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Repair Process

If your hearing aids are not working or their functionality has changed, it may require a repair.

Many issues can be solved at home, please try the following before contacting Audicus:

    • A fresh battery
    • Clean the device including the domes and device body
    • Replace the earwax guards

If these do not resolve your issues, here are the steps for an in-office repair:

    • Call our support line at 917-999-0705 or email [email protected]. You will receive a Support Order number and be emailed instructions on how to send your device in.
    • Follow the instructions to send your hearing aid into our office for evaluation.
    • Once we have your hearing aids our technical team will evaluate the condition and offer you the repair options below.

  • Repair: Clean & Care
    Hearing aids that have stopped functioning due to a buildup of ear wax can be cleaned and checked for defects. The cost of this service is $40 for a single device / $50 for a pair. This process will take 1-2 days once in office.
  • Manufacturer Repair
    Hearing aids with more extensive damage will need extra servicing outside our office. A Manufacturer Repair will cost $199 per hearing aid and may take 7-14 days.

  • Trade-in
    If your hearing aids have been damaged beyond repair then you will be offered a trade-in replacement option for a brand new hearing aid model. The trade-in value will be based on the age and current condition of your devices. Our Customer Service specialists will contact you regarding the details of your repair and the trade-in value.