Once you and your doctor determine you need hearing aids and have an audiogram in hand, you have several places to turn for making the actual purchase. With options like local clinics, wholesale retailers, and a plethora of online resources, the question of where to buy hearing aids is difficult!


Where to Buy Hearing Aids: Online


Online resources are able to bridge the gap between expensive, highly customizable hearing aids and low-cost generic pairs. The benefit of turning to online companies is that you as the consumer are able to complete research and look into different makes and models that may be right for you. Various third party hearing companies complete tests and create comparison charts to help with the process. They look at the technology, dependability, and customer service of each of the popular hearing aid brands and provide customers with cheat sheets for purchasing hearing aids.


Popular manufacturers include Starkey, ReSound, Widex, Sonic, Siemens, Sonic, and of course, Audicus. Customers can read about the products online and get an idea of what works best for them, as well as read other customer reviews. This creates a fuller picture of the hearing aid, including any user feedback, which may inform a customer’s future purchase. Once the research is complete and the customer decides on the pair that is best for them, they can make a purchase online. This business model cuts out the middleman, which allows for lower costs. Companies like Audicus give a timeframe for return and offer excellent customer service over the phone or online. By putting in the time researching online, hearing aid users end up with the pair perfect for them at a lower cost.

Where to Buy Hearing Aids: Local Clinics/Audiologist


Audiologists may operate independently while others can be found through local clinics. With a simple search through your insurer, you can find the best doctor for you and set up an appointment. Since you will build a consistent relationship with your audiologist, they are an excellent resource for purchasing hearing aids when the time is right. They can provide specialized care and take all the guesswork out of finding the best fit and model for you. The benefit of utilizing an audiologist is that the hearing aid is customized to you; however that often comes at a steeper cost than other options.


Where to Buy Hearing Aids: Wholesale Retailers


For cheaper alternatives, there are wholesale retailers that sell hearing aids. Places like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart offer few options of hearing aids, but the lack of variety can lead customers to purchase a pair of hearing aids that are not the best for their needs. Often customers cannot try on every pair to find their best fit, so they may settle for the cheapest option. Since these stores sell thousands of products, hearing aids are not a high priority, and customer service workers may not be able to answer specific questions. However, they do offer free check-ups and hearing tests to ensure customers are happy with their products.


By: Diana Michel

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