Here at Audicus we like to keep you updated to the latest and greatest in hearing aid technology. New innovations are constantly being made in hearing aid tech, to help you hear the world!

New batteries

One of the most important advances in hearing aid technology is the development of rechargeable hearing aids. This burgeoning technology has been around for a while as an alternative to traditional zinc battery-run hearing aids. Instead of constantly buying and replacing the batteries, some hearing aids now have rechargeable batteries, so you can charge them like you would charge your phone or laptop.

Audicus offers an upgrade on our products to take your hearing aid into the 21st century. We can refit your hearing aids with rechargeable batteries and provide a charging dock, so you don’t have to be tied to expensive and environmentally unfriendly zinc batteries.

Bluetooth capability

Nearly every piece of tech is fitted with Bluetooth now. If you aren’t familiar, Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology that allows pieces of hardware to transmit information to each other. For instance, a wireless mouse might use Bluetooth to connect to a computer.

In the hearing aid industry, Bluetooth is an essential feature for many hearing aid users. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow users to directly link up to their TVs, phones, and computers. This direct connection increases the quality and clarity of sound and helps reduce background noise.

Ever-shrinking hearing aids

Hearing aid technology goes through redesigns all the time. Users want their hearing aids to be smaller and less noticeable, but no less effective. Hearing aid company Signia has created an ultra-thin behind-the-ear (BTE) model that is stylish and sleek, but a little more hidden than other designs.  

Music, rediscovered

Cochlear implants are different from hearing aids in how they work (read more here), but they both serve to help people hear better. A new app called Bring Back the Beat is aimed at helping people with cochlear implants refine their musical skills using focused attention and listening games. The app’s creators said they wanted to create an auditory rehab activity that was fun, instead of work. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Robot hearing aids?

Not quite, but one of the big advancements in hearing aid technology is AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. Despite what movies might have you believe, AI is not as scary as it seems. Some hearing aid manufacturers are starting to incorporate AI into hearing aids, which creates the potential for hearing aids that actually learn as you use them. Volume settings and background noise filters become more automatic and seamless and take hearing with hearing aids to a whole new level.

Take advantage of all the exciting new endeavors in the hearing aid field!
Audicus now offers Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries.

By: Elena McPhillips