Do you ever hear funny noises inside your ear? Maybe a crackling noise, or a sudden popping. Sometimes these ear noises can be pleasant, like when your ears finally “pop” in an airplane, and sometimes they can be downright annoying. We are here to shed some light on those mysterious ear noises!

Wax worries

Many people in America suffer the annoyance of too much earwax. If you have this problem, you know that a buildup of earwax can cause earaches, itchiness, and decreased hearing. In some cases, too much earwax can even cause odd noises in your ear, like a ringing or buzzing noise. This is especially true if the wax if touching your eardrum, which creates pressure and changes how the eardrum vibrates. This is a form of tinnitus, and can be treated by a doctor who can remove the excess wax.

Tube troubles

The Eustachian tube is a small passageway from your inner ear to the back of your nose and plays an important part in the hearing process. Every time you swallow, yawn, or blow your nose, the Eustachian tube opens and allows air to pass from the middle of your ear to the back of your nose. This process equalizes the pressure in our ears, and prevents the eardrum from bulging in or out too much. If this process isn’t working properly, you are experiencing Eustachian Tube Dysfunction—something many people will experience in their lifetime. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction can be caused by large adenoids, allergies, or a cold.

This dysfunction can cause crackling or popping noises in our ears. The tube is lined with moist mucosa, and inflamed Eustachian tubes often get sticky, which causes the crackling and popping noises when the tubes are moving around. If the inflammation is serious, it can be easily treated with steroid nasal sprays.

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Muscle madness

Did you know you have several tiny muscles in your ears? One of the muscles is called the tensor tympani muscle and serves many functions. This muscle reacts to loud, sudden sounds, and reduce the volume of these sounds to protect your inner ear from noise damage. The tensor tympani also reduces the sound of your own voice and sounds caused by chewing food, so these nearby noises don’t cause damage. A small amount of the population can actually control this muscle at will, and create a low rumbling sound in their ear—similar to the sound that is sometimes produced when you yawn deeply—by tensing the tensor tympani muscle. See if you can do it!

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Thumping away

If you’ve ever experienced a thumping sound inside your ears, you’re not alone. This thumping noise is called pulsatile tinnitus, and you may notice that the pulse matches your heart beat. There are several different causes for this thumping ear noise. Change in blood flow is the most common cause; blood flowing more quickly or more turbulently than normal can cause thumping noises. Exercise, pregnancy, and overactive thyroids can all cause these blood flow changes. Most of the time this thumping noise is normal and does not require treatment, but if it is often and bothersome, you should report it to your doctor.
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Our ears are always working, making tiny movements even when we can’t feel them. Most ear noises are harmless and don’t indicate any health issues. However, if any of these ear noises lead to pain or are distracting you from normal life, be sure to speak with a doctor about treatment!

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Written and updated in 2020 by: Elena McPhillips

208 responses to “Ear Noises Explained

  1. I have tinnitus that is a very high-pitched ringing (around 10kHz) that seems to get louder based on what I eat (typically sweets and carbs). Recently I started having some low-pitched humming in my right ear. It seemed like a muscle spasm. It would go on for about 1-2 seconds then suddenly stop — no fade-in or fade-out, it would just start, then abruptly stop. A few days ago I started hearing a sound like dripping water instead. The humming went away. The dripping water sound is a very regular frequency, a little over two per second, so they’re about 400 ms apart. It does not follow my heart rate at all. It FEELS like another type of muscle spasm, but I cannot locate it anywhere although it sort of feels like it’s behind the lower part of my right jaw.

  2. Hello ! Could someone please tell me what causes an irregular dripping noise in one ear ? It almost sounds like a drip into a metal container. Thank you.

  3. My name is Obet and I am from the Philippines. I have this clicking sound in my left ear every time I swallow. I don’t feel any fullness, there is no pain. It’s just this annoying sound. I tried the valsalva maneuver and even bought an ear popper Eustachi but nothing is working. I went to two different doctor in two different hospitals and they both said there is nothing wrong with my eardrum. Hope somebody can help me this. Thanks

  4. (1) I always know when my right ear is gonna close up on me because my ears will start ringing. I usually find myself waking up in the middle of the night with loud ringing in my ears.
    I go back to sleep hoping my ears don’t become full by the time I wake up, but 99% of the time they do become full.

    (2) While they are full the tinnitus goes away. I hear a clicking or crackling in my right ear while if feels full. This usually lasts for 1-2 days sometimes you can tell how long it lasts based on how loud and long the tinnitus lasted before my right ear closes or feels full. My hearing is noticeably muffed while it feels full. I also hear my voice inside my head while I talk also when I eat I hear the sounds of food crunching in my head really loud.

    (3) When my ear feels like it’s going to re-open I notice a tinnitus in my ear again but much quieter and not as sharp in sound. My throat feels like theirs something stuck in it every time at this point. This can last up to 8-10 hours. Then I notice my voice isn’t in my head while I talk anymore. Then my hearing gets better and tinnitus is much shorter lasting and comes and goes. I feel back to my old self and everything is manageable for about 1 day.

    (4) Then my symptoms return as I mention in (1 -3) and is relentlessly an interference in my life. I become very irritable and have no patience for others as this discomfort causes anxiety and feel overwhelmed with fear. Please someone help me. My ENT is an idiot and my primary doctor is a dip-shit. They just look at me like a deer in the headlights and they make sure the next time I see them takes 6 months. I’ve been battling this for 2 years now with no resolution. Healthcare is getting more and more neglectful.

  5. I cleaned my ear because there was water stuck in it and now i hear a sound like air rushing out my body, almost like when you gently release air from a balloon? It’s sore but it doesn’t hurt.

  6. so ive just noticed recently that every time i lay on my side (to sleep is when i notice) i hear a almost pulsating hum in that ear, it happens on either side im laying on. It’s quiet then gets louder and louder then quiets down again. And it does this over and over until im not laying down on that side anymore. My ears don’t hurt or anything, its just a bit annoying when trying to sleep, that’s all. Just wondering what that means.

  7. Hey could anyone help me, I recently found out when I open my mouth there’s like a small rubbing sound, kinda like 2 bones rubbing against each other. No pain at all and only when I open my mouth, but I just want to make sure it’s nothing serious and may be a minor issue. I look forward to the reply and thank you so much for your time (◔‿◔)

  8. Hello,
    Thumping noise started in my right ear couple days ago and it is not painful but is very annoying. It mostly happens when I change positions, from sitting to standing or vice versa and when I lay down sometimes. It sounds like a heart beat, starts rapid and slowly reduces. About 4 months ago , I was diagnosed with “Benign Vertigo” . Is this related to that by any chance?

  9. I hear a weird squeak sound a lot, and I don’t know if it’s my ear or something so high pitched my family can hear it. My cats don’t react when I hear it so that’s concerning too. Any ideas on what it could be?

  10. Hi, right so basically I’ve had tinnitus ( high Pitch ringing ) in both ears for as long as I remember and I’ve learnt to filter it out and it doesn’t bother me anymore however these last few days I have an on and off humming/vibrating noise that is coming from my right ear and sometimes when I move my head it stops for a second then comes back , even some days I’ll wake up and it’s gone but later on in the day it comes back again, and I don’t know if it’s linked but whenever I swallow my ear makes a crackling noise . Please can anyone tell me what this is ??

  11. I’m part of the small portion of the population that can control their tensor tympani muscles. Didn’t even know that was a thing!
    I wonder if I can put that on my resumé under unique skill set?

  12. Hi, I was wondering if you could help. I’ve had this awful rining sound in my left ear. Its constant. Everytime I talk, walk and hear loud noises my ear if forever popping and crackling. Its so frustrating. My hearing is perfectly fine. Just these symptoms are getting very frustrating. I dont feel like its wax build up as theres no wax there. Thank you

  13. Hello, I’m curious if anyone has an answer with my issues. First being I keep hearing, the best way to explain it is when a speaker has a loose wire and you can hear the music cracking. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt but sometimes it hurts like if it happens during a loud noise. My second issue is if I tug on my earlobe (same ear, right) everything becomes muffled for at least five minutes, this one is just annoying because I tend to do it without thinking sometime. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

  14. Hello, i guess you just ask a question? If so, i lean on my left hand and lately i feel this mildly painful rubbery like ‘pop’ in my ear, and it happens nearly every time, i have no idea whats doing it.

  15. Help. I’m a 15 year old and since 7th grade which is about 3 years ago, I’ve been hearing a popping noise in my ears every time I swallow. Sometimes it’s super faint and I forget it’s there and sometimes like right now, it’s very loud and annoying. I hear it in both ears sometimes, maybe it’s in one ear, it’s just very weird the way it works. Also this usually happens at night but I’ve had it happen in day before, I hear a rumbling noise in my left ear. It’s very scary. To make things even worse, sometimes when I take a deep breath with my nose, my ears start to feel as if they are full with pressure. Please help I’m honestly really scared. The doctors have passed it on as nothing but I’m gonna complain to them again soon. At least I plan to.

  16. Years ago, my boss was telling me that he believes people getting drunk, then listening to loud music was increasing the danger of significant hearing loss, because the muscles in the inner ear may relax, or be slow to protect the inner ear from the loud noises.

    In my job there was often loud air releases, or mechanical noises, so I experimented and learned to control the muscle, allowing me to attenuate loud sounds. (when muscles are tightened, I get the rumbling like when yawning.)

    Ever since, if I am listening to music on one ear (e.g. using one ear-bud), my other ear will noticeably thump in time to the drum beat in the ear with the ear-bud. I have to purposely stop it from happening.

    I believe my boss was correct about alcohol [and that would apply to drugs which have a sedative effect] leading to hearing loss – for people who work, or play in loud environments.

  17. Whenever I move my ear around I hear a muffled crackling sound like prickling. Sometimes its quieter sometimes its annoying. It doesn’t hurt, but its been there for a long time maybe a couple months and I’m just curious whats going on. When I push my ear up it sounds like brushing a cactus for as long as I’m pushing up or moving my ear around.

  18. Hi, I keep getting this drumming/popping rhythmic noise in my right ear. It stops sometimes and isn’t there in the mornings. But always comes back later in the day and often when I’m relaxing. At first it started after a glass of wine. So a couple of days later I had just half a glass of wine, but it started the noise. After that I didn’t drink anything since.
    Now it happens with no alcohol at all
    It seems like the right side of my neck muscles tense up at the same time.
    The rhythm doesn’t match my heartbeat. It’s much faster and it’s not a steady rhythm. It jumps about -some faster beats and some slower.
    If I put my finger in my ear very gently or very gently cover my ear with the palm of my hand, it stops the sound. But if I put a wax earplug in it makes no difference
    I haven’t had a cold, don’t have allergies, and my hearing is very good.
    Does anyone know what this is?

  19. help, whenever i breathe through my nose, i can hear crackling and crunching sounds in my right ear. Whenever I move the bottom of my ear, I hear pops and cracks coming from inside my ear. What should I do?

  20. Hollow, I am 15 and in the past 2 weeks I’ve had an unnamed infection. First it started off with a horrible cough for 5 days. 2 days after my cough healed, I had this awful ear ache where the pain was unbearable. It was constant waves of painful pulsing and my hearing was muffled in that ear (right ear). The constant pain lasted around 2 days, but after it was over, my hearing was still muffled and occasionally during the night my cough and ear pain would come pack. And just 4 days ago I had what my mother thought was pink eye. (crazy amount of eye discharge, redness, etc). During that time, my ear ache started to change. Instead of random throbs of pain, I would feel scratching noises in my ear. My ear wax was liquidy and either yellow with green spots, or completely green. Even now, the noises still continue, but I’ve made a discovery. Whenver I put pressure, like leaning my chin on my shoulder under my right ear, I would hear this hissing noise. It sounds like a helium tank when you dont have a balloon over the tap so the helium just seeps out. Any advice would be great! At first I thought it was just an infection, but I havent been able to find any information about the hissing or scratching at all!

  21. Since April 4 I went to overly bad infection I recover from the infection two weeks now I started to have another symptom in my ear gets really full up with pressure and then I feel that it gets clicking and my neck gets really hard one of the reason I’m saying this because I got Exide he attack because of my ears and I cannot stand the clicking of been going on already for the past four weeks and I want to know what’s wrong with me I’m gonna go bananas here and it itches bad on the left ear was someone please help and I lose my hearing a lot
    And I get really swollen on the right one.

  22. What are the best natural cures, remedies and over the counter treatment options for Chronic Tinnitus?

  23. Heyy so i have a problem so when i tilt my head forwarda and backwards and sometimes to the left and right it sounds like waves or some kind of fluid that gose into my ear and it like makes it feel like poped i think it like closes it up when that hppens and it only on my right ear idk what happend it started after i got my ears sucked cuz i had surgery on the left ear for a bump on the side of my head right under that ear i also had a seizure only one im wondering if the ear thing is cause for this can someone please tell me what going on with me

  24. I don’t know what’s been going on but the last few months i have felt an overwhelming need to wiggle my ears or make the rumbling sound in my ears almost constantly. I try to stop myself from doing it and it only works for a short time. I had corrective eye surgery and i noticed it shortly after that so I’m curious to know if that might be related. Also I’ve had my tonsils and adenoids removed when i was a child due to chronic ear infections/ strep throat. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  25. I frequently have to use earwax removal products as my ears get clogged up a lot. But since I’ve started using these things, I’ve noticed a periodic crackling in my right ear (the one that gets clogged more). It isn’t triggered by anything in particular. I can just be sitting there and hear a sudden crackling. It’s actually rather annoying and I’m not sure what to do about it, but overall it doesn’t affect my hearing in any way.

  26. Hi Noemi my name is Chantelle and i am 24, I have a really bad problem with my ears, as with any sound even the slightest sound makes both my ears react as if my ears are trying to block out the sounds I hear a voom voom sound in both my ears all the time even when it is quiet, what is the cause of it?

  27. I hear a slight pop in my right ear then it starts to raw almost like a lawn mower it’s only in one ear stays for a while then it go’s away I put warm water in my ear and it feels a little better very annoying and troublesome I feel like my head is vibrating does not hurt, what could this be.

  28. Help, I don’t know what is wrong with me. For example, if someone is talking to me in the front, I hear the sound from the right. Or when somebody is beside me talking in a room, I hear the sound like it is from outside the room. When my teacher is speaking in front of me, I hear the voice from the back.

  29. I have finally found out what is happening when I flex my ears!

  30. One time a had a sensation of water in my ear. Went to the doctor and he said I had a dog hair coiled up on my eardrum. Go figure.

  31. I’ve been having this ear clicking problem since November of last year. Always clicks when I swallow or move my head. I did went to the doctor’s to get it checked, they said it was nothing at all.

    Clearly it was not nothing its still going. 🙁

    Its painful to hear the loud click I just want to know what it is exactly and how to possibly get it fixed.

  32. Hey I’m 14 and I’m recovering from a cold, I had one of my nostrils blocked and I had a buildup of pressure in one of my ears, that was very painful, yesterday I blew my nose and I had a squeaking sound come from the ear, after I couldn’t hear very well for a few minutes. My mom said it was the pressure equalising in my ears but now every time I blow my nose I hear the squeaking sound, but unlike the first time i can still hear afterwards. I’m kinda worried.

  33. I have been hearing clicking sounds in my ear when I swallow and when I open my jaw and it is really bothering me. I’ve seen my doctor and for referred to an ENT specialist but he couldn’t tell me what was the problem. Or as he said it is normal but I’m pretty sure it ain’t. I hear loud clicking and low clicking to the point where I would ask people if they can hear my ears click. I also feel like when I talk I can hear myself like I’m closing my ears. I really want this to go away. Please help!!!!

  34. Hi, I’m 14 and my ears pop every single time I swallow my saliva. It all started when I got off an 8 hour flight when I was 9 years old. I was in so much pain and the weird noises just seem to never leave. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just annoying. And whenever I’m on a plane my ears hurt like crazy. I really don’t know what it is and when I tell people they get confused and think it’s not a big deal.

  35. Hi, I live alone in a appartment and just turned 30 September of 2018 and a few months before that I started to get a constant rattling sound in my left ear that occasionally has a slight pain that sounds like a cricket rattling at night. The rattling starts mostly after I’ve got in bed and start laying down and stops before I wake up and has rarely happened throughout the day and if so didn’t last for very long. From what I’ve read so far about rattling sounds in the ear I’m a little worried that it might be a permanent issue.

  36. Hi, I live alone and just turn 30 in September of 2018 and a phew months before that I started getting a rattling sound in my left ear that sometimes has a slite pane that sounds a lot like a cricket at night. It mostly happens at night when I’m getting in bed and stops before I wake up and never happens during the day that I can remember. After all that I’ve read about ear rattling so far I’m a little worried that it will be permanent.

  37. When I was around 8 or 9 years old my left ear bled due to a nasty infection and after that my ears have been hearing a clicking sound when I swallow, and I hear wind sounds when I yawn and i can also control the clicking and can make my own ears pop when I feel too much pressure in them and I’m about to be 20 soon and only when i get the flu I’m not able to “open” my ears up and i also don’t hear the clicking noise when I swallow but I also suffer with a lot of ear wax, I’m terrified of putting ear drops in my ears or even water in my ears, when my ears feel blocked I use a Bobby pin to take out the ear wax but I want to know if anyone else is like me, are any of you guys afraid of anyone or anything trying to put something in theirs ears? I’m ok with earphones but when it comes to cleaning my ears i never do because I’m afraid that it’ll make me deaf also will the clicking noise in my ears ever leave? in all honesty I don’t want the clicking noise to ever leave because I’ve had it for so long and if I wake up not being able to hear the click or “open” my ears I know I will get depressed

  38. Hi. Im 29 years old, i was eating that time when my ears got blocked. Its been a months now and i feel relieved a little bit but my ears starts ringing and cracking. Its so annoying. Anyone can help me about this problem? Thank you

  39. Hello. I am 29. Every time I swallow, yawn, pop my ears, I hear a crackling or “popping” sound in my ears. It is mainly my left ear but sometimes both. It’s been like this since I was in school and I am so over hearing it. It used to be just one loud pop but now it’s like 3 little pops or cracklings. Can someone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it!?

  40. Did my comment get posted?

    1. It has been approved. We get a lot of spam posts can take time to sort through so there can be a delay. Should be live now. Thanks, Christine!

  41. I get the same strange noises as Savanna from 11/18/2017, like plumbing rushing and faint voices in background. There was no response to her problem. However I was glad to hear someone else had this problem as it sounds crazy.

  42. I already have high-decibel hearing loss as a result of living the rock-n-roll life which gave me tinnitus (not doing any longer).
    I also have a stent in my carotid and one in my spleen – it’s 10 years they’ve been there. You mention changes in blood flow are could be a reason why I hear my heartbeat in my ears.

    I wonder if both stents should be examined for blood-flow. I had the carotid checked within the last 2 years. It seems I may need to have both stents checked… Thank you.

  43. I had a cold 3 months ago which resulted in pressure in my ear and ringing, went to my GP who said it was wax ,and to put olive oil in but because of being a very anxious person, and having tried that before and it completely deafening myself ,I couldn’t bring myself to do it again ,anyway,stupidly I thought it would go on its own, and just used to lie on a hot water bottle to soften the wax,well even now my hearing is still muffled and started getting clicking in my ears,which was controlled, only I can make it do it ,it doesn’t happen when I eat etc ,so I found a Local ear specialist ,had an appointment yesterday ,he looked in my ears and said I actually didn’t have alot of wax :-/ although he did remove some wax in one ear ,but I got told I actually have eustachian tube disfunction caused by that cold 3 months ago!! and it could be treated with nasel decongestants, so iv gone months suffering thinking it was a wax blockage when I could of been trying to sort the problem months ago with a simple decongestant 😬 and the ringing I was hearing was abit of mucus stuff on my eardrum, I actually saw it on the screen 😬 wish it would go , it’s very annoying 😐 though for the last few days my ears have started to pop abit (feels beautiful 😂) it doesnt last but fingers crossed my ears will pop open proper again soon 🤞

  44. For as long as I remember, I have had a sound in my ear that sounds like a dull creaking or like muffled fireworks. Kind of like the creepy throat noise from the movie The Grudge, but if the kid’s mouth had a pillow over it. The sound is only present if I am sore or in pain, and it is only in my left ear unless I’m really hurt then I can hear it in both. The more sore I am the louder it gets and the sound goes in tandem with the sensation of the pain, in waves. Everyone I have ever told about this, including doctors, say they have never heard of anything like it. Maybe I have some wires crossed in my brain or something but it gets pretty annoying, especially when I sprained my ankle… it was non-stop.

  45. I am a 12 year old boy and a couple of days ago when I woke up I could hear my heart beat or pulse. Whenever I eat it sounds clearer and I have problems to always hear everything thing in my surroundings clearly. All the affects are in both ears. Anyone know what this could be

  46. I keep hearing skeaking noises in my ear every time I swallow

  47. I am 16 years old, and I have noticed a very irregular pulsing in my right ear after attending a pop concert 3 months ago. It does not match my heartbeat, and it never lasts more than 10 minutes at a time. It feels like my ear is underwater, and there is thumping. This only affects one ear.

  48. Hello,

    For the past two weeks, I randomly get a thumping in my ear. It seems to start when I yawn several times in a row, then it will thump a couple of times, and then stop, then thump a couple of times and then stop. It will continue to do this for a while. Sometimes it feels like my ears are full. Anyone know what this could be?

  49. Hello…i have been experiencing pulsating “whooshing” noises in my left ear for about 4-5 weeks now. Only hapoens when im lying down or tip my head downward ….i had an ear assessment a couple of months before & my ear was fine, no issues. I have sinced moved to Higher elevation. I have a lot of geadaches too. Im not sure if the two are related. Any info woukd be helpful. Thank you.

  50. Hello, I’ve been sleeping with wax or foam earplugs for 15 years and I’m having weird “shuffling” sounds in my left ear when I burp. Can I damage my ears by sleeping with the plugs?

  51. I’m having trouble with my ear feeling clogged, or full and hearing the clicking noises each time I swallow, or yawn. I hadn’t had a clogged feeling until I’d woken up this morning and it’s starting to worry me. I tried to pop my ears and swallow while holding my nose, but it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I don’t know what else to do.

  52. Hello my name is Josh and I am 20 years old a couple months ago I got tinnitus out of the blue, no hearing loss or anything, and then recently in the last couple days I developed this click in my ear that only occurs whenever I swallow. Any thoughts as to what may be the cause?

  53. I have a crackling noise in my right ear almost every night only when im trying to go to sleep, its like tiny little popping or crackling noise, only last for a couple of minutes then goes away, very strange. anyone know what this is and why it happens?

  54. Hello! For about 5 days now I have had this flutter in my right ear. It is not a clinking, ringing or buzzing noise. It sounds like sound waves or vibrations. It happens when I talk, chew or talk on the phone. Sometimes it just happens. Do you have any idea what this could be?

  55. Since 3 months, I have been hearing bumping sound in my left ear whenever I jump (slightly) or shake my head up and down. It feels as if there’s something bouncing inside my ear causing the noise. It happened out of nowhere one day after I woke up about 3 months ago. I went to see an ENT who said that there’s nothing inside and there’s no earwax buildup. So he gave me some medicine after all but they didn’t help.

    About 2 months ago, I went scuba diving and had an episode of alternobaric vertigo. At least that what my current ENT who is also specialized in diving accidents determined. He believed that it was caused by my allergies. Since the diving accident, I started to having rinning sounds in addition to the bumping sound whenever I shake my head. My doctor gave me medicine to help with the ringing but did not know what the bumping sound was about.

    Since one week, the ringing got louder (while still having the bumping sound when I shake my head). It’s starting to be really annoying… Does anyone know what I am having as condition??

  56. I’m getting a high pitched ringing noise (mainly in my right ear?) but only when I yawn. Never noticed this before. What could it be? Thank you in advance & I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! 🙂

  57. Last night my right ear crackled . It felt similar to when the air finally releases from my ears during a planes decend. But after that feeling I tilted my head to the right and I felt something almost thump? Or like move. I played with it for a bit going left to right but now it’s annoying and I’ve already cleaned my ears.

  58. I hear popping noises in my ear a lot. Not like when you’re on an Airplane. They’re lower in pitch. Also I feel like I constantly have something blocking my ear. I’ve noticed hearing loss in both ears

  59. For last few weeks I have high pitch sound that is mostly noticed when there is silence. Also most time, I hear clicking when swallowing. Anyone experinced this and know what could be the issue?

  60. Hi I keep on blowing my nose throughout the year 24/7 and it has caused my ear to feel pain and itchy. My ears always itch in the middle of my sleep which dusturbs my sleep. Can I have a solution for this?

  61. My Granny aged 75, she hears odd noises like train sounds and all other noises continuously, do we have any solution to this problem ?

  62. Good Evening, My name is Scott and I’m 56 years old. I work in the medical field and have done so for over 30 years. 15 years ago I contracted an ear infection that, as I was told, never has occurred before. I had various medications given to me to eradicate the infection without success. Surgery was my only recourse and after doing so, they found that I had a ‘Mycetoma’ infection in my inner ear. The infection destroyed much of my inner ear structure and was told by the surgeon of 45 years, that it was the worst destruction he had ever seen. The Incus bone was destroyed, as was the ear drum. I lost my hearing in that ear and had subsequent massive tinnitus issues. I decided the only way to decrease the tinnitus was to recover whatever hearing I might be able to get by having a another surgery to reattach the bones used in the hearing process. My ear drum was rebuilt and a new Incus bone, made from titanium, was installed. The surgery was a success as I did recover some hearing and with the aid of an hearing aid, more was recovered. This did reduce the volume of tinnitus which made my life much easier. The past few years, I’ve started having yet another issue, I describe it as a sound some what like, static electricity. When I feel like I hear it, I also, at times, get the feeling of motion when I am not moving. I’ve mentioned this to a few ENT Doctors but they haven’t had much for suggestions and I’m not sure if this is something that I just need to live with or if there’s something that can be done. I haven’t been able to find anyone that has had any similar symptoms and such no advice. Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

  63. Hello, I’m 16 years old and I get this cracking sound in my ears every time I swallow. I went to a doctor and they told me I didn’t have anything. I kept going and insisting that I had something but they told me to go back in 12 months, I said, “no”, that I couldn’t wait so they put a camera thru my nose and checked my ears and nothing. . . There was nothing, they said. This cracking sound seems to appear in cold weather only. I’m really scared and my parents just get mad every time I tell them about this. Can you help me please?

  64. hello, i am 13 years old, for many years of my life i have been able to make my ears make a clicking sound and i have full control of it, nobody else can hear it but me and i dont need to breath or swallow or anything, i just think about it and it happens, fully controllable. any ideas?

  65. Hi,
    I recently noticed some light clicking noises, almost like there are tiny bubbles in my right ear, but it’s only in response to sound. I actually thought I had blown a speaker in my car 😉
    I had minor pain the other evening but did not last thankfully. It’s more of an annoyance, and I hope it isn’t something that will get worse.

  66. Hi, I have been sick the past day or so and I woke up with ear pain in the middle of the night I was looking it up and it says I could have a bug in my ear. Is the crackling sound I hear from my cold, allergies, or a bug. Thanks!
    (also it stopped when I popped my ears or tilted my head)

  67. Why do I get a thumping noise in my ear when I sleep on my side? It’s in my left ear and I only here it when I am sleeping on my right ear side. Been going on for years.
    I can never sleep on my right side because it’s so annoying. Please help.

  68. Hi! I notice my ear itching me since few days now and I observe it giving crackling noises .Thank God the itching had stopped because the ear was cleaned for me today and I was given pills to use but the crackling noise hasn’t stopped. plz what can I do to stop it

  69. I have a strange sensation that I dont know exactly how to explain. In the fall of 2017 I had a severe ear infection in my right ear that lasted about 2 months. I saw my primary doctor, an ENT then an Ear Specialist. The infection cleared up but I was left with tinnitus, not too awfully bad but its there. The problem that I have been left with is this: when I run my finger along my right jaw line or pull a razor across that area I hear a somewhat muffled sound in the ear that was infected. Another way to describe it is if you run your finger across a microphone the resulting “noise” in the speaker is what I hear. Something like an amplified muffled sound. I tried to explain this to the Ear Specialist and he said he didnt know what I was talking about. I’m not sure what to do about it or who to see for a solution. BTW, I had another infection a couple weeks ago but saw the doctor immediately and it cleared up with antibiotic. Also as a child I had a history of ear infections. And as an adult about 15 years ago an ENT put a tube in my ear due to severe infection. Now at the first sign of infection I see my doctor so as to not let the infection get too bad. Any ideas about the muffled sound I am experiencing?

  70. I woke up this morning with extreme pain and it is all throughout my ear and down the right side of my throat and I took some over the counter medicine and it didn’t seem to help and now it won’t stop ringing and when someone talks to me the right ear sounds like it’s echoes. I am not sure what to do.

  71. Im 15 and have been suffering from a lot of headaches and it is usually accompanied by a kind of popping\squelching sound in just my right ear that occurs randomly and is not causing any ear pain. What could this be?

  72. Try swabbing it with Marjoram/Oregano oil – highly antiseptic, seem to work for me after I first drowned my ear in peroxide. I used drenched cotton swabs to make sure it penetrates. You can hear the bubbles peroxide creates. I walked with swabs for about 10 min. Go easy on Oregano oil, it is really strong, no drenching!

  73. Hi my name is bec 37 years old, I have had a bad right ear for 9 weeks now been on 4 different types of antibiotics and nothing has worked I was told is I had a inner ear infection and also siniusitus but sinuisitus has been ruled out from the the ct scan as all sinus are clear. I have had a ct scan came back clear had X-ray of my teeth all clear next is a mri to check everything else. I also suffer blurry vision in the right eye also and sore neck. Been really scared I also have been suffering from headaches anyone else had this I do also now and this get high pitch sounds in right ear also

  74. My ears crackle every time I swallow or yawn. I have this for a couple years now and haven’t figured out what it is. Please help!

  75. Hi my name is Sunni, I’m 14 years old and since I started middle school (or maybe even earlier) I’ve noticed that at random points I hear static it low buzzing (almost as if someone’s interfering with a television cast) recently I’ve started singing and I’ve noticed that it sounds like a small heartbeat is in my ear and it happens randomly even when I’m just sitting down (it’s already done it a few times as I’m writing) should I be worried and bring it up to my mum?

  76. I hear an occasional noise in my left ear doesn’t hurt or anything just annoying at times and lack of a better description it almost sounds like pop rocks and I was wondering if it’s anything to be worried about its not constant but comes and goes

  77. A couple of months ago both my ears got really bad infections. I got prescribed a low dose of steroids and it knocked it out pretty quickly, but I still hear popping in my left ear and sometimes it aches. I’m one of the people that can control their tensor tympani, and when I tense the muscle it makes my left ear pop almost every time. I’m just wondering what the popping means, if I should go to the doctor or if it will subside on its own.

  78. Hi, in both of my ears every time I yawn and swallow my spit I hear a popping noise, also some time when I lay down I hear a noise I don’t know how to explain it but it’s not a popping crackling noise or ringing , my ears somethings ring and when After I and good from being sick my ears get cleared and I hear louder, my ears had hurt below my ears and lastly this only happened twice when I would yawn my ears wouldn’t pop but it would really hurt. Thanks I know it’s a lot but I need awnsers thanks!!

  79. Hello, I am not willing to disclose my age but I am below 15, every time I swallow my right ear makes a pop noise, not like the airplane feeling, it just pops, and my left constantly has a small ache. I am too afraid to tell my parents as we don’t have a whole lot of money right now, what do I do?

  80. I have a clicking noise in my ears when I swallow, it started about the same time as I lost my sense of smell, is a nasal spray the answer?

  81. Is it normal to hear it in the ear and dose it go away by its self I have had it for a couple of months help

  82. For about a little over a week now my left ear ached just a little but now every time I talk I have this noise that sounds like the sound of an sos sound makes. Its driving me crazy . I cant get rid of it. Does anyone have any idea what it could be.?

  83. I’m having an on and off hollow sound in my right ear. Hollow in the sense that sometimes when I swallow or talk my head sounds like a tin can. I have a daith piercing in this ear too (almost 2 years) and when it moves it’s the same thing, like I have a tin can by my ear that I am listening through. It has only been happening for a few weeks now, but this is the first time in my life and I want to make sure it is nothing serious, just allergy related perhaps. Any answers for me?

  84. I am 31 years old and have noticed that for weeks or months at a time over several years that I start to hear a crackling sound in both ears. This happens when I swallow or yawn. I don’t believe it to be wax because I am always cleaning my ears like every other day. Something that also occurs is when I am sleeping, depending on which side I lie on, that ear will almost leak. It isn’t much, just a drop or two of a clear very loose liquid. I am not in any pain. Just annoyed by the sound and a bit worried.

  85. I had a cold after after it my left ear has been making a clicking sound when I swallow. Could this be ear wax build up ?

  86. My ear drums “rattle”, especially the left (which also suffers pulsatile tinnitus) when there’s loud noise. Anyone else experience that?

  87. im pretty sure i have tinnitus…that being said today while watching a movie my left ear suddenly shot the volume up ten notches. it did not hurt…my guess it was like having new ears. im 33…what could this be?..i think it has neutralized…everything sounds even now. but it was so strange. no pain associated with this.

  88. Hi. So i’ve been hearing noise in my ears since I was in High School. It’s just loud laughter of a man, and yells of a woman. I also hear banging dishes and/or glasses breaking. It stopped when I went to college. But Last night, I heard a loud splash of water in the bathroom while I was in bed, and I looked to check if there’s anyone in the bathroom ’cause i’m pretty sure I’m the only one awake in the house, and there’s really no one. I’m currently on antipsychotics and antidepression medications, so… why did the non-existent noise that I hear came back?

  89. hi i recently got water stuck in my ear and after i got it out i have been experiencing some troubles like lots of wax, not being able to ear properly at times and everytime i pop my ear i can hear a high pitch clicking noise can anyon help me

  90. Hi… I keep hearing these rumbling sound like as if there is wind blowing in my left ear when i hear a sound or people talking. It was okay in the morning, but after school i took a nap and when i woke up i started hearing this howling sound when anyone spoke. It is really troubling please help.

  91. So a week or two ago, I did something to my ear drum in which I had temporarily hearing loss, and it felt like there was cotton in my ear, we cleaned it and still nothing. It just started to go away, but now when I yawn or do something similar, I hear a ripping noise inside of my ear, followed by a sharp pain. What could this be ?

  92. Hello,im just cleaning my ear with cotton buds. On my left ear, when i pushed the bud slowly,i hear something weird inside my ear. And im afraid the cotton bud could get it farther and deeper in my ear. I dont know what it is. I just hear it when i poke my left ear with the bud.

  93. I have crackling sounds in my ears when I hear even moderately loud noises. I work at a boarding kennel and when the dogs bark, my ears crackle and is nearly painful. Another issue is when I roll windows up in my car, I have to fake yawn or open my mouth to relieve the inside of my ears from feeling pressure.

  94. Hello, I’m 16 and I’m having a problem with my ear. For a few days my left ear has become really trouble some, I keep hearing thumping noises coming from within my ear and mostly happens when I turn my head. It feels as tho I have something in my ear (I know I haven’t) but I can feel the vibrations when the thumping noises occur. I haven’t had a cold recently not and never had an ear infection. I would like to know what it is and is distracting me at school, Thankyou x

  95. My 6 year old was sick with a bad cold she started complying if popping in her ear . It because where I could hear it so we went back to the Dr . He referred her to a kids ENT and they said sounds like it’s TMJ however it never stops popping unless she is completely still . As soon as she moves her hand or any thing it starts popping again . Dr don’t seam to concearned however as a mom I am freaked out I should not be able to hear her ears ! What is the next step ?

  96. Hi I’m 20 and my left ear makes crackling noises from time to time. It’s always my left ear and I don’t know what brings it on. I can hear it when I yawn or tug on it.

  97. Hello. I have been experiencing some pain in my ear. Every time I blow my nose makes an extremely high pitched noise in my ear. I went swimming and every time water was in my ear it hurt. I put some ear drops in it and it really hurt. I was in the shower and put my hand against it and pulled it off and it really hurt then too. But anytime I blow my nose it makes an extremely high pitched noise. Just wondering if any of y’all could help me. Thanks.

  98. Hi My right ear makes a tick sound sometimes when I swallow something and sometimes I feel like something is moving inside my ear when I yawn. Also there is small lump behind my right ear. I dont know to explain it. Its like a small bone that is painless. It is there for a year now and have never disturbed me before but one day I was eating and my right ear was constantly making noises. It has started after that. Please do reply.

  99. So I have had a thumping in my ear for a couple months. Its like my heart beat, but quicker almost. It’s really bothersome and it’s kinda loud, it distracts me in my classes, and at work, and even sometimes keeps me awake at night. I’m not sure what it is and it’s really hard to get to the doctor for me

  100. I have a crackling sound in my ear that only occurs on occasion when listening to loud music. It’s been going on for quite some time now, but again only when I listen to loud sounds. Is this ear damage or would something else be causing it? I hear fine otherwise.

  101. I have a weird vibration in my ear that occurs only when I hear deep male voices. It’s been happening for two years and I don’t know what it is.

    1. It is like a muscle spasm almost it gets very shaky.

  102. It sounded like water or blood rushing by with the heartbeat….now it’s a squeak or chirp mostly squeak with heartbeat…driving me crazy. Got a stephascope (so) so someone else could hear but it always goes away by the time we hook it up. Ears have been ringing for couple years….help!

  103. When falling asleep I have a loud thump noise in my ears that just started. It only happens when I’m trying to go to sleep. What is that?

  104. Hlw sir. My name is ankush and m from india. I m hearing sounds inside my ears for more than 4 years. The thing is there is just not one sounds there r like 5 of them. I can hear them from both my ears but they r diff means some sounds comes from left side they don’t come from right side. And, also these sounds don’t disturb me . So is there something wrong with me ?

  105. …”easily treated with steroid nasal sprays” ? Dr. gave me nasal spray for eustation tube pain, almost had to stand on my head for the spray to reach inside ear. Also spray said do mot use more than ten days. Could you please give more info on this? Thank you

  106. I used to hear crickets, grasshoppers before I was 16 only sometimes.Then I moved from La. to Texas and thought the first night I would lose my mind from all the singing bugs I heard. Forty years and much insanity later I realize no one else hears them.

  107. Two months ago, a mentally unbalanced person slapped me in my ear. I went to the ENT and he told me that there was no damage in the eardrum. Since then, however, I hear a fluttering sound when I yawn, burp or strech, not every single time but randomly. The doctor did not seem to care about the fluttering sound, but it is not pleasant. How could the tensor muscle or the other little muscle could be affected by that slap? Anything could be done to reduce this discomfort?

    1. Probably fluid in your sinus canal behind eardrum. Should dry and go away eventually. But I’m not a doc, just a guy with ear noises.

  108. Hi im 14 and I have allergies right now in Spring. I was blowing my nose and suddenly my right ear popped,and for the rest of the day it has been popping when I swallow. I have looked up ways of treating it, like holding your nose and exhaling, but that only makes it that i cant hear and only then does swallowing clear it up. Please help! Is there any way besides going to the doctors? Will it cure on its own?

  109. When I yawn and move my jaw up and down, left and right it sounds like windshield wipers going back and forth making an irritating sound.

  110. My left ear increasing sounds like it has cellophane in it. It’s sore if I sleep on it but otherwise just mildly annoying.

  111. I have a lot of crackling going on in both my ears. I have a double ear infection a couple of months back and took antibiotics and steroid for it and a sinus infection. However, this crackling is driving me nuts! I tried cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and still have the crackling. Please, any suggestions are welcomed.

  112. I have an odd case: I have a thumping sound in my left ear which matches each syllable that someone speaks. It’s not all the time but very frequent. It’s usually higher pitches like women’s voices but men’s voices will do it too. It’s been bothering me for close to 10 years. I saw an audiologist about a year after it started and he was no help. It’s not painful but it is extremely annoying. Plugging my left ear stops the thumping.

  113. Hi, my right ear sounds like an irregular heartbeat (popping) everynight and thats the reason why i lack sleep , its very annoying

  114. Hello. I am a 40 year old woman and I have been struggling with allergies and general inflammation which has seemed to really effect my ears. I get bouts of dizziness when lying down or leaning my head to one side or the other. This has been happening for a year now, and I have tried many strategies including removing eggs and dairy from my diet and using a netipot daily. My ears pop every time I blow my nose and crackle when i swallow or yawn. I can also hear and feel that low rumble when flexing the muscle in my ear. Is getting tube in your Eustachian tubes as an adult a viable option to help with dizziness associated with eustachian tube dysfunction? Thanks for your time in this matter.

  115. My right ear has this dripping sound. It does not hurt , how ever I do get sick of hearing this . It used to be only at night when I would hear this but now it is going on during the day as well , I have not been sick , but my hearing is really bad my husband will tell me I’m talking very LOUD. I have the t.v. up LOUD or so he says I do only BECAUSE IM unable to hear. What could this dripping sound be?? I keep my ears very clean , so I would not think that it could be wax . IF you would be so kind as to let me know what you think it could be. Thank you for your time. Vickie

  116. When ever I tighten my jaw muscle I hear this wierd spongey sound in my left ear like it trying to push out I think I have a cold but maybe it’s something wrong with my ear

    1. Hi Julie, did you figure out why the sounds appear in your ear when moving the jaw?Thank you

  117. Hi I’ve recently had a fever and now In my right ear I can sometimes hear this sound that sounds like a balloon deflating.

  118. I get a noise in my ear that sounds similar to a door creaking what the heck is it!? I get it randomly and have always wondered what the heck it could be I thought it might be earwax moving but I literally never have wax in my ears and I’ve recently been to a ENT for some issues so I’ve had my ears looked at and I mentioned dry wax or a wax build up and he said I didn’t have any of that and he also mentioned my ears are really dry which is probably why they always itch so I know it’s not like a ball of dried wax or anything to do with wax so what else could it be?

  119. When I yawn, swallow, and sneeze, I hear like my ear is cracking and I think I have tinnitus in my right ear and I don’t know what to do ? My family thinks it’s because I use too much earphones but I’m not deaf I can hear perfectly fine

  120. Hi, my ears can make clicking/crackling noise since I was 10. And I can control it at will. Is that normal? Thank u.

  121. My hearing is fine. My ears hurt, mostly the right one feels like something is pushing out from the inside, I’ve got vertigo twice, my ears have crackling sound and have pressure like when you fly. The area in front of my earlobes and rear of my jaw has swollen, I sleep with a CPAP and the moisture accumulates a lot at night because my nostrils become blocked when I’m sleeping. When I blow my nose my ears crackle and hurt. I have NO fever. Been to ENT 3 times and after blood work was told I have Lupus. I’ve had fibromyalgia since 2006. I really want to get better but no one knows my problem. Can you enlighten me??

  122. Hi Im 15 and I’ve had a tube in my ear since about 8-10 years old. It has always caused me trouble and pain
    The last time I got it checked last year we found out It fell behind my eardrum so I am getting Surgery soon to get it out and fix the hole. Im not supposed to put anything in my ear but it gets ichy so I’ll twist toilet paper and stick it in for maybe a minute. Last time I did it I’ve been hearing a sponge sound everytime I smile. What could be the matter? Please and thank you!

  123. Hello, I have this weird sound in my right ear. It sort of sounds like dripping water, there’s absolutely no pain what-so-ever but it’s very annoying. It literally just started yesterday, Feb 22, 2018 at the airport as I was awaiting the arrival of my pets, and now it’s with me all the time – what could this be?

  124. Hello. I’m having this annoying problem with my left ear for a few days now. Only when I swallow there is an annoying clicking noise. This morning it was painful, and currently it feels slightly clogged up. I’ve tried numerous remedies, and can’t get it to stop. Could it be wax buildup since I wear earplugs at work? Thanks in advance.

  125. I had a cold so I my nose was really blocked. I decided to blow my nose then when I blew it there was a sudden sound from my right ear as though air had come out from my right ear. After that there has been a ringing noise from my ear and it just wouldn’t stop.after 20 mins or so the ringing noise was replaced by a thumping sound it’s as though I can hear my own pulse.please help

  126. Hi my name is Angie I recently started having crackling feeling in my left ear, I put some earwax removal with peroxide in it called debtox feels like it got worse. Iam deaf in right ear also from a removal of a acoustic neuroma on right side of head. So this scars me being that my left ear is the only one I could hear out of and now it’s crackling sounds what can I do should I go to a ent? Thanks

  127. Hi there, For the past 3 weeks I have had a server ear pain which became inflamed inside the ear, also made it’s way down my jaw line eventually also went into the other ear. My hearing was very poor. I have been in alot of agony to the point I could not go to work nor sleep. I was given antibiotics, painkillers and a steroid/antibiotic spray. Into the 4th week now the pain has gone but my hearing is still muffled (almost like I’m under water) and when I move my ears or jaw I hear an odd sound , only way I can describe it is like the sound you hear when paper is scrunched up, (crumpling). I have spent a lot of time seeing my GP but haven’t had a lot of luck with them.

  128. Hi, I have this sound like air rushing in or out of my ear, and it’s almost always doing this. It’s really annoying. The weirdest part to me is if I open my jaw, it stops, but the second I close it, it continues. I have been dying to know what this is. It doesn’t come with any pain, just a *whoosh, whoosh* over and over again. Help!

  129. This did NOT include the condition called “Patulous Eustachian Tube” ala P.E.T. I suffer from this physically and mentally debilitating condition. When I breathe through my nose I suffer from “autophony” where it sounds like as you breath the air is blowing through your ear. Another example is if someone took a deep breath and blew straight into your ear.

  130. I’ve been having a popping noise in my right ear for a week now and im wondering what it is

  131. Hi, there. I’m 22 years old, and for quite some time now, years I think, I’ve experienced this awful sound in my ear. It sounds a bit like whooshing, rushing air inside of a pipe that the cap opens and closes on. I’m a singer/song writer, and I noticed that when I’m listening to music, working or singing with music, my left ear only starts making this sound, like this ‘pipe’ is opening and when the room goes quiet it closes again. It doesn’t happen all the time, and it does seem to be something that happens more with prolonged exposure to medium to high volume sounds, even sometimes my own talking can trigger it. Last I spoke with my doctor about it, she said she didn’t see anything abnormal but she prescribed me some nasal spray. Should I take nasal spray again? Also, tonight after my shower I tried rinsing my ear with hydrogen peroxide and now a few hours later, there is a sharp, pulsating kind of pain, not in rhythm with my pulse. Any advice would be great!

  132. Hi, I had cold before getting on the flight. While flight was landing I suffered very much pain in my ears. After I get off the aeroplane pain stopped. But now almost a week passed I hear noise like open book papers in the air. I went to see a doctor he told me that I have barotroma and given some meds and one nassel spray. But still no effect. Is something damaged in my ear ??

  133. I have this strange whooshing sound in my ear, sometimes just normally but then always if I turn my head to the side. This is in my right ear and is starting to annoy me because it is always there and I’m worried that it could be some water from ages ago and will take days to come out, and I could get swimmers ear or worse. Would you please be able to tell me what this strange sound is, and shed some light on to the situation. Many thanks. Sam

  134. I have never cleaned out my ears and I’m 49 years old. What is the safest way to do it?

  135. I have a LOUD thump in my ear. How annoying. When I lie down that’s all I can hear … no more silence ugh .

  136. Two years back I started to have congestion and it will cause blocked ears are I use congestion medication and my ears will open. Lately my ears have been producing too much wax and I went to the doctor and he told me I congestion and my ears are blocked. What worries me is when I yawn it sounds like thunder and the volume of the TV becomes 5 times louder

  137. Days ago, an ant went inside my ear and I had the doctor to remove it. It was removed. Then after that, maybe 3-6 days later, I heard the sound of the noise the ant made when it was in my ear. I told my aunt who was the only one with me that time, she put drops of vinegar in my right ear. My parents finally came and told me maybe its because of the trauma from the events that happened. I wasn’t very bothered when I first had it tho. Then after that, the inside of my ear started hurting. Not very painful, just a bit. I started to get a phobia of tying my hair up because I could feel my ears exposed. The inside of my ear also itches sometimes, and its always nighttime whenever I lay down. I think its because of the earwax? The doctor did tell me to get some medicine for the earwax. Should I just get an earwax treatment?

  138. Hi, Roughly 8 years ago i was listening to music when I thought one of my earphones had broken and was making a static broken speaker sound. I bought a new pair and the same thing happened. I then realized it was my ear that was the problem. Whenever I hear certain sounds or sounds over a certain decibel I hear a crackling/static sound in my ear that is extremely hard to live with. I cannot listening to music in the car, through speakers or on a night out and it can even start when people are talking or whispering in my ear. It calms down after a while and constantly feels like a full sensation in my left ear. I have been to the ENT a number of times about this and after good hearing test results and no physical damage on assessment, the first doctor told me it was glue ear and prescribed nasal steroids. The second doctor recently diagnosed me with Tinnitus and told me it may never go away. However it only starts when it is triggered by an external noise source. It can sometimes be overwhelming and can lead to emotional distress on some occasions as it has been ongoing for over eight years. Apart from the feeling of fullness I have no physical pain in my ear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  139. When I hear normal everyday sounds like a door close, drop a spoon on the countertop, various things that have never bothered me in the past I hear that “low rumbling” sound in my right ear. It’s almost like the sound/feeling every person has when you hear a gunshot or a sudden short scream and the eardrum or some other internal part of the ear vibrates for just a split second. This doesn’t occur for all sounds, just sudden nearby sounds. I have no physical pain in my ear. Maybe a sensitivity of some sort? Hopefully not Hyperacusis. Any advice would be most appreciated.

    1. I have the same sensations, whenever some one who is sat to the.left of me starts talking to me, my ears crackle along with each word. TV does it sometimes also. Please can anyone help me. Thanx

  140. I’ve had tinnitus for a very long time. Several days ago as soon as I get up I get a sound like shaking sand in a box as well as very strong ringing. I have degenerative arthritis in my neck. Can the neck issues be causing that new sound in the head /ears?

  141. I’ve had ringing in my ears for 55 yrs when an explosion went off in science class. But lately I have what sounds like when a faucet is turned on, the sound of the faucet, not water trickling, just a faucet sound.. and sometimes way in the background it sounds like people talking, but the faucet sound is loud! Savannah Taylor

  142. My right ear only occasionally creates a crackling sound. Like a fire crackling sound or static sound like from a poorly tuned dial radio. Happens when loud noises are present. Like a noisy room with lots of people. The static noise I hear will follow the precise syllables of the person I’m talking with. It drowns out their words so all I hear is static noise mimicking their speech pattern. Been to several Ent’s who cant find a thing. Please help.

  143. Hi, I’m 16 and I keep hearing this thumping sound in my left ear. It mostly happens when I’m moving around. It doesn’t match my heart beat though, they are just random thumps. Does anyone know what this could be?

    1. This has been happening to me for years and you’ve just described it perfectly!! It gets worse and better, and sometimes it’ll go away for a while. Like you said, it comes up when somebody is colouring, rubbing their hands together, etc etc. And it doesn’t match my heartbeat either. Very odd

    2. Hi Emily. Did you ever figure this out? I have something similar. For me, the thumping slows down before it stops but definitely does NOT match my pulse.

      1. I have this too its no pain but very annoying

  144. I’m 24 years old and my right ear feels like it’s been clogged. I can somewhat hear for a second or two when I burp or keep on playing with it to be able to hear. It does hurt and the pain goes up to my head. When I breath i feel the air go from my nose to my ear. I can’t help but put a q tip in there cause it does itch and when I do I get like dry was out. This has been going on for 3 months and all doctors tell me different things. I did try ear drops and that made it worse. Now they prescribed me 2 types of pills and I really don’t think it’s going to work.

  145. When i Here some clicking sounds especially when typing on my phone. My left ear beats, as if its connected to the keypad..

  146. I keep hearing this thumping sound in my ear lately. I think there is a bug in my ear or something but i’m not sure if that is causing it. Does anyone have any answers?

  147. I have a flutter in my right ear when I hiccup or burb. Almost feels like a bug flapping wings. Anyone experience this?

  148. Hello, my ears make loud cracking/popping noises every time I swallow. When I lay down, I find the pressure in my ears go up. This happened after I smoked for the first time. Does anyone know if this has to do with a problem with my eastuchian tubes? I read that it doesnit really show on traditional hearing tests. (I went to the ENT, he said my hearing is perfect after perfornming two tests and basically dismissed me)

  149. Can methotrexate cause pulsatile tinnitus, like a reverberation of my ear drum? I’ve had ringing in my ear for years which I’m used to but this heartbeat sound started at the same time as taking new meds.

  150. I experience this thinking in my right ear. It only happens at night when I lie down, and is gone by morning.

    1. Its the same with me was trying to get some sleep all of a sudden there was this crackling sound in my right ear. It elwent away for about 30 seconds then came back after a minuite. I am so scared. And i dont know what it is

  151. sir when i pressured or move my jaw i hear crackling sound crackling sound. and when i blow my nose by closing hole i feel blocked

  152. Is there any treatment for this?

  153. My ear has something in it that’moving lIke a small ball whenever I move or shake my head. Please help

    1. Jacob, it sound like some of the audiolyphys (ear stones) in your ear may have become dislodged. There’s a technique known as the employ manuever that may help

  154. For anyone who is here about a ringing in their ears… it’s called Tinnitus. There are no health risks associated with it but it can be very annoying. It’s caused be either the hairs in your ears being damaged or the wiring of your brain is slightly tweaked and it constantly emits the sound you hear, which is what happened to me after blasting music in my headphones. Go to your doctor and take a hearing test to see if its your ear hairs or your brain. Many studies have been done on treatments for Tinnitus but you will have to do your research and find what works for you. Avoid salt and loud noises, it does get better with time. Hang in there!

  155. My husband has suffered from tinnitus for 10 years as a result of chemotherapy treatment, he has learned to live with it. For the past few weeks he has found if he rubs a wee patch behind his left ear if causes a ringing noise in his ear which lasts about a minute or less. Do you think this is connected to his tinnitus? Thanks.

  156. Hi I’m 16, and I have a lot more earwax than most people, and sometimes I hear this sound of something in my ear(maybe dry earwax?). It happened again recently, so I tried getting it out, and little pieces came out, and it did get a little better, but I still hear it. When I press my outer ear, lean back(so the gravity changes), and let go, I hear it moving again. And I also feel a lot more “ear mucus(?? I don’t really know what to call it)”when I press my ear shut.

  157. I have found that if you take magnesium pills the thumping will ease off and not bother you. I have no clue as to why but it worked for me.

    1. I’m 17 and have the esct same problem. I just showered, and if I move my head to different sides it literally slides inside my ear.

  158. Hello, I have both a thumping noise and a buzz in my ears. I have it all day long, it increases in the evenings and is sometimes present at night for several hours and sometimes, all night long. I thought that it was a neighbour playing bass music causing both the noise and the buzz because it was much louder in the evenings. The Police told me that I should go and have this checked out by a doctor.

  159. I have somewhat of a thumping sound in my right ear. I would describe it as a fluttering that I can hear. Doesn’t seem to go along with a heartbeat. sometimes last a few fast tapps and other times just one tap. I have been taking sudafed in case my Eustachian tube is clogged. I have had a cough on and off for several days, just irritating cough, like an allergy cough that is getting better. No pain associated with it, just very distracting. What could be causing this? Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

    1. I have this as well.. Did you find out what it was in the end?

    2. Hi Molly, We cannot say what is causing this, it does sound abnormal though. If this continues to bother you, we would recommend going to an ENT doctor to check it checked out.

  160. I have a tsssssing sound in my left ear when I lay on it, it’s not there constantly, very irritating

    1. Hi there, Have you spoken to your ENT doctor about this? If it is something that is bothering you, this would be our suggestion.

  161. I am 22 years old and have a constant low volume noise in my ears that sounds like crickets, please i need help thank you.

    1. Hi Terry, Have you gone to see an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctor? They will be able to take a look at your ear and see what’s going on. Best, Audicus

  162. I am 70 yrs old and have a constant low volume noise in my ears that sounds like crickets. I am used to it, but am curious if it is something I should be concerned.

    1. I hear the crickets also. Not all the time just once in a while. What is that?

    2. I’ve had Tinnitus for a few years and I hear a high pitched ringing in my ears, constantly. It sounds like you have a form of Tinnitus to me, if so its nothing to worry about. It can be annoying but their are no risks to your health, if it is Tinnitus its either the hairs in your ears that are damaged or your brain is just constantly creating that sound (my case), either way you have nothing to worry about besides it being annoying!

  163. My right ear makes a popping noise multiple times when I hear small scratching noises like when someone is coloring for example! What is happening? It has been like this since I was a child.

    1. Me too! I don’t remember when it started, but I thought it was normal until I asked about it.

    2. I keep hearing crickets on and off in both my ears.

  164. Can someone help me. I occasionally have loud beeps in both my ears what lasts no longer than 30 seconds at most! But currently getting over the flu and both my ears are rumbling it’s hard to sleep because it’s all I can hear should I be worried?

    1. When i hear that my hearing aid batteries are getting low.

    2. Hi Lucy, Have you consulted your ENT doctor or Audiologist? You should give them a call if this continues on and get a quick check-up.

  165. Hi, My name is Laura,i am 57. I have allergies. I have been suffering with bad Basel drip for at least 4years now. I need Basel spray to sleep,or I can’t nose runs when I eat get over I suffer with crackling in my right sounds like static cling,n o pain. it is very frustrating and distracting to hear this noise in my ear all the time.what should I do? I have enough I suffer with now. I have Lupus, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. So I really didn’t need this weird sound in my ear now to make me feel even worse.please help!thank you laura

    1. Did you see the dr about Lyme disease?

    2. Hello Laura. Sorry to hear that you are having ear discomfort. It doesn’t sound like hearing aids are the right solution for you. You should consult your ENT doctor about the strange sound in your ear. It sounds like it might be tinnitus.

      1. It’s never lupus. -Gregory House

        1. HOUSE

    3. You’re have Lyme disease! The fibro and “lupus” are late-stage Lyme; I’m 100% positive. Pls visit See a Lyme-literate Dr or you will NEVER get well!

  166. My ear is painful …when i shake my heard i feel like there is something inside but my doctor says my ear is clean after checking and he says nothing is inside just an infection..he then gave me anti biotics…i just want to know that is it possible that there could be something that went inside deeper that the doctor cant see if he he puts that thing with the light..and is it posdible that somthing can go deeper and surpas my ear drum..?

    1. I am. Facing the same problem as yours 🙁

      1. This may be cause by tooth ace. I have suffered over about a week or two with jaw line pain swelling off the ears went to check it out and find out its actually was my misdom tooth and after I went for a check up and got my wisdom tooth seen to I feel much better so I am just suggesting visit the Denis perhaps? Please don’t take it like I’m insulting you thank you lol hope i can give you a good answer lol

  167. it just started but my right ear keeps pounding but it dose not hurt.

  168. I have a low rumbling, crackling, or kinda sounds like severely muted fireworks sound in my ear. It’s hard to describe I do not have a cold but I do feel stuffy.. no pain. I am unfortunately a smoker. not a lot but sometimes more than I should outside of none at all. Any suggestions.

    1. Hey, I have wind noises/or crackling noises in my ear drum whenever I move my head. It’s annoying. It’s not painful though…any advice?

  169. I have a low rumbling sound in my right ear. It occurs occasionally and without any real reason. It is not painful.

    1. Crackling sound in right ear

      1. Crackling sounds in left ear ,,when I move. I have had a flu ,I am a female 63

  170. Hi,I have had this thumping in my ear for over a year now and I can to this page for help or to know what it the problem is

  171. Hello I’m 14 and I had a sinus infection and a cold about a week ago and I got nasal spray and once it all cleared up my ears started ringing and making werid clicking noises when I yawn or something it is really bother some and they don’t really hurt maybe rarely a little ache I really need some help im very worried and it bothers me a lot thank you

    1. Hello! It sounds like you have an excess wax buildup. There are over-the-counter drugs or kits that can be used to soften up your ear wax and then flushed out with an ear spray. When you get a bad cold your ear tends to clog up with excess wax. So it is a good idea to make sure to clean out your ear with a kit so you dont have to worry about it getting really bad in the long run. Excessive wax buildup can cause: Ear ache, Ear infection, ringing in the ear, hearing loss, loss of balance, discomfort and more.

  172. Hi there, my ear has become really painful and I have not been on a aeroplane it feels like something keeps snapping inside my ear and my parents don’t care when I tell them so I came to you for help

    1. It’s an ear infection I had two at the same time and that’s what if feels like before it gets worse then it feels like a needle being jabbed in your ear after that go see your family doctor

    2. Go to a hospital and get checked out.

      1. If your parents really think that is a big deal, try talking to a nurse if you still go to school 🙂

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