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Your hearing aids are probably the most important piece of technology that you own. If you’re like most people, you wear your hearing aids more often than not and they are crucial to making your day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable.

It’s important to care for your hearing aids and keep them in top condition so they can provide you with clarity and peace of mind for as long as possible. While cleaning and caring for your hearing aids is essential, this responsibility can often fall by the wayside for many hearing aid users.

Clean hearing aids are the best hearing aids. Follow the below steps to make sure you keep your hearing aids as clean and functional as possible!

Tool Time

There are a few simple tools that every hearing aid user should own in order to keep their devices clean and clear.

A cleaning wire and brush are two important pieces of equipment that can help you tackle wax buildup, one of the most common causes of malfunctioning hearing aids.

Excessive earwax can cause muffled sounds or feedback, neither of which are enjoyable for hearing aid wearers. Make sure to use the wax brush and pick regularly to keep your hearing aids clean.

Everyone produces earwax at a different rate, so keep a close eye on your hearing aids to make sure they are not getting clogged up.

A good practice to get into is simply wiping your hearing aids every morning with a tissue or cloth to keep them wax-free. Be sure to also remove any tubing and clean separately to prevent wax from building up inside.

High and Dry

This should go without saying, as hearing aids are electronic devices, but do not get your hearing aids wet.

Hearing aids should be taken out while you’re bathing or washing your face and kept in a dry place, away from water or excessive moisture—if your bathroom gets particularly steamy during a shower, it’s best to keep your hearing aids in a different room.

Also, keep the battery doors open during the night after you’ve removed your hearing aids for sleeping. This allows air to get in and dry the interior battery compartment.

Open Battery Door


Another handy accessory for hearing aids is a dehumidifying container that is made specifically for hearing aids. These boxes keep your hearing aids free of moisture and are a good place to store your hearing aids at night while you sleep.

Along with keeping them clean, keeping hearing aids dry is essential. If you do accidentally get them wet, check out some drying tips here. Drying capsules can also be helpful for combatting wetness and keeping your hearing aids working properly.

Interested in learning more about hearing aid dehumidifiers? Check out our article on how dry boxes help, or shop one of our more popular accessories: the UV dry box.

Use the Professionals

Sometimes, it just helps to have someone else do the work for you. Audicus offers the Clean & Care Service for hearing aid users who might need some extra TLC for their devices—just mail your hearing aid to the Audicus office in New York City.

The service includes:

  • Cleaning & inspection of hearing aids
  • New battery, dome, and eartube/earwax guard on your device(s)
  • Two months’ worth of batteries
  • One pair of new domes
  • Express return shipping of your clean hearing aids!

Dry and clean hearing aids function better and much longer than hearing aids that are not well-treated. Hearing aids are like an extension of your body, so keep them as clean and healthy as you would your own ears!

By: Elena McPhillips