Easy hearing test process!

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Brent W. check
Review left on February 22, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
Easy hearing test process!

Easy hearing test process and very informative and helpful customer service. 

David R. check
Review left on February 22, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
They automatically follow up with you!

Very friendly and helpful staff; they automatically follow up. Excellent aids.

Lamar B. check
Review left on February 21, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
People are very nice to old folks like me

People are nice and very helpful, especially to old folks like me.

William M. check
Review left on February 21, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
Better than the "loaner" device from local office

The Clara devices work very well, better than the trial "loaner" devices an audiologist gave me priced at $4K. The follow-up support has been very good and very friendly. I've already recommended Audicus to several of my friends. The only issue I've had is the orientation of the "retainer" that is supposed to curl inside of the ear bowl, on the right side. It seems to have been installed on the device 180 degrees "off"---it won't stay inside of my ear.

Alan L. check
Review left on February 21, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
Price is definitely right!

On-line evaluation, leasding to a recommnedation and subsequent order was very easy and effecient. The prioce is definitely right!

Richard W. check
Review left on February 18, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
Your team stepped right up!

It is clear from my interactions with your people that they are well trained, caring, knowledgeable and genuinely caring. Excellent experience from the first look at your website onward. One of my most important measurements is how well people handle a product failure. Yours stepped right up, took ownership of the problem, knew how to get thing corrected and then followed through. Could not be happier!

Steve Hammer check
Cedar Rapids
Review left on February 15, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
I didn't realize what I was missing

I am a first time hearing aid wearer. What brought me to this point is that I have had trouble for years hearing in noisy situations, hearing people that weren't looking directly at me, turning the TV up too loud for my wife to stand, the usual complaints for people my age. What brought it to a head is that I have a granddaughter who is 7 years old and she has a tiny little voice. I couldn't hear her to communicate with her anymore. On Facebook one day, an ad for the new Audicus Clara popped up and I took a look at it. Being a tech person, I was impressed with the specs and the price point. I took the online hearing test and it was clear that I needed help. I ordered on the spot. That was on a Sunday. I had my hearing aids arrived on the following Thursday. Amazing service for something going through the mail. It was clear from the moment I put them on that they would have a huge impact on my daily life. I was able to hear things I haven't heard in years! Now my wife is the one turning up the TV...

If you even think you might need hearing aids, take the online test. It's a great indicator. If the test says you might need help, take the time to get a hearing test locally. There are several places you can go and get a free hearing test. I found an Iowa-only chain where I got mine. You'll probably have to sit through a presentation of their offerings, but worth the time for comparison. I was shocked. For similar technology, the place I got my test at was asking for 3.5 times the cost of the Clara.

The entire staff at Audicus has been nothing short of outstanding. Lots of communication from them from the start. Always quick to answer my questions. And believe me what I say I had many questions.

You can never get your hearing back to what it was when your were a child. But the change in quality of life and being able to hear things you've missed for years is priceless. I'm sure a lot of people are afraid of doing things by mail order. Talk to the people at Audicus. You won't be disappointed.

Jim Judge check
Review left on February 12, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
Clearer Hearing

Clearer hearing, can answer the phone without removing hearing aid...Great!

Karen Coles check
Port Angeles WA
Review left on February 11, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid
An Audicus "Poster Child"

As a retired university professor who spent her teaching career in a department of Speech & Hearing, I couldn't imagine buying a hearing aid online. But I had two different audiologist friends recommend Audicus, and I respected their opinions.

I uploaded my most recent audiogram, and was immediately contacted by an Audicus representative who was in contact and available to answer any questions. My hearing aids arrived promptly, and the manuals were clearly written. I purchased the rechargeable battery unit, the uStream remote control, and the uTV3. I would strongly recommend all of them to enhance the listening experience. Watching TV via the uTV has become a delightful experience.

The aids are comfortable, and from the moment I put them on, I've had no issues adjusting to all of the high frequency sounds I'd been missing for several years. Actually, it's been fun identifying all the "new" environmental sounds like the sound of water dripping in the sink and the clicking of the dog's nails on the kitchen floor.

The quality and the capabilities of the instrument and accessories certainly have not been compromised for the price which is very reasonable.

Indeed, I do think of myself as an Audicus Poster Child - a very satisfied customer!

ANDREW check
Review left on February 10, 2019
for Audicus Clara Hearing Aid

I've owned audicus hearing aids for a few years now and recently had to replace one of them. Sent them back to company and was told they no longer were making that brand since they were old and out of date. But they would replace them for xxx amount of dollars with an upgraded new pair. I received the new Clara and I have to tell you I'm one happy guy. Your customer service lacks none. Everyone I've talked to through out this has been great. Great support team. Give your self an pat on the back and a thumbs up!

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