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A behind-the-ear hearing aid for less than a thousand dollars.

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Back by popular demand, our discreet behind-the-ear hearing aid adapts to your environment and filters out background noise to focus on speech. Customers loved the Dia II's sound quality and incredible value. With ongoing support and 45-day risk-free trial, it's the most affordable hearing aid that will really solve your hearing.

Covers mild to moderate hearing loss

A behind-the-ear hearing aid for less than a thousand dollars.

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Tremendous value
What a treat to understand people when they speak. My Audicus aides are a tremendous value, they work far better than other aids I tried that cost considerably more.
Alan W.

Real customer hearing aid reviews

"Hearing aids are meeting my expectations. I believe the quality of my hearing aids exceeds the quality of aids purchased by friends and relatives at much higher prices."

Patricia Wood

"I have had a first rate experience with audicus. The price and quality are top notch. "

Dennis B.

"Much better than my first set of aids. And less expensive which is good for a senior living on social security. And I can hear much better. "

Carol G.

"Very professional and helpful! Price, quality and delivery was great."

Jocelyn W.

Let us take care of everything for your hearing aids.

Everything you need to care for your hearing aids and protect your investment.

<a href="/product/classic-remote/">Audicus Classic Remote</a>

Audicus Classic Remote

Have easy control over volume and programs. Choose custom settings like conversation, TV, tinnitus, or telecoil.


<a href="/product/audicus-care-dia-ii/">Audicus Care Subscription</a>

Audicus Care Subscription

All the supplies, batteries, and tools you need to use and maintain your hearing aids, shipped to your doorstep.

$36.00 every 3 months

<a href="/product/audicus-protect/">Audicus Protect Subscription</a>

Audicus Protect Subscription

Complete coverage and 1-time loss replacement for your Audicus Dia II hearing aids.

$12.00 per month per ear

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