Episode 19: Disrupting the Hearing Aid Industry with Patrick Freuler

04/03/2017 via Episode 19: The BOOST Podcast

Ultimately, Audicus is all about bringing people together by taking a consumer-based focus to their branding. Patrick also shares how they aim to educate their consumers to take healthcare decisions into their own hands to have a drastic improvement in their quality of life.

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Extreme Tech Challenge Select Top Ten Startups Moving on to Semi-Finals at CES® 2017

12/05/2016 via Extreme Tech Challenge

CES® 2017, the largest consumer electronics showcase in the world, sets the stage for the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2017 Semi-Finals taking place January 7th at 1PM PST. Ahead of the Semi-Finals, the masterminds behind XTC, MaiTai Global, are thrilled to reveal the Top 10 who will pitch their venture live on-stage at CES in hopes of being one of three companies selected to move onto the final round taking place on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island. A hotly-contested battle thus far, the Top 10 Semi-Finalists were announced December 3rd at MaiTai Global's annual Ocean Gala in San Francisco and now forge on to the glittering backdrop of Las Vegas.

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Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

10/03/2016 via AARP

When buying a car, for example, the consumer not only can choose between a Lexus and a Chevrolet, but also decide on particular features, such as wire wheels or gold trim. Patrick Freuler, chief executive of Audicus, an online company that partners with a German manufacturer to sell private-label hearing aids, makes the point that consumers are not being offered the low-cost choices, but are being presented with only luxury devices.

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Audicus Personal Audio Amplifier: A Medgadget Review

05/12/2016 via Medgadget

When Medgadget was offered a chance to test drive a new direct to consumer personal audio amplifier from Audicus, we picked up on the invitation. You see, one of our editors, just like Charles Darwin, is a life long sufferer from Ménière’s disease, with the resultant tinnitus and bilateral low-pitch hearing loss. So for this editor the idea of a discounted behind-the-ear device is a matter of personal necessity.

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The Entrepreneurship Series: Audicus

09/18/2015 via The Entrepreneurship Series: Audicus

I see Audicus completely changing the hearing aid industry over the next few years. Providing affordable hearing aids fills a huge void in the market that will affect millions of people.

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08/05/2015 via New York Gains Ground as Startup Hotspot

Audicus hearing aids, it's worth noting, sell for a significantly lower price point (between $500 and $700) than traditional hearing aids (around $2,000). The startup cuts out the brick-and-mortar clinic, or "middle man," to sell products at a discounted price.

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Dallas Morning News

06/03/2015 via Mobile phone apps that are good for your health

Developers at Audicus said they were shocked by the high cost and ugly design of traditional hearing aids (they typically start at about $2,000 per ear) so they streamlined the process to offer modern-looking hearing aids at a fraction of that cost. Audicus sells hearing aids for about $500 per ear. It reduces cost by lowering overheads and linking customers directly to a hearing aid manufacturer in Germany.

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