Comparing the Costs of Hearing Aids

You may think that all hearing aids are created equally and therefore will pay any price to get what you need. But you would be wrong in this thought. Depending on the provider, the cost of hearing aids ranges from $499 and ear to up to $3,500 per ear.

According to AARP, the prices vary by region; however, they are missing out on the new online market where the region does not contribute to the cost. Instead of turning first to your expensive audiologist, think about turning to a different business model for low-cost hearing aids.


High-Cost Hearing Aids: Why do they cost so much?


Using the traditional model of purchasing a hearing aid, you would go to your hearing healthcare professional to acquire an audiogram or hearing test and determine if you need a hearing aid. This test tells you what the levels of hearing loss are in both ears. From there, a mold may be taken of your ear that can take up to ten minutes.

After you leave, the hearing specialist will create the hearing aid specialized to you based on your level of hearing loss and the specialized form created for you. You will then have to return to the specialist once the hearing aids are created and get them fitted to your ear. The specialist will tell you how to care for the hearing aids, when to wear them, and schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure the set works out well for you.


Because of the cost of the specialist’s salary, the overhead cost of renting space, and the various service costs associated with so many appointments, the costs of a hearing aid through a specialist can add up. The price is transferred to the consumer who ends up paying anywhere from $1,000 to $4,500 for a pair.


Low-Cost Hearing Aids: Where Can You Find Inexpensive Hearing Aids?


If you experience sticker shock from hearing aid prices, the good news is that there are other affordable hearing aids on the market. While you can purchase hearing aids at Costco or other large-scale warehouse markets, you may not know exactly what you are getting for your money or if the hearing aids will work out for you.

Enter Audicus. The new model of cutting out the middleman while providing excellent customer service makes Audicus the perfect fit for those looking for low-cost hearing aids that work.

The process with Audicus does involve seeing an audiologist. However, you are finished with them after receiving a hearing test and a copy of your audiogram. You can mail, upload, or fax your audiogram to Audicus audiologists who will find the hearing aid model fit for you.

Within 5 to 7 business days, you will receive your hearing aids in the mail, and from there you have 45 days to return if you are not satisfied. Audicus even offers free tune-ups for the life of the hearing aid!

Because there is no middleman, hearing aids cost between $499 and $699 per piece – certainly better than the offer provided by audiologists. This high value, low cost option is a great fit for most!


By: Diana Michel

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