Find your happy place.

We're thrilled to be re-opening Audicus Hearing Stores all over the country. 

See how close you are to happy hearing.


Safety is our first priority.

As our Hearing Stores begin to reopen we want to reassure you that we're taking all necessary step possible to protect the health and safety of both customers and staff. 

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Happy hearing is now closer than you think.

Audicus Hearing Stores offer local expert care with online pricing. Happy hearing guaranteed.

Get the best of both worlds.

At Audicus we work hard to make getting back to happy hearing easy. That's why we offer both online, and in-person, care.

So the choice is yours. Go from test to solution all on our website. Or come into our stores and we'll take care of you in-person.

Either way, you get the finest hearing aids at the fairest price, all with our famous 5-star support.

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How it works.

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Why people love our stores.

"Good shopping experience. Love your online hearing test."

Ted C, California

"Quick and easy with the online hearing test and prices are good."

James A, California

"The test was great to see my results. The fellow that helped me was very knowledgeable and very helpful."

Marna G, South Dakota

"Great and easy shopping experience. LOVE that I could complete a hearing test in the comfort of my own home."

Krista V, New York

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