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When making any medical device purchase, it is crucial to ensure not only that you’ll get the correct product for your needs, but also that you will be able to care for that product throughout its lifetime.

For an Audicus product, this hearing aid care includes cleaning the device, changing the batteries, or replacing the parts– or accessories— on your hearing aid.

Hearing Care: Domes, Tubes, Earwax Guards

The interchangeable parts on your hearing aids, like domes, tubes, or earwax guards can greatly affect the performance of your device. Old, worn-out domes are, unfortunately, great storage facilities for dirt and earwax, which could impede the sound quality or volume capabilities of your hearing aid.

Similarly, if your hearing aid uses open tubes, these can become clouded with earwax or dirt, thereby preventing sound from traveling through. An unchanged earwax guard will stop doing its job completely– blocking earwax, that is– with overuse.

So, a hearing aid with fresh, clean parts is an optimally working hearing aid that will perform at its very highest capacity for your benefit.

Maintaining Your Hearing Devices: Accessories 

Audicus is aiming to make it as seamless as possible to understand hearing aid care and maintain your hearing aids, particularly when it comes to outfitting your hearing aids with the right accessories at the right time. Audicus offers accessories available for purchase on our site.

These are available for individual purchase, or as a part of a set, like in an accessory kit. Accessory kits are tailored to your device and contain the appropriate domes, cleaning materials, and/or earwax guards.

Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids: Make it Simple

We now feature accessory kits available for subscription in 3- or 6-month intervals. We offer flexibility with these intervals, as we understand that everyone’s use patterns may differ. Plus, when you subscribe to accessory kits, you receive 10% off.

Don’t worry about re-ordering, either– Audicus will charge you via our secure platform in your specified interval. You will receive an accessory kit to your doorstep to help you keep your hearing aid care regiment seamless and your hearing aid working at its best.

Don’t need new parts just yet? Learn how to clean your hearing aid in the meantime with our helpful instructional videos.

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your Audicus hearing aid, visit our accessories page, or get in touch with us at [email protected] or 888 979 6918.