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Unlike devices from some online stores, Audicus hearing aids must be programmed based on someone’s specific hearing loss. That’s why customers submit a hearing test.

Test Your Hearing For Free

Nearly 85 percent of Audicus customers report satisfaction with the initial programming. But what do the other 15 percent do?

Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids, Hearing Sounds

Recipients of new hearing aids often say that the world may at first seem too loud. Shelby had a similar experience when he first had his cochlear implant activated. This reaction is normal and is likely due to the fact that the user is being exposed to or reintroduced to sounds.

The whir of the air conditioner, the clicking of car blinkers, and the clinking of dishes may all be noises that the user isn’t used to hearing. Our audiologists say that it takes the brain two weeks to adjust to the new sounds, so for those who are feeling uncomfortable with their hearing aids, just hang tight and let acoustic adaptation do its job.

Our hearing aids have volume programs that are optimized for use in specific environments such as: noisy, quiet, TV or restaurant. These customized programs help filter out background noise and adjust audio levels depending on the listening environment. This almost sounds like a superhuman feat!

After a Hearing Test: Hearing Aid Reprogramming

After two weeks, if noise levels are still uncomfortable and are in any way too loud or too soft, Audicus allows customers to send back the hearing aid with the reprogramming questionnaire that is included in the package. (Also found at this link.) Please know that at Audicus, reprogramming is ALWAYS free.

If hearing loss progresses over time, customers can submit a newer hearing test so that our audiologist can adjust the amplification accordingly. Many audiologists tell customers that multiple adjustments are needed at first (and so, they will bundle unlimited adjustments into their prices), but we have found that most customers do not need to make adjustments unless their hearing loss progresses down the road.

Customized Hearing Aids, Post Hearing Test

In fact, as mentioned before, 85 percent of customers do not even need reprogramming. The reason for this is because Audicus requires customers to submit hearing tests that have been conducted within the past year. This way, the hearing aid is programmed to the customer’s current needs, which works successfully.

Browse through our selection of discreet and affordable hearing aids to find one that’s right for you, then submit your most recent hearing test to receive a hearing aid customized to your specific needs.

by Esther Shasho