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Chet Smith check
Review left on July 1, 2020
for Audicus Oro Hearing Aid
Hearing at its Best

I have worn hearing aids for over 15 years and used several products. I bought the Clara hearing aids 3 years ago and found they performed as well as the $5-6,000. Sets did. I just bought the Bluetooth pair and am thrilled how easy they connected to my smartphone and how clear they play voice and music. The great thing is you don't have to wear a throb around your neck. Love them.

Kirkland R McIntyre check
Review left on June 22, 2020
for Hearing at its Best

Price, and quality are top notch. I saved 1000's over the other options I was pitched and am glad i made the decision . It is normal to be wary or skeptical with a purchase like this online, but the company goes above and beyond to with their customer support and personalized adviser to ensure you get the best fit and experience possible. I can honestly say these aids will change my life in a very positive way without breaking the bank to do so.

Jimmy R. Kimsey check
Harlingen, TX
Review left on June 22, 2020
for Hearing at its Best

My hearing loss is severe and over the last 20 years I have purchased 5 pairs of hearing aids from traditional hearing aid stores. About a month ago, I ordered the Audicus Clara with enhanced clarity and remote control. I furnished a copy of my hearing test to Audicus and the aids worked beautifully right out of the box. The power is amazing and exceeds any of the hearing aids that I paid up to 4 times the price for. They are small and hardly noticeable when worn and battery life exceeds my previous big name aids by 2 days. The only wish that I would have is that the remote control be smaller so as the fit better in my pocket with keys, phone, etc. that I need to carry. The remote uses AAA batteries and it would be nice if was downsized using button type batteries. I believe that these hearing aids are the best of quality and the low direct price makes them an unbelievable value.

Nancy check
West Linn, OR 97068
Review left on April 28, 2020
for AudicusClaraDeprecated2020May
Delighted Customer

Most often a great company captures your attention, however this company, Audicus, has captured my heart as well, Why? Because they offer the very best product (hearing aids)? Obviously,. But they also offer the best indiiduals to take care of you, too.
Matthew is one of these “best”!

I’ve been watching Audicus for some time, reading all the information regarding their products, and their nothing but positive reviews. Often the online page would add a note, “If you no longer wish to get this information, please unsubscribe.” “NEVER!” was always my response.

Then finally, I was no longer just a very interested, hopeful purchaser . . . I am a purchaser and just today, ordered the very best-top-of-the-line Clara hearing aids. They will arrive in a couple days via free USPS Proority mail.

My life will have changed on that day. Not only because I badly need new hearing aids; not only because I’ve finally the money to purchase them; not only beause Audicus is the best ones to own and use, but because of Matthew: Professional Audiologist…but no hard sale, no ‘saleman’ hype, no pressure, no fast talk . . . just one friend, who wanted to help another, one I could trust who’s integrity was as good as his word, and one who didn’t try to ‘talk me into anything, but wanted to reassure me what i already believed about Audicus was true. One who was excited for me.

I will be that person when I speak of my new hearing aids, because why would I say anything but the truth about a truly great product…and a truly great new friend! I got the best of both!
~Nancy Carlson

Jeff DuCharme check
St. Joseph, MI
Review left on April 19, 2020
for Hearing at its Best
I Can Hear!!

I had no idea how much I was missing until I received my new Clara hearing aids. Now I’m enjoying sounds I apparently hadn’t heard for many years, plus am conversing without having to ‘fill in the blanks’ on words I didn’t hear or understand.
I did extensive online research prior to deciding on Audicus and have never second guessed my decision. They’ve made me feel like a part of their team.

Dave check
Keizer, Oregon
Review left on October 6, 2019
for Hearing at its Best
Fast Service

My new hearing aides were gone missing in the USPS tracking system. People have asked me how I would handle service between Audicus in New York and me in Oregon? I called Audicus. They said they would track down the hearing aides with USPS. They "over-nighted" me another new pair through UPS. I am impressed with the level of service plus the hearing aides work just fine. Thanks for the excellent service.

Bob check
Fosston MN.
Review left on September 7, 2019
for Hearing at its Best
Great Product !!!!!!!

I was very impressed with the Clara aids as I have a $3000.00 pair of Sams Club hearing aids and when I got the Audicus aids and put them in I could believe how good they worked. I would recommend the Audicus to anyone. THANKS AUDICUS !!!!!!!

Carlos Garcia check
Portland, OR
Review left on August 6, 2019
for AudicusClaraDeprecated2020May
Highly recommended - excellent service

I purchased the Clara hearing aids for my father. The whole process was easy, and I have a lot of praise for Audicus's customer service. They answered all of my questions patiently and followed up to ensure everything was working well. The hearing aids are high quality, and my Dad is happy with them. Initially, I was hesitant to buy online (and for someone else to boot), but I have no regrets. Thank you, Audicus.

Thomas Murphy check
Lakeland, Fl.
Review left on June 13, 2019
for Audicus Oro Hearing Aid
Great company and aids.

I purchased a pair of Oro hearing aids back in Sept 2018 and had been pleased with them. Well, the right ear aid would not work for some reason so I call Audicus. They gave me a repair order No. and I sent it back. Got the repaired ones back in a week and am so pleased. They new ones work even better now. My experience with Audicus has been one of the best with any seller I have delt with. Thanks Audicus.

Joyce B. check
Review left on March 7, 2019
for The Audicus Clara – Purchase up-front
Awesome online test!

Easy and awesome hearing test "on line", fast delivery and instant improved hearing! I purchased the aids along with the Ustream and UTV to have bluetooth access with my smart phone and ability to have TV sound in my ears.

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