Audicus Receives Hearing Technology Innovator Award for Audicus Premier in Service Delivery, Remote Care Category

NEW YORK, NY (November 7, 2023) — Audicus, the trusted provider of affordable, high-quality online hearing aids since 2012, announced today that it has been recognized for Audicus Premier in the fourth annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™.

The annual awards program by Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) acknowledges technological innovation and accomplishments in the hearing industry. This year’s program featured numerous innovative technologies submitted by companies from all around the world across eight distinct categories.  

Since 2020, the awards program has raised over $25,000 in support of hearing-related charities. This year, the proceeds have benefited organizations such as the Hearing Health Foundation, SoundWrx, and the Hearing Loss Association of America.

Audicus was the first company to offer fully customizable hearing aids by subscription in 2020, and the new, more flexible Audicus Premier subscription program is designed to empower people to take control of their hearing health with a low set up fee of $249 and nominal monthly payments of $99 for Spirit Series 2 hearing aids and $149 for Omni Series 2 hearing aids. Audicus Premier is a no-contract-required, cancel-anytime subscription, which allows those with mild to moderate hearing loss to test out a solution that may work well for them without making a big investment. Each subscriber receives free upgrades to the latest generation product every 18 months, care packages with supplies for cleaning and maintenance, and front-of-the-line service to a dedicated team of Hearing Aid Specialists.

“The Innovator Awards aim to acknowledge the individuals and organizations that transform groundbreaking hearing care concepts into reality,” explained Dr. Robert Traynor, member of the 2023 Awards program judge’s panel. “Companies like Audicus are playing a pivotal role in advancing innovation throughout the industry.”

“For the far too many patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, acquiring a hearing aid can be a daunting task, and the decision to buy a hearing aid is often a significant hurdle to clear, with many putting off treatment due to cost, convenience and other barriers,” said Patrick Freuler, founder and chief executive officer of Audicus. “It is our hope that hearing care is one day as ubiquitous as eye care, and we believe innovations like Audicus Premier are a big step in that direction for the hearing care community.”

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Audicus offers award-winning, affordable hearing aids online at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids. Through its innovative business model, Audicus has enabled consumers to save more than $50 million since 2012 and has helped hundreds of thousands lead more connected and empowered lives. Audicus hearing aids come with unparalleled professional support throughout one’s hearing journey. In 2017, Audicus introduced the first online hearing test to assess hearing loss and deliver fully customized hearing aids to people with hearing loss. To learn more about Audicus, visit  

About the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™ is an international awards program designed to recognize and celebrate innovation within the hearing industry. Since its inception, the program has helped raise over $25,000 for hearing charities.  Learn more at

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