Audicus Clean & Care Service

Audicus Clean & Care Service

Make your hearing aids as good as new with our cleaning and maintenance service!

Send in your hearing device to Audicus, and we will perform a thorough cleaning and inspection for any damage. We will outfit your device with fresh batteries, domes, and tubes/ earwax guards. We’ll express ship the device back to you, along with two replacement domes and a fresh pack of batteries.

For just $40 per hearing aid, or $50 for a pair*, you get:

  • cleaning & inspection of hearing aids
  • fresh battery, dome, and eartube/earwax guard on your device
  • two months worth of batteries
  • pack of new domes
  • express return shipping** 

Once you purchase the Clean & Care, please package your hearing aids and send them back to:

Audicus Hearing Aids
115 W 27th St, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10001

 ...and we'll have them cleaned, inspected, and on their way back to you!


Note: Some hearing aids may require additional reprogramming or repair. Hearing aids requiring reprogramming will take an additional 3-4 days to return; hearing aids requiring manufacturer repair will take 1-2 weeks to return.
*Non-simultaneous service is available for customers who choose to get one hearing aid serviced at a time. 
**Customers purchasing the Clean & Care from outside the U.S. are responsible for shipping costs associated with this purchase. We do not offer free shipping on this item for international orders. 
(844) 634-1509

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