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Audicus Full Service Clinics

Our full service Audicus Hearing Clinics are staffed with licensed Hearing Aid Specialists and Audiologists to provide you with a hearing health checkup and to try, fit, and adjust your Audicus hearing aids. Book online or call us at 855-242-6228 to book your free hearing test today.

New York City Hearing Clinic

New York, NY

130 W 29th St, 11th Floor, New York City, New York 10001

Phone number:


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Audicus recharge hearing aid in beige

Advanced Features

Spirit 1


Retail: $1995/ear

Bluetooth (1 Connection)
Battery or Recharge
Remote Adjustment

Series 2 Black

Next Gen

Spirit 2


Retail: $2395/ear

Bluetooth (2 Connections)
Battery or Recharge
Remote Adjustment
Faster Series 2 Processor

Audicus battery hearing aid in silver

Premium Features

Omni 1


Retail: $2795/ear

Bluetooth (1 Connection)
Battery or Recharge
Remote Adjustment
Speech Finder™
Adaptive Microphones

Series 2 grey

Premium Next Gen

Omni 2


Retail: $2995/ear

Bluetooth (2 Connections)
Battery or Recharge
Remote Adjustment
Advanced Speech Finder™
Adaptive Microphones
Faster Series 2 Processor

audicus mini hearing aids against blue background




Retail: $2295/ear


Meet our Audicus Audiology Team.

Our licensed practitioners are experienced leaders in the field of hearing care. From hearing tests to hearing aid programming, our team prides itself on providing the highest level of care. Schedule a free appointment with a member of our Audiology Team today.

Meet Jordan! The NP at our Lone Tree Clinic.

Affordable, convenient & safe hearing care.

Your health is our number one priority. That’s why we take every expert recommended precaution against COVID-19. These precautions include thoroughly disinfecting every surface prior to your visit, practicing safe social distancing, and wearing protective gear.

Our Audicus Lone Tree clinic is kept clean and safe.

Free telehealth consultations with licensed hearing professionals.

Not located near one of our clinics? No problem! Meet one on one, virtually, with a Registered Hearing Professional. Discuss your hearing experience and challenges, the results of your hearing test, and hearing aid options.

Telehealth appointments at our clinics

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Alice T.
Absolutely Love Them

Perfect from the moment I put them on. There was virtually no adjustment period. Love them. Comfortable and they work.

David S.
Absolutely AMAZING!

I received my hearing aids and all I can say is AMAZING. I am thrilled with the aids, they have made a huge difference.

George A.
Always Excellent

Always excellent with Audicus!

John W.
Absolutely No Hassle

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was, There was absolutely no hassle. I recommend Audicus to anyone looking to buy hearing aids.