Last year, we posted a helpful introduction to hearing aid batteries. Now you’ve got your hearing aids and you know how to use them, but your batteries seem to be wearing out quickly. Keep reading for a bunch of tips and tricks to help preserve your batteries as long as possible, and keep your hearing strong!

The “Five Minute Rule” for Hearing Aid Batteries

Your mother may have always told you about the fifteen- minute rule: you have to wait at least fifteen minutes after eating before you can swim. Now, we have a new rule for you—the five minute rule! This was discovered by an eighth-grade student in the Midwest, who wears hearing aids and was curious about how to prolong his battery life. The budding scientist, Ethan Manuell, and his audiologist studied the effect of wait time on his hearing aid batteries, and made a surprising discovery.

To activate your hearing aid battery, you must remove a sticker—this allows oxygen to mix with the zinc oxide that is inside the battery and activate it. Ethan realized that if hearing aid users wait a short five minutes after removing the sticker before putting the battery in the device, the battery can last up to three days longer! The improved battery life is due to allowing the zinc to energize as much as possible as it mixes with oxygen. Remember the five minute rule next time you change your batteries!

Cool and Dry

Moisture and intense temperatures are two elements that can spell disaster for hearing aid batteries. Even if you’re careful to never jump into the pool with your hearing aids, moisture can be damaging your batteries in other ways. It is important to keep your batteries away from excessive humidity—a humid environment can also get your batteries wet and damage or destroy them.

It is important to also keep your batteries away from extreme temperatures. Batteries should be stored at room temperature, between 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Years ago, it was helpful to put batteries in the fridge to prolong their life, but with today’s technology, freezing your batteries will ruin them. It is also helpful to keep the battery door open when you’re not using your hearing aids (such as at night or when you’re sleeping). Keeping the battery door open can help dry out any excess moisture from the battery compartment.
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Keep It OFF!

One of the easiest and best ways to prolong your hearing aid battery life is to simply keep your hearing aids off when you’re not using them. Switch off your hearing aids by simply opening the battery door and leaving your hearing aids in a safe, dry place. Like we mentioned above, this can also help drain any moisture that is in the battery compartment.

Following these simple tips can greatly improve your hearing aid’s battery life. It’s also important to remember to not mix hearing aid batteries in with metal objects, like keys or coins—this can cause the battery to short circuit. It’s up to you to take care of your hearing aids, and preserving the battery life is a great way to keep your hearing strong!

By: Elena McPhillips

11 responses to “Hearing Aid Batteries: Extend Your Battery Life!

  1. does putting tape on your battery, in place of the sticker, at night when they are not in use extend your battery life?

  2. Amazon sent me my batteries while we had severe minus F deg. Temperatures. I understand that freezing them especially that ling overnight will destroy them. Is this so and d9 I contact Amazon Or the shipper?

    1. You might have the best luck if you contact the vendor for the product you found on Amazon. But in general, try to avoid leaving your batteries in temperatures below zero just to be safe!

  3. I just wanted to know if I would open the battery case when I take a shower would it save on battery life or make it worse opening & closing it. Thank you

    1. Thanks for asking, Esther! When showering, bathing, sleeping, or doing anything where you might not be wearing your hearing aids, you can always open the battery door to conserve battery life. Opening and closing the door will not drain the battery life.

  4. good information, I learned a few things. I had been carrying around spare batteries in a plastic case in my pocket and found them dead in a few days. I am sure that it was too warm and humid there.

  5. I have used batteries with a gold looking side to them. They lasted significantly longer. Then the audiologist stopped carrying them. Do you know where I can order these on-line? All those I now get from the hearing service only last 3 to 4 days maximum.

  6. Thanks for the tip about prolonging the life of the batteries. Mine only last seven to
    eight days, so I will try this new tip.

  7. Thanks, and I thought I knew it all.

  8. Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try. My batteries have been lasting me only seven
    days and sometimes eight days. I only insert them about 10:00 a.m. to about 10:30
    p.m. daily, so I do not think that I am receiving good battery life. I also open them
    up nightly to conserve the battery.

  9. Thanks for the info. on batteries, just freed up some extra space in the freezer! And saved some batteries!!
    Again Thanks.

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