One of the questions we get asked most frequently is: Where do I get my hearing checked? Well, first you need to go to an audiologist, a professional who is able to diagnose your hearing loss. Read on for our tell-all blog about where to get a hearing test and where you can find an independent audiologist or audiology franchise.

Hearing Test at School

For students who are in grades K-12, the nurse’s office is able to administer a hearing test. Some universities have a speech and hearing clinic on campus and are able to offer their students hearing tests as well. If you work at a university, you may have access to on-site hearing tests.

Hearing Test at ENT Office

The Otolaryngologist’s or Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor’s office usually has an audiologist on staff. You can call ahead to make an appointment.

Visits to the audiologist at the ENT office mean you can kill two birds with one stone. If they recommend a medical evaluation, you can be seen by the doctor for any ear, nose, or throat issues.

Test Your Hearing For Free

Hearing Test at a Wholesale Store

Places like Costco or Sam’s Club not only carry hearing aid batteries on the cheap but also offer hearing tests in their hearing aid centers. The hearing test is free, but you will want to call in advance because appointments get booked quickly. Many people have to wait a few weeks for a test.

For a Costco store locator, click here.

An Audiology Franchise for Hearing Tests

Places like Miracle-Ear and HearUSA, audiology chains located all over the country, provide hearing tests and sell hearing aids. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with the audiology franchise and make sure to request a copy of your hearing test.

The Independent Audiologist of Hearing Tests

With the advent of the internet, you can easily search for where to get your ears checked by the audiologist. Using websites like ZocDoc, simply put your zip code in to see practicing independent audiologists and know where to get a hearing test in your area.

You can also put in your insurance information to see which audiologists take it. ZocDoc also has rating systems in place to help highlight the best audiologists in your area. You can also find a local audiologist at

Hearing Tests Online

There are plenty of online tests available to give you a first impression of how well you hear, and in most cases, we recommended using them for informational purposes only as they are not able to replace a professional hearing evaluation. However, Audicus’ Online Hearing Test is the first of its kind, accurate, online hearing test. Simply get into a quiet room with a set of headphones and 10-20 minutes of free time, and you’ll be on your way to learning more about your hearing fitness. Plus, Audicus can use your results to customize a set of hearing aids.

Note, we always recommend a full hearing test administered at an audiologist’s or ENT’s office since that gives the most holistic view of your hearing health. Still, Audicus is proud to offer a solution developed by hearing experts over the course of several years to give folks an idea of their hearing health.

by Esther Shasho, Updated in 2021

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