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Have you heard? It’s National Bullying Prevention Month. Recently, the issue of bullying has been making headlines, and wearers of hearing aids, even discreet hearing aids that are almost invisible, can be victims. The victims range from LGBT youth, to an autistic student, and even includes an anchorwoman that was targeted because of her weight. Bullying is a widespread issue that affects many and those who suffer from hearing loss are not exempt.

Jason Padilla is a third-grade student who has a hearing aid that was bullied by his classmates, and even his teacher, because of his disability. Padilla went three days without being able to hear when a bully tore his cochlear implant, a $45,000 hearing device, out of his ear and threw it.

Bullies and Discreet Hearing Aids

According to the American Justice Department, this month 1 out of every 4 kids will be abused by another youth. However, bullying is not just limited to children bullying other children. Recently a middle school boy bullied Karen Klein, a 68-year old, hearing impaired bus monitor. They posted a video of the attack on YouTube, insulting her about her digital hearing aid, among other things.

There are resources to help cope with hearing loss-related bullying. Online forums and chat rooms are just a couple of ways to find support. Audicus also offers discreet hearing aids to help reduce the stigma associated with hearing aids and hearing loss.

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by Lemicher Mack