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An affordable hearing solution for casual lifestyles

New low price! $100 price drop

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The Wave Series 2 is our most affordable hearing solution on the latest technology platform. It’s designed for casual lifestyles. The Wave 2 includes all your favorite features, like two simultaneous active Bluetooth connections and convenient remote adjustments. Our all-new series two chip features larger memory and faster scanning capabilities for better overall performance and an enhanced experience.

  • Best for casual lifestyles
  • Ideal for intimate conversations, watching TV, small gatherings at home
  • Bluetooth connection to 2 devices at once (seamlessly switch from music to phone calls)
  • Convenient at-home sound adjustments (no more office visits needed)
  • Fast and automatic adaptation to environmental noise
  • Slim and hidden design
  • Apple and Android smartphone connections
  • Universal Bluetooth with MFA technology (e.g. “Made For All)
  • Control and customize app from your phone for total control over your listening experience
  • 12 channels
  • Comfortable and secure fit, even with glasses
  • Series 2 chip on the latest platform
  • Battery or recharges

An affordable hearing solution for casual lifestyles

New low price! $100 price drop

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Is the Wave Series 2 right for me?

If you have a clinical hearing test our experts can advise you.
Otherwise, take our 15-min online-hearing-test to find out!

The customer service has been more like 10+ stars!
Everyone I have encountered along my journey to better hearing has been superior. Thank you, Audicus, for improving my life!
Debbie B.

Real customer hearing aid reviews

"I was looking for a lower-priced hearing aid than what I could get at the doctor's, which was $4,000. I got Audicus and I was impressed."

Tina P

"Audicus has been wonderful. Any time I have a question or need something, I can reach out to them and they are there. They helped me to be able to afford hearing aids when I had decided I would never be able to."

Laura N

"I appreciate the way I've been treated by Audicus. The hearing aids do exactly what I had hoped for."

Jim J

"Audicus had the most reasonable price and flexible payment plan. I've recommended them to two people, and one person purchased them!"

Jessica M

Inside the Wave Series 2

Audicus Specs
1 Microphones
2 Control button
3 Signal processor
4 Receiver wire
5 Receiver-in-canal (RIC)
6 Earwax guard
7 Dome
8 Rechargeable Battery
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  • An Audiologist in your pocket

    On-demand Audiologist adjustments sent directly to your phone. Custom hearing with the push of a button.

  • Direct-streaming Bluetooth

    Stream directly from your Apple or Android smartphone to make calls, watch TV, listen to music, and talk in the car. Control and customize your hearing experience easily through a dedicated app.

  • Focuses on speech, cuts the clutter

    Two directional microphones. The front focuses on the speech cone while the rear mic suppresses excess noise for clear conversations.

  • Control at your fingertips

    Switch through programs like Conversation in Noise and TV/Music to fit your environment. Easily adjust between 10 volume settings.

  • Good sealing reduces squealing

    Hypoallergenic domes seal out excess sound. Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for comfort and clarity.

  • Hear the difference with digital signal processing

    The brains of the operation. Performs millions of computations per millisecond delivering crisp, tailored sound with no feedback squealing.

  • Batteries that last as long as you do

    High-density lithium batteries, provide high quality listening for days, with fast recharge.

Add-ons can help you make the most of your hearing aids

Hearing aids are an important investment. Additional supplies, as well as our popular Care and Protect programs, can help you look after and maximize your hearing aids.

<a href="/product/audicus-care-subscription/">Audicus Care Subscription</a>

Audicus Care Subscription

All the supplies, and tools you need to use and maintain your hearing aids, shipped to your doorstep.

$36.00 every 3 months

<a href="/product/audicus-protect/">Audicus Protect Subscription</a>

Audicus Protect Subscription

Complete coverage and 1-time loss replacement for your Audicus Wave 2 hearing aids.

$198.00 for three years