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You most likely have health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, and maybe even phone insurance—it just makes sense to look into insurance for your hearing aids as well!

These tiny devices are essential to your health and well-being, so it’s important to keep them protected. Many hearing aid providers offer a limited warranty (a year or less) when you buy your hearing aids, but it is a good idea to invest in additional insurance to provide extra coverage for your hearing aids.

Why Should I Buy Hearing Aid Insurance?

Many warranties on new hearing aids last a year. Some hearing aid providers (like Audicus) offer extended warranties that you can purchase that cover factory defects or faulty workmanship. However, it is often worth it to investigate other hearing aid insurance which will cover things like water damage, lost hearing aids, and hearing aid repair.

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Pro-tip: Plan ahead for accidents and get insurance for your hearing aids. You never know what might happen.

Where to Buy Hearing Aid Insurance

The two major hearing aid insurance providers in the US are Midwest Hearing and Ear Service Corporation (ESCO). Midwest Hearing are the originators of hearing aid insurance, and have been providing insurance to hearing aid wearers for over 50 years. ESCO has been in business for over 25 years and is the largest provider of extended warranties in the country. Let’s take a look at the coverage both companies provide!


  • Insures all makes and models of hearing devices
  • Replaces lost hearing instruments
  • Repairs damaged devices
  • No deductible


  • Replaces lost or stolen hearing devices
  • Covers damage and general breakdown to hearing devices
  • Replacement parts are the same or very similar to the original model
  • Lowest premiums in the industry

Audicus Protect Plan

  • Comprehensive hearing aid coverage
  • Covers repairs
  • Unlimited Clean & Care service
  • Loss replacement
  • Option to buy 24-months upfront or monthly membership

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How to Choose a Hearing Aid Insurance Policy

Both insurance providers listed above offer several different policies depending on what type of coverage you want or need. ESCO has two different plans: the Protection Plus and the Platinum Plan.

Protection Plus covers accidental loss and damage, while the Platinum Plan covers accidental loss, damage, and repair. This plan insures your device against normal wear and tear repairs, such as repairs due to excessive wax buildup or abnormal battery drain. The pricing for both of these insurance plans depends on the make and model of your hearing aid; you can select your manufacturer and get a quote online.

The Midwest policies are also dependent on what type of hearing device you use—their plans are priced according to how advanced your hearing aid technology is. The Insure Your Aid Program covers repair costs and replacement costs of lost or damaged hearing aids.

Midwest also offers a Refitting Allowance Program, which covers the cost of lost or damaged hearing aids, and provides you will a refitting allowance that is paid to your hearing clinic. The Plus 150 Program provides the same coverage as the Insure Your Aid Program, and additionally pays your dispensing clinic $150 of incidental service charges that are associated with replacing your hearing aid.

It is definitely a good idea to purchase hearing aid insurance—these small but mighty pieces of technology can have a tendency to go missing or get damaged. Hearing aid insurance can be very affordable, and the peace of mind will be worth the price!

By: Elena McPhillips