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The award-winning Clara is a customer favorite. Completely tailored to your hearing needs, the Clara adapts to your environment for crystal clear hearing in every setting. Beautifully designed, but too discreet for anyone to see, with ongoing expert support, you get the most out of this reliable and affordable battery-powered hearing aid.

Covers mild to severe hearing loss

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Meet the Clara.

The Audicus Clara is so amazing we simply cannot wait for you to try it, love it, and for it to change your life.

Is the Audicus Clara right for me?

If you have a clinical hearing test our experts can advise you.
Otherwise, take our 15-min online-hearing-test to find out!

I was floored by the instant amazing results from the hearing aids!
As a first time hearing aid user I was floored by the instant amazing results! I regret waiting this long. If you can relate to this, run don't walk to order yours!
Barbara M.

Real customer hearing aid reviews

"I have been an Audicus customer for over 5 years, their hearing aids work great. The customer service is fantastic."

Bruce Google

"I'm very satisfied with the Clara aids, they are high quality and have improved my hearing. The customer service is excellent."

Jerry Sullivan

"I told my family this was the best Internet purchase I have ever made and decided I needed to write a review. The whole process of testing my hearing, ordering and then the follow up from customer support has been a delight. You have the most attentive customer services reps I have ever dealt with on any product. It is so appreciated. I have worn other hearing aids before, but they were not half as effective. I feel like I am now out of an isolation booth. Thank you for your great product and service! "

Patricia Canon

"I had no idea how much I was missing until I received my new Clara hearing aids. Now I’m enjoying sounds I apparently hadn’t heard for many years, plus am conversing without having to ‘fill in the blanks’ on words I didn’t hear or understand. I did extensive online research prior to deciding on Audicus and have never second guessed my decision. They’ve made me feel like a part of their team."

Jeff DuCharme

Inside the Audicus Clara

Audicus Specs
1 Microphones
2 Control button
3 Signal processor
4 Receiver wire
5 Receiver-in-canal (RIC)
6 Earwax guard
7 Dome
8 Battery
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  • 1. Focuses on speech, cuts the clutter

    Two directional microphones. The front focuses on the speech cone while the rear mic suppresses excess noise for clear conversations.

  • 2. Control at your fingertips

    Switch through programs like Conversation in Noise and TV/Music to fit your environment. Easily adjust between 10 volume settings.

  • 3. Hear the difference with digital signal processing

    The brains of the operation. Performs millions of computations per millisecond delivering crisp, tailored sound with no feedback squealing.

  • 4. Barely-there wire

    Comfortable, discreet wire with size options to fit any ear.

  • 5. Extra power hidden in your ear

    Invisible receiver packs extra amplification comfortably in your ear. More power in the ear means a smaller, slicker hearing aid design that reduces earwax buildup. Increased clarity, reduced size.

  • 6. Clean and clear

    Wax guards protect your device from earwax to ensure sound quality and performance. Replace every 2 weeks to ensure maximum clarity.

  • 7. Good sealing reduces squealing

    Rubber domes seal out excess sound. Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for comfort and clarity.

  • 8. Batteries that last as long as you do

    Compact batteries that last up to a week of use. Easy to replace.

Charging dock

Upgrade how you power your device with the charging dock. Place hearing aids in the dock overnight for a full day of power. For those who want to set it and forget it.

Classic remote

hearing aids classic remote

Add a remote for easy control over volume and programs. Choose custom settings like conversation, TV, tinnitus masking, or telecoil. For those who want extra features in the palm of their hands.

Enhanced clarity

Upgrade your device to 12-channels for the sharpest sound quality. For those who want the HD TV experience of hearing solutions.

Add-ons can help you make the most of your hearing aids

Hearing aids are an important investment. Additional supplies, as well as our popular Care and Protect programs, can help you look after and maximize your hearing aids.

<a href="/product/audicus-care-clara/">Audicus Care Subscription</a>

Audicus Care Subscription

All the supplies, batteries, and tools you need to use and maintain your hearing aids, shipped to your doorstep.

$36.00 every 3 months

<a href="/product/audicus-protect/">Audicus Protect Subscription</a>

Audicus Protect Subscription

Complete coverage and 1-time loss replacement for your Audicus Clara hearing aids.

$12.00 per month per aid