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COVID-19 has asked a lot of us. Stay home. Wear a mask. Keep distant. But, in order to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy, we’re willing to follow the rules. Just like there are rules for our bodies, there are a few rules to follow to keep your hearing aids safe during this time.

Clean your hearing aids regularly

This is easy to forget to do in general, but especially during this time, remember to properly clean your hearing aids. Every evening when you take out your hearing aids, give them a wipe down with a dry cloth. It’s important to never use a wet cloth, nor any wipe with alcohol in it.

The alcohol can corrode metal pieces over time and destroy the plastic casing, and any moisture will break down the battery and ruin the electronics.

Since built-up earwax is one of the main causes of hearing aid malfunction, you can use a wax pick or small brush to remove any debris. Finally, leave the battery door open overnight to allow any moisture to escape.

If you haven’t cleaned your hearing aids in a while, consider sending them into Audicus’ Clean and Care program for an expert clean and refresh. This process does take 1-2 weeks, so this may be a perfect time.

Remember they are in your ears!

Because of the discrete design of hearing aids these days, you may not remember they are even in your ears. This presents a problem if you are going out in public and wearing masks that go around your ears.

When you take the mask off, remember to carefully pull the elastic or ties from your ears so they don’t get twisted and yank out over-the-ear hearing aids.

Consider a mask or face shield that goes around your head instead of your ears to prevent any confusion. The CDC provides helpful information about the most up-to-date recommendations for face protection.

Don’t let others touch your hearing aids

As we are constantly reminded to wash our hands and avoid close contact to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (as well as other germs), remember the same rules for your hearing aids.

You should be the only one touching your hearing aids unless you have a partner or caregiver who helps you put them in.

Think about getting a new pair

Spending a lot of time at home allows you to think about improvements you would like to make in your life. Maybe you are home with the family and realize your hearing isn’t quite up to par.

It is a great time to get your hearing checked again and upgrade the technology in your ears. If you are making lots of phone calls or binging a television show, a Bluetooth pair of hearing aids could be the perfect fit.

Audicus’ Wave connects wirelessly to your smartphone or Bluetooth-capable device which allows you to control the volume going straight into your ears.

With rechargeable batteries, you can even save money and the hassle of replacing batteries. If you aren’t comfortable going into your audiologist’s office, you can always take a hearing test online and order your hearing aids to be shipped directly to your home.

By: Diana Ford