Best Hearing Aids Based on In-Depth Reviews

4/9/2021 via Consumers Advocate

Audicus is unique among all hearing aid companies in that it’s the only one offering a comprehensive, all-inclusive membership program. Starting at $39 per month, all Audicus subscriptions include your choice of hearing aid, unlimited access to expert support, damage and loss insurance, and new hearing aids every eighteen months.

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Best Hearing Aid Companies

4/9/2021 via Retirement Living

Audicus provides discount prices on hearing aids by keeping overhead low and eliminating intermediaries. You can pay for your hearing aids with a monthly subscription, financing options or an upfront payment. You get a 45-day trial period, and if you don’t love the devices, return them for a refund. Customers also get unlimited support from one of the top hearing aid companies.

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The Best Hearing Aids of 2021

4/9/2021 via

Audicus is able to offer such competitive base prices by offering a-la-carte upgrades and by selling direct to consumers via However, Audicus aids are not ‘one size fits all’ like those offered by so many other direct-to-consumer brands. Audicus allows users to take its free online hearing test or upload their audiogram results to the website when they purchase, then has a team of audiologists program each hearing aid to suit the buyer’s hearing loss profile. In addition to these online options, Audicus has clinics around the U.S., with its flagship clinic located in the Denver, CO area. Prospective customers can visit these stores for a free hearing assessment and to experience Audicus’ 5-star support in-person.

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The 12 Best Hearing Aids of 2021

4/29/2021 via

Audicus offers some of the most affordable digital and Bluetooth hearing aids available – with some of the most advanced features available at that price point.

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How to Hear Better When Your Hearing Goes South

04/18/2019 via

Audicus, working with a Warby Parker-like sales model, has the ability to customize your hearing aids at a lower cost than you'd pay through a doctor's office, reducing the cost to hundreds, not thousands of dollars by selling direct to consumers online. And since Audicus recognizes that there is a learning curve when it comes to using and wearing the devices, the personalization continues with a responsive support team to provide the sometimes-necessary hand-holding, either by phone, chat or email.

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Why I Bought My First Hearing Aids Online

02/14/2019 via Forbes

I liked Audicus’s customer service and responsiveness immediately...The result of my Audicus hearing test was virtually identical to the one I had had done at Costco...I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer.

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