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Summertime may be coming to a close soon, but it’s not too late to make the most of the warm days and late sunsets. The lazy pace of summer means it’s time to relax and take time for some self-care.

Check-in With Your Doctor

Late spring and summer are generally healthy times for the general population, making doctor’s appointments a little easier to come by. Instead of fighting victims of the flu and seasonal illness for precious appointment time, you only have to compete with standard office busyness.

People also tend to use up their insurance benefits come the end of the year, so summer is a perfect time to catch up on your overdue appointments. It’s a good idea to maintain a relationship with your doctor through yearly check-ups so they have a better idea of your baseline health and can more diligently recognize signs of illness or potential trouble. A general physical helps to keep your body in check, but don’t forget about a hearing check.

Get A Hearing Check

Take the time to make an appointment with your audiologist to ensure you are at your optimal hearing levels. You can even take an online hearing test to get a general idea of any potential hearing loss negatively affecting you.

There are plenty of loud sounds in the summer (fireworks, lawnmowers, etc.) as well as plenty of ways to damage your hearing (think swimmer’s ear and tinnitus). At a hearing check, your doctor can help you devise a plan to protect and prevent any future hearing damage, as well as see if a hearing aid might be right for you. Don’t miss out on the sounds of summer!

Stay Fit Outside

The longer hours of sunlight and pleasant temperatures give you plenty of time to maintain your fitness levels outdoors. This could be the right time to join a walking or jogging club, participate in a community yoga class, take up swimming laps, or learn how to golf.

Daily activities like cleaning the house or gardening can also help boost blood flow and help with your fitness levels. Being fit lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and decreases your likelihood of diabetes and heart attacks.

Another hidden benefit is improved hearing. The increased blood circulation and decreased toxins preserve good hearing.

If you do plan to listen to music while exercising, be careful not to turn up the volume in your earbuds to drown out the sounds of nature. Exposing your ears to high volumes over an extended period of time can cause permanent damage. If you have trouble hearing the music, it might be time for a hearing check.

Cook Up Summer Specials

The number of seasonable foods dramatically increases in the summer due to the prime weather. Take advantage of the number of fresh foods available like watermelon, carrots, corn, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

Decreasing the number of processed foods in your diet is not only healthy but can also improve or protect your hearing. Foods rich in vitamins C, D, and R, Omega 3 fats, folic acid, Magnesium, and Zinc are easier to find in the summer, so be sure to include them in your summertime recipes to stay healthy.


By: Diana Michel, Updated in 2021