Summer is finally here which means beaches, sun-soaked vacations, barbecues, and more festivities all around! We previously posted five tips to protect your hearing aids from extreme weather, whether it’s cold or hot, wet or dry, and here are a few more easy tips to help you protect your hearing aid throughout the summer festivities.

Hearing Aid Tip #1: Combating Moisture

Moisture is one of your hearing aid’s worst enemies. Sweat and water can affect the small parts inside your hearing aid, so invest in a soft, dry cloth to avoid moisture build up in your hearing aids. We recommend these versatile micro-fiber clothes and a dehumidifier to keep the condensation out and your hearing aids lasting longer. You can also use hearing aid sweatbands to protect your hearing aids from moisture when you’re not using them.  If your hearing aids aren’t water-resistant or waterproof, remember to wipe them regularly! Even if your hearing aids are water-resistant, remember to take them out before jumping in the pool or going to the beach.

Hearing Aid Tip #2: Fighting Bacteria

The humidity of the summer months promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi in your hearing aids, so it’s even more important to regularly disinfect them with antimicrobial products. These disinfectant towelettes made specifically for cleaning hearing aids are the perfect size for carrying around in your wallet or purse and are great for cleaning your hearing aids on the run. Ask your audiologist for tips on the best way to maintain your specific type of hearing aids and where you can get them professionally cleaned.

Hearing Aid Tip #3: Traveling Accommodations

Don’t let your hearing loss impact your summer vacation! Stock up on extra tubes and batteries and book a hotel room that accommodates the hearing impaired. Hotels are required to have a certain number of rooms for the hearing impaired, and they usually have visual cues for alarms, phones, and the doorbell. If you’re traveling by plane, although you’ll have to put your hearing aids through the x-ray during security, you can leave them on while on the plane.

Hearing Aid Tip #4: Avoid High Temperatures

Make sure to avoid leaving your hearing aid under direct sunlight or in high temperatures, since the heat can damage your hearing aids. Store them in a dry, cool area when you’re not using them. When you’re outside, wear a hat to shade them from the sunlight or take them out periodically to cool them down.

If you have any questions or have any tips of your own for keeping your hearing aids in good condition during the summer months, feel free to comment below. We wish you a happy summer—let the festivities begin!

By: Diana Ruan

21 responses to “Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids in the Summer Heat

  1. Does the heat used in a dry box (50 degrees C.) shorten replaceable battery life and/or harden the dome material? If so should the batteries and dome be removed before placing the aids in the box?

    1. It wouldn’t hurt to take out the batteries just in case.

  2. Where can I get the hearing aid sweatbands,disinfectant toweletts, And the micro fiber cloth discussed in this artical.

  3. Is there a device that will remove moisture from hearing aids? Such as a sanitize dryer which produces heat in order to dry them out.

  4. My grandma is going to be getting her first pair of hearing aids soon, and she wants to make sure she takes proper care of them. That being said, I really appreciate you sharing with me some insight on ways she can go about protecting her hearing aids during the Summer. I definitely think it’s important to stay away from water when wearing them. I’ll make sure I show this to her right away so she can be aware. Thanks for the help.

  5. I can imagine how the heat can affect hearing aids. Therefore, it’s a good tip that you give to avoid high temperatures. Sometimes you need to sacrifice when you have an impairment. My dad has had some hearing loss this past year and he might be looking into some hearing aids soon.

  6. I never knew that hearing aids could be damaged by the heat of the sun. One time I left my glasses in the car and the plastic ended up warping, so they never fit quite right. Since your most people who have them rely on hearing aids everyday, it would be best to take preventative steps like wearing a hat in the sun.

  7. Thanks for sharing all of this advice on taking care of your hearing aids in the summer! I had no idea that there are hearing aid sweatbands in the first place to protect them. That definitely sounds like a good thing to have, especially if you will be working out with them in. At the very least, you’ll know that your sweat isn’t going to make them malfunction!

  8. I didn’t know hotels accommodations for the hearing impaired! My husband and I are planning a trip with my parents, and my dad wears hearing aids because he’s losing his hearing. It’s good to know that there are rooms available that will work for them, and I’ll definitely keep this in mind while planning our vacation!

  9. I have a question regarding going through airport security

  10. When getting checked out at the airport is it best to put in the hearing aids in the little box they came in? and handcarry/show them to security? What about the x-ray machine?

  11. Your advice to Terry Goldman seems to contradicts tip #4.

    1. Hi Ben- That’s certainly a valid point! But what we’d meant in our comment above was that hot weather itself should not damage the hearing aid. However, exposing hearing aids to high temperatures, including in direct sunlight (like in Tip #4) can damage them.

  12. I didn’t know that summer weather could be such a problem for hearing aids. I’ll have to be more careful while traveling around during the summer. It would be terrible to have hearing problems while on vacation.

  13. My grandma has hearing aids, and she is planning on traveling with my family on a few trips this summer. I know it will be really hot in some areas, so I will tell her to invest in a small cloth to dry her hearing aids. I’ll also tell her there is an option of having a hearing impaired hotel room. Thanks for the tips!

  14. That’s a good point that moisture and electronics do not mesh well. Since sweat is natural, especially during the summer, it’s a good idea to take good care of your hearing aids. Getting water-resistant ones would probably be best. It would probably last longer that way.

  15. Does heat really affect the hearing aid? I am getting a hearing aid soon, and I have yet to read that outside heat could harm a hearing aid. I guess I should start getting used to wearing hats.

    1. Hi Terry, hot weather should not affect a hearing aid. However, applying high heat (blow dryer, stove, etc) would damage the hearing aid. But you can wear your hearing aid in any weather and it should be just fine!

  16. Diana, my grandmother had the misfortune of not seeing your fourth tip. She took her hearing aid out to go swimming, and accidentally left it in the heat for too long. Luckily she had a warranty on it, and only had to pay some handling costs to replace it.

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