How much are hearing aids? With us, less than you think.

As you prepare to reconnect with the world of sound, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and assume your hearing aids should cost you thousands of dollars. Well, good news. With us, they don’t.

Reduced costs, bigger savings.

How did we cut costs by 70%? Simple. We invested in 5-star service while eliminating middlemen, fees, and overhead to deliver an award-winning product straight to your door.

Direct online sales

How we get such low hearing aid prices

How we get such low hearing aid prices
as low as
per ear

Traditional retail

Audiology center

How we get such low hearing aid prices
Average price
per ear
Source: White House Study, 2015

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Upfront cost per ear
Membership cost per ear monthly
Battery Options
Number of channels
Auto adapt
Remote programmable
App Controlled
Water resistance (IP68 rating)
Type of hearing aid
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