Audicus Care & Protect: Reprogramming, Warranty, and Repairs

Hearing Aid Reprogramming

If you are not fully satisfied with the sound quality or amplification settings on the hearing aid, your device might require a reprogramming adjustment. We offer adjustments free for the life of the hearing aid, please reach out to us a 917-999-0705 or [email protected] to let us know what issues you are experiencing.
We will contact you with details on how to send back your hearing aids for the necessary adjustments. Devices will be shipped back with standard ground shipping; if you wish to expedite shipping you can purchase UPS Express Shipping.

Audicus Care

The primary reason hearing aids are sent back is lack of care and maintenance. We offer the Audicus Care subscription – an unlimited care package delivered automatically so you always have everything you need to keep them in tip-top condition. Audicus Care is billed and shipped every 3 months, but you can request additional shipments whenever you need them.

Audicus Protect

For worry-free care, we offer the Audicus Protect subscription, our hearing aid protection program that covers your investment against damage and loss, with unlimited checkups and cleanings, and a $195 copay for loss replacements. A $50 copay may apply if damaged by user (copay must be paid for each individual repair).

Audicus Protect gives you total peace of mind that your hearing aids are always protected no matter what.

Audicus Protect must be purchased within 100 days of your hearing aid purchase. Coverage lasts for three years. Replacements limited to 1 per device.


Change Fee

If you choose to you can gift your hearing aids to a friend or family member. Maybe because you’re upgrading to a new model and no longer need your current hearing aids. If this happens, all you need to do is pay a small, one-time, change fee to transfer the device(s) under their name. From then on, they’ll enjoy all the benefits of being an Audicus customer, including unlimited free reprogrammings.

Audicus Trade-in Program

Hearing aids that are damaged beyond repair are eligible for a trade-in value towards a new purchase ($300+).

Other Hearing Aids

Trade In Value Devices
Audicus Hearing Aids US$100 / device Spirit, Wave, Clara, Oro, Dia II, Alto
Canto, Dia, aNote, aBlue
US$50 / device Solo, Uno, aPearl, aSwing, aSamba
US$50 / device Any donated hearing aid

Note: maximum trade-in value: $200 for a new purchase of a pair ($100 for a single)

2-year Manufacturer Warranty

With proper care and cleaning, your Audicus hearing aids should last many many years. Your hearing aids and accessories are covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty which covers any repairs from manufacturing defects for two years from the date your product was shipped.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If your hearing aids are not working or damaged, Audicus offers repair services to get your device working properly.

Repair Process

  1. Often a non-functioning hearing aid can be repaired at home. Please try the following to restore functionality:
      • A fresh battery
      • Clean the device including the domes and device body
      • Replace the earwax guards


  2. If these do not resolve your issues, here are the steps for an in-office repair:
    • Call our support line at 855-971-0451. You will receive a Support Order number and instructions on how to send your device to us.
    • Follow the instructions to send your hearing aid into our office for evaluation.
    • Once we have your hearing aids our technical team will evaluate the condition offer you the repair options below.
      • Repair: Clean & Care
        Hearing aids that have stopped functioning due to a buildup of ear wax can be cleaned and checked for defects. The cost of this service is $40 for a single device / $50 for a pair. This process will take 1-2 days when in our office.
      • Manufacturer Repair
        Hearing aids with more extensive damage will need extra servicing outside our office. A Manufacturer Repair will cost $199 per hearing aid and may take 7-14 days.
      • Replacement
        If your hearing aids have been damaged beyond repair then you will be offered a trade-in replacement option for a brand new hearing aid model. The trade-in value will be based on the age and current condition of your devices. Our Customer Service specialists will contact you regarding the details of your repair and the trade-in value.


  3. If you have an active Audicus Protect subscription repairs are free, otherwise, repairs can be purchased here.