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Introducing Audicus Stores.
The latest way to get the finest hearing aids, for the fairest price. Now available locally to you.

Get the best of both worlds.

At Audicus we work hard to make getting the perfect hearing solution easy. That's why we offer both online, and in-person, services.

So the choice is yours. Go from test to solution all on our website. Or come into our stores and we'll take care of everything for you in-person.

Or mix and match. Start online and finish offline. Or the opposite. Whatever works for you.

But, either way, you get the finest hearing aids at the fairest price, all with our famous 5-star support.

If you're unsure about your hearing, or simply want someone to talk to, book an appointment with one of our Audicus Experts.

Make an


If hearing aids are right for you then you could walk out with a pair custom programmed to you that day. While still paying the online price.

The finest hearing aids for the fairest price.


Get a free expert consultation.

At your appointment, you'll take a free hearing test, review your results, and have the chance to try our amazing hearing aids first-hand.


How it works.

Why people love our stores.

"That I could come in to have questions answered in person & test out the hearing aid as he programmed it was incredibly beneficial to my Audicus experience."

Jacque L, 

New York

"This was a great experience and Jack took really good care of me."

Roger C,

New York

"Great! Easy over all experience and the support team is there to answer all of my questions."

Dan E,


"Very helpful and quick. Bobby was great."

Philip B,


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