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Audicus representatives are available by phone, email, and chat nearly all hours of the day. We understand that providing hearing aids over the internet means that we have to provide stellar customer support– so we always answer all of your great questions about hearing aids and hearing loss!

We have compiled many of your questions and noted the most-asked questions. Today, we’ll showcase three of the most frequently asked questions at Audicus.

You’re an online company. Don’t hearing aids need to be fitted to me in person?

This is the most common question we are asked, hands down. Our customers often question our ability to provide customized  hearing aids without actually seeing customers in person. But we do possess this ability to customize!

The question, of course, becomes how? And the answer is a key component of our business model: the reason we are able to provide hearing aids at such affordable prices is actually because we do need not ‘fit’ the hearing aids in person. This means that we do not need to take measurements or ear molds to size the hearing aids. Instead, we provide users with a variety of end pieces so they can determine the correct fit from the comfort of their home.

For the sound customization, users can take our proprietary Online Hearing Test, or send in a copy of their hearing test from an audiologist, the audiogram.  We use the hearing test to program the hearing aids specifically to your individual hearing profile.

How about damage? What happens if my hearing aid breaks?

Deliberate damage is a no-no– don’t take your frustration out on your hearing aid or leave it in the company of your dog (dogs love eating hearing aids)! Similarly, keep track of your hearing aids– you don’t want them ending up in the washing machine or swimming pool. All jokes aside, the Audicus hearing aids come with a two year-long warranty upon purchase, and we offer Audicus Protect service for continued care.

The warranty covers all manufacturer issues (functionality, for instance), but only the Audicus Protect covers accidents– running over your hearing aid for example. Even so, whether damage done to your hearing aid is self-inflicted or a mere manufacturing issue, you are always welcome to send it back to us at Audicus. We offer free reprogramming for life– the entire time you have your hearing aid– as well as free repairs under warranty. For repairs not covered under warranty, we will gladly accept and inspect the hearing aid and can proceed accordingly.

Can I reprogram myself?

As was mentioned, we offer free reprogramming for life– just send the hearing aid back to us if you feel that any volume or noise adjustments need to be made. Our audiologist makes these adjustments using special software. This means that users cannot make programming changes to their hearing aids from home. Still, the hearing aids are equipped with auto-adapt! This cuts down on the individual’s need to change the settings, because the hearing aids will automatically adapt and adjust to the surrounding environment. Not bad, huh?

Stay tuned for more of our FAQ posts, or feel free to visit our FAQ section of the Audicus website. Have more questions? Send them our way! We are glad to answer via chat or email ([email protected]). Additionally, you can feel free to call us at 888-979-6918.