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Invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids are one of the smallest types of hearing aid on the market. They are extremely discreet and easily concealed, offering you hidden hearing power.

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Invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids are one of the smallest types of hearing aid on the market. They are extremely discreet and easily concealed, offering you hidden hearing power.

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What are invisible hearing aids?

Invisible hearing aids sit completely in a person’s ear. They are often so small they are basically invisible to the naked eye. They are made up of a single plastic shell, sometimes covered by a soft plastic dome, that is inserted into the ear.

Woman holding one nude hearing aids

How do invisible hearing aids work?

Invisible hearing aids house hearing aid technology and a tiny battery inside a plastic shell. This shell is then inserted directly into the ear. Some people find this a more comfortable hearing aid option as it allows a wearer to have no physical parts of the hearing aid outside their ear.

Tiny Hearing Aids on the window sill next to glasses and plant

What do IIC, ITE, and CIC mean?

Women holding 1 tiny red hearing aid on finger

Invisible-In-Canal (IIC)

The smallest hearing aids that fit completely inside the ear, they are extremely discreet and are less likely to pick up on wind due to their unique placement entirely in the ear. 

Girl wearing discreet hearing aid in right ear

In-The-Ear (ITE)

One of the largest in-ear hearing aids that tend to have more functions and a slightly larger battery, this results in greater battery life. 

Completely-In-Canal (CIC)

Are another type of invisible hearing aid that offers slightly more control for a wearer. With CIC hearing aids you can change the volume and switch between different programs depending on your environment.

The pros of invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids are the most discreet hearing aids available. They are the only option that provides no visible hearing aid parts outside the ear canal. They are comfortable for people who wear glasses, as they do not sit behind the ear. 

Small Red and Blue Invisible Hearing Aids In Hands

Why some choose not to get invisible hearing aids

As the body of an invisible hearing aid is so small, many of the enhanced sound quality features found in other hearing aids simply cannot fit. The batteries used for these types of hearing aids need to also be incredibly small. Therefore, invisible hearing aids are only recommended for those with more mild hearing loss. Additionally, some can find invisible hearing aids difficult to handle due to dexterity issues. 

Are invisible hearing aids better?

The main advantages of invisible hearing aids are:


Invisible hearing aids are the tiniest, most petite hearing aids available. When in the ear, they can be difficult to see.

Small Invisible Hearing Aids next to mask and glasses


Sitting completely in the ear, invisible hearing aids are one of the most comfortable hearing aid styles. They are especially comfortable in situations where people also need to wear glasses or a mask because they do not take up any valuable space behind the ear. 

Women with BTE hearing aids on phone


Invisible hearing aids are often affordable due to their small size and somewhat limited technology capabilities. They are a great hearing aid for those entering the market with mild to moderate hearing loss. 

The features of our invisible hearing aid, the Mini

Number of channels
Auto adapt
Remote programmable
App Controlled
Water Resistance
(IP68 Rating)
Speech Finder
Spec Sheet Click Here
Type of Hearing Aid CIC
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Questions about invisible hearing aids?

The Mini starts at $1,249 per ear.

Most people cannot spot an invisible hearing aid in someone else’s ear, however, there may be a slight shadow or small part of the hearing aid showing depending on your ear size and shape.

Due to their small size, invisible hearing aids cannot house all the technology found in other hearing aid types like RICs and BTEs. Therefore, in terms of sound clarity, they do not perform as well as other hearing aid types. However, for those with more mild hearing loss, the technology found in invisible hearing aids is often sufficient to improve hearing.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a hearing aid, including price, comfort, features, and hearing loss profile. Invisible hearing aids are ideal for those with more mild hearing loss who do not want to have a hearing aids seen or felt. Ideal candidates will not be in the market for enhanced clarity hearing capacity, Bluetooth, or rechargeable batteries.

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Working great

The devices work great, are very comfortable and they meet my needs in very busy environments like loud restaurants.

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