Most hearing aids in today’s market (including Audicus hearing aids) are moisture-proof, meaning sweating from a hard workout or walking outside on a rainy day won’t damage your hearing aids. However, the majority of hearing aids are not totally waterproof, and it’s important that you be conscious of your hearing aids in wet environments…but sometimes it’s hard! Perhaps you jumped right into the swimming pool or took a shower without removing your hearing aids first (tip: put a note on your bathroom mirror to remind you to always take your hearing aids out!). Water can be a damaging force to hearing aids, but getting them wet doesn’t always mean you have to start shopping for new ones! Keep reading for helpful tips in case your hearing aids get wet.


At-Home Methods For Drying Out Wet Hearing Aids

The first step after your hearing aids get wet is to turn them off and remove the batteries. Keeping a wet battery inside your hearing aid can further damage the device. It’s best to be on the safe side and throw out the batteries, as well. After removing the batteries, you have a few options:

  • If you were in dirty or salty water, like the ocean, rinse your hearing aids first with clean water before drying
  • Leave your hearing aids on dry newspaper and let them air-dry inside your house for at least 24 hours
  • Putting the hearing aids near a table lamp can also speed up the drying process—but do not put them very close to a light bulb or other heat source because this can damage the device
  • Take a cup of uncooked rice or silica gel and place in a plastic baggie or a container with a lid. Stick your hearing aid in the rice or silica gel, seal the baggie/container closed, and leave it overnight—silica gel and rice can work as dehumidifiers and soak up the water in your hearing aid
  • Dry your hearing aids using a fan, or a hairdryer on its lowest setting—do not use high heat. If your hairdryer has a “cool” setting, you can use that gently on your hearing aids
  • Important: do not use any high heat on your hearing aid! Do not put your hearing aids in the microwave, the oven, or on a radiator—strong heat can damage a hearing aid even more than water

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Remember, if you get your hearing aid wet, do not fear! Your hearing aids aren’t necessarily damaged beyond repair. Try any and all of the above suggestions, and avoid contact with high heat. If your hearing aids are still wet after you’ve attempted to dry them, contact your hearing aid provider. You can also buy hearing aid dry kits, which can help dry out a wet hearing aid. Of course, the best way to take care of your hearing aids is to try to avoid getting them wet at all, but if you do get them wet don’t panic—these at-home drying techniques often solve the problem!

By: Elena McPhillips

16 responses to “Help! My hearing aid got wet!

  1. Like others I failed to realize I was wearing my hearing aids on a 100 degree plus day during a bike ride when I had a chance to dip my head in water I did. Realizing what I had done I immediately plucked them out turned them off and when I got home put them in a jar of rice where they sit now. However everything I read says take out the battery I don’t have batteries mine are rechargeable hearing aids so what can I do?

  2. I have a residents hearing aid that went through the washing machine, I have tried drying them out and then new batteries but still not working, any other suggestions, the resident has dementia and tends to hide his hearing aids in his clothing

  3. Steve I have been running 7km to and from work every week day for several years with my hearing aids in. I wear them all day at work and put them in a dry box overnight. Never had any problems with them and I am a heavy sweater. I have also run two ultra marathons (64km and 74km) with my hearing aids in without issue. Mine are CIC Unitron.

  4. I have the top of line phonak hearing aids$5,400 every time I go to work about 15 minutes because I sweat they both go out definitely not worth the money now I think one of them is permanently damaged any more hints how to dry them out

    1. Hi Steve! Be sure to use a drying agent like a Dry Box to extract moisture from your hearing aids. Some experts might even recommend to refrain from wearing your hearing aids while engaging in physical activity, if that’s what you see if causing your devices to switch off. Hope this helps!

  5. Very helpful…I accidentally jumped into the shower after work to get cleaned up for a night out…of course I neglected to take my hearing aids out. Took them out as soon as I realiced they were still in. Tried hair dryer but it only worked on one. Do you think my home owners policy would cover this loss?

    1. Hi Kathie, Oh no, sorry to hear that. Have you tried using a dry box for the hearing aid that is not working? You should call your insurance company and check if hearing aids are covered. -Audicus

  6. I left both of my hearing aids in the pocket of my fleece jacket when I went to the pool at the senior center. Got home…forgot the hearing aids were in the jacket pocket and tossed the jacket in the washing machine which ran the full cycle. I was devastated !!! Took the hearing aids out of the jacket pocket, took out the batteries and then put both hearing aids into a Unitron Clean Dry Box (3 hrs.) for drying hearing systems. I should have set it for 6 hrs., but didn’t think. Will this bring them “back to life”, or am I out $4,000. The are Oticon brand hearing aids.

    1. Hi Barbara, We are so sorry to hear that. You did the right thing by immediately taking out the batteries and putting your hearing aids in a dry box. Have you tried them with a new set of batteries since the incident? Do you have insurance on your hearing aids? If so, you could contact whoever sold them to you and ask about what your insurance covers. Hope this helps. – Audicus

  7. Mine got washed and dried while I’m at work. Batteries out. I will put them in silica when I get home. Praying!

    1. Hello Jane. Try a dry box! You can order them on Amazon or anywhere online.

  8. I not only jumped into a pool but I did not remember my hearing aids for about 15 min. After retrieving them from the bottom of the pool, I took the batteries out & placed them in rice overnight. New batteries in and they both worked.

    1. Hi Dave! You might also look into getting a dry box for hearing aids – you can find one on Amazon – just in case there is a little extra moisture lingering inside your devices. Happy to hear that they are working for you! – Audicus

  9. That makes sense that they would make hearing aids moisture proof since everyone sweats. Sometimes accidents happen and they get thoroughly soaked. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to rinse them first with clean water before drying, but I understand why you would do that. I’ll have to remember that.

  10. I did the jump into a pool disaster. I will try your ideas and report back on my success or lack of same. I was glad at least to hear all is not lost , yet.

  11. It’s good that hearing aids are water resistant, but they usually aren’t waterproof. During day to day life, I can see how you might forget that you’re wearing it, though. Taking out the batteries immediately if you get them wet is a good idea. I wouldn’t want to fry them.

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