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Audicus is excited to announce the addition of a new product to our line of hearing aid accessories: the Mini UV Dry Box!

Dry boxes are practical drying stations in a pocket-sized form. They dry and sanitize your hearing aids, extending their usefulness and maintaining their quality.

We carefully selected this dry box to bring our customers the best technology at an affordable price, just like we do with our hearing devices. Read on for the basics about dry boxes, why you might need one, and what sets ours apart from the rest.

What is a dry box?

A dry box is a safe-keeping container in which you can both store your hearing aids and ‘dry’ (extract moisture from) them. Keeping your hearing aids in a dry box will both sanitize and dry them. There are two types of dry boxes.

The first type, a ‘regular’ dry box, serves solely to remove moisture from your hearing aids. Dry boxes are sometimes referred to as “hearing aid dehumidifiers”, especially if their only function is to dry.

These often have capsules or beads that act to extract moisture from the hearing aids. You can compare the use of drying capsules in a hearing aid dehumidifier to someone placing a cell phone in rice after it’s gotten wet!

The second type is a bit more advanced, as it has discrete drying and sanitizing functions. This type, a UV dry box, not only dries your hearing aid traditionally but also emits UV light, which acts as a sanitizing agent.


Why do you need a UV dry box?


Hearing aids can accumulate dirt and earwax very quickly!

It differs from person to person (or rather, ear to ear), but one thing can be certain: people sweat and produce earwax, and these things can pose a threat to the tech inside of your hearing aids.

It’s always good to keep your hearing aids as dry as possible to avoid any damage that might be caused by sweat and dirt accumulation.

Prolonged exposure to even a little moisture can damage the inner workings of your hearing aid, so it’s better to be safe (and dry) than sorry.

Keeping your hearing aids in a dry box when you are not using them (like overnight) is an easy solution to ensuring moisture and dirt don’t damage your hearing aid’s inner workings.


Does using a dry box replace regular cleaning? If not, why not?


No! Think of it instead as a supplement to regular cleaning. Be sure to use Audicus accessory kits, earwax guard replacement tools, cleaning brushes, and more for regular cleaning and accessory replacement.  

We even have videos that tell you how to use each tool to keep your device in working condition.

The benefit of using a dry box in addition to regular cleaning?

Simply put, it makes cleaning easier: there will be less dirt and grime to remove, and whatever dirt is still there tends to be easier to dislodge.

It’s like giving your dishes a rinse before popping them in the dishwasher– you’ve done some of the work, but a more thorough cleaning is still necessary.

Still, keep in mind that the UV container doesn’t brush away or remove dirt or debris; that’s why it is crucial for you to physically brush any remaining dirt or earwax off of the hearing aids.


What sets Audicus’ dry box apart from others?


The Mini UV Dry Box is a brand new model with multifunctional capabilities, as it both dries and sanitizes (like the second, more advanced type of dry box that we described above).

What we’re most excited about, though, is that we’re able to offer this top-of-the-line product at a competitive price. Just like with our hearing aids and amplifiers, our direct-to-consumer model lets us offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Our Mini UV Dry Box is no exception.

Be sure to check out the Mini UV Box here to start storing, drying, and sanitizing your hearing aids today.

Plus, don’t forget to clean your hearing aids when they’re not resting safely in their designated UV box (don’t want to clean them yourself?

Check out our Clean & Care Service here).

With our host of cleaning and maintenance options, we make it simple to keep your hearing aids working well so you can continue living your fullest, most sound-enhanced life.