music – without any whistling. You can also take a walk in the park while listening to audio and not worry about extraneous environmental sounds. 

The features of our two Bluetooth hearing aids, the Omni and the Spirit

Wave 2
Wave 2
Spirit 2
Spirit 2
Omni 2
Omni 2
Number of channels 12 16 20
Auto adapt
Remote programmable
App Controlled
Water Resistance
(IP68 Rating)
Speech Finder
Spec Sheet Click Here Click here Click here
Type of Hearing Aid RIC RIC RIC
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Questions about Bluetooth hearing aids?

Costs vary depending on other features such as rechargeability and number of channels. The Wave is our most affordable Bluetooth hearing aid, starting at $699 per ear. The Omni, with rechargeability and remote programming, is our most advanced model starting at $$1,299 per ear.

Bluetooth hearing aids tend to be a good fit for mild to severe hearing loss.

No, you don’t need an adaptor or receiver to use them. Audicus offers two hearing aids with direct-dual streaming capabilities.

The Audicus Blog has a variety of posts on this topic. For more info, check out our article on the pros and cons of Bluetooth hearing aids, or explore the different ways to use your Bluetooth hearing aids. Audicus also goes over how Bluetooth hearing aids work and the changes to Bluetooth technology throughout time.

See why thousands love Audicus' Bluetooth hearing aids

Carol Padovano
Love the Wave

What a difference! I love being able to hear "normal" again. I have connected to my phone by Bluetooth and could not be happier.

Dick W.
I can hear a lot better

I am able to hear a lot better. Price is right, it’s comfortable, good volume control, and no feedback when I hug my wife or on the phone. I tried ...

Jo K.
Fantastic Hearing Improvement

I have severe hearing loss and these work extremely well. Easy to use. I can now hear on the line telephone and my cell phone. Bluetooth feeds sound ...

Julia S.
Very good!

Very good. Received help in selecting instrument, and help in setting up cell phone and television pairing.