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When a person complains that people often mumble when speaking, asks others to repeat themselves, or prefer louder device volumes than others, chances are that person suffers from some degree of hearing loss.

Such symptoms of hearing loss are treatable – and one of the best ways to help amplify sound is with hearing aids. 

However, it can be difficult to find a quality device without a professional, especially now that the FDA allows the sale of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids

That’s why we review different brands and models of hearing aids, and today we’ll be taking a look at Lexie Hearing Aids.

What are Lexie Hearing Aids?

Lexie is a direct-selling company that specializes in producing OTC hearing aids, so you can buy them without a prescription.

Being listed in TIME100’s Most Influential Companies of 2023, Lexie hearing aids have become popular devices. 

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Lexie Hearing Aid Products

Lexie B2


$999 or $49/month (2 years to pay)


Receiver-in-canal (RIC), which is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss


B2 has a rechargeable battery with up to 18 hours of use per charge, iPhone compatibility, and adjustable treble and bass levels.

Lexie B1


$849 or $47/month (2 years)




Multiple dome sizes and an ear-measuring tool are included in the box, Bluetooth enabled, and noise reduction. However, you have to replace the batteries for this Lexie variant. 

Lexie Lumen


$799 or $42/month (2 years)


Behind-the-ear (BTE), also suited for mild to moderate cases


Customizable via the Lexie app, directional hearing, with a light and discreet design.

All products from Lexie have adjustable volumes. With customer support and a one-year warranty for its products, Lexie promises to make sure your hearing aid is working properly.

Lexie Hearing Aid Payments

To help make the purchase of hearing aids easier, Lexie offers a variety of payment options.


You can pay the full amount of the device upfront, starting at $799 for the Lexie Lumen.

For this example, you can save $358 compared to the total costs of the other device payment option.


This is a subscription-based option in which you’ll first have to pay a one-time, non-refundable security deposit (this is $148 for the Lumen).

After that, you’ll pay a budget-friendly monthly fee (in this case, $42 per month) for 24 months. The advantage of this option is that you can cancel anytime without penalty.

Monthly payments also give you access to Lexie’s Care Kit – including hearing aid accessories and batteries – and protection plan for free.

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Lexie Hearing Trial and Warranty

On top of the one-year warranty for all of Lexie’s hearing aids, you also get a 45-day trial period.

During this time, you can return the device for a full refund if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. 

Take note that should you decide to return them within the trial period, you will have to shoulder the shipping costs.

Pros and Cons of Lexie Hearing

Everyone who makes a purchase from Lexie receives lifetime support for their device, which is a great plus. 

On the downside, only the B2 has rechargeable batteries, and while it’s iPhone-compatible, it can only stream calls.

Some may also find it limiting that the company has no in-the-ear (ITE) and completely-in-canal (CIC) devices, which would be more discreet.

Lexie Hearing Reviews

The company takes pride in its 4.7-star Google review.

On the Better Business Bureau website, however, Lexie only has 3.33 stars; the most recent ones range from 1-2 stars.

One user, Muthukrishnan S, reported that upon reporting a faulty device, a support representative said that it was not covered by warranty due to the faulty part being an accessory. 

This same user commented, “Therefore, it appears that the company does not make it easy for customers to know the real warranty policy.”

Audicus vs. Lexie Hearing

While Lexie has an intuitive hearing test, the company doesn’t use it to program and customize devices. This is how Audicus stands out, as it offers a free hearing test and programming for each device.

Moreover, Audicus has a longer, more robust hearing test, meaning that the devices they provide are more finely tuned to each user’s hearing needs.

Additionally, Audicus has options for CIC and ITE models, meaning that they can provide more discreet hearing aids for those who need them.

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Are Lexie hearing aids certified by the FDA?

Yes, Lexie hearing aids are FDA-certified. Since the FDA regulates OTC hearing aids, they are safe and effective to use.

What is the duration of the warranty for Lexie hearing aids?

Lexie hearing aids come with a one-year warranty for repairs and replacements.

How do Lexie B1 and B2 hearing aids differ from each other?

The Lexie B1 is the more basic model, with non-rechargeable batteries, while the B2 is rechargeable and can be used for calls on an iPhone.