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Hearing aids may seem like complicated little contraptions, but when you break it down, they are simple enough for anyone to understand!

With a little instruction, you will be able to change hearing aid batteries with ease and have a complete picture of how your hearing aids work to bring you better hearing.

Buying Batteries


To begin, you should know which type of battery works with your hearing device. Most hearing aids take size 10, 13, 312, or 675 batteries, each having a color specific to the size to make purchasing easy.

Most batteries are made of zinc to prolong the life; however, the lifespan depends on how often you use your hearing aid, how well you take care of the battery, and how much power your hearing aid requires. Most average three to ten days.

You can preserve battery life by opening the battery door when your hearing aid is not in use, but be sure to store it in a dry, room-temperature setting to prevent moisture buildup.


Changing Hearing Aid Batteries


When you start to hear excessive beeping in your ear, here is how to change hearing aid batteries. First, you will peel the sticker off of the battery, activating its power. Do not peel until you are certain you will use the battery because there is no turning back.

Give the battery a minute or two to activate – batteries need oxygen to fully activate. Next, locate the battery door on your hearing aid. There’s usually a notch to press or lever to pull, and the compartment will swing open. You will then remove the old battery and place the new battery in its spot.

The plus (+) sign should face up so the flat side of the battery aligns flush with the battery door. Simply close the door until it clicks, and you should be all set with your new battery!

If you have to exert any type of force, you have probably incorrectly inserted the battery. Start again and follow the Audicus instruction manual for your specific hearing aid model, like this manual on The Wave Hearing Aid,  if you run into any issues.

Looking to purchase hearing aid batteries? Check out our supplies and accessories page and filter for hearing aid batteries, or click the link below.


Buy Hearing Aid Batteries

Disposing of Batteries


Now that you know how to change hearing aid batteries, what should you do with the dead batteries? Over the course of a year, you may use over 50 batteries, so you will be left with a significant amount of waste.

Be sure to check if there is even a chance of Mercury in your battery because the disposal methods will change.

You will need to take Mercury-infused batteries to special recycling plants where they can be properly disposed of. Most batteries should be Mercury-free, though they will still contain Zinc which should not be mingled with your standard trash.

Never burn your batteries or flush them down the toilet! If you would like to recycle these batteries, check with your local grocery store or electronic retailer to see if they have a recycling program.

You can also visit Earth911 to search by material and zip code to see where your closest recycling plant would be.


By: Diana Michel, Updated in 2021