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Online Hearing Aids Photo Campaign: Got Ear? Share it!

The Audicus Online Hearing Aids Got Ear?! Photo Campaign has been running for a few months now and has grown to a neat gallery! The mission is simple: express your appreciation for our dear ears and raise awareness about hearing loss and hearing solutions.  Every day, there are thousands of visual clues that remind us of that – if you see them, share them!

If you find yourself in an “eary” situation or stumble across “eary” objects, pull out that camera, snatch a picture and send it to [email protected]Your fame will live eternally on our lively blog!

Here is the latest and greatest: Audicus Online Hearing Aids March 2012 Update

Many thanks to our top contributors Menzo R., Viola W., Giselle F. and Edouard L. The world is an earier place thanks to you!



online-hearing-aids-audicus online-hearing-aids-audicus online-hearing-aids-audicus online-hearing-aids-audicus online-hearing-aids-audicus online-hearing-aids-audicus online-hearing-aids-audicus

Audicus Online Hearing Aids Update: September 29th, 2011
This month we had some really good contributions from Edouard L., Alex G., Antoine B. and John F. – many thanks for the photographic finesse and for the timeliness (we’re glad everyone survived Hurricane Irene passing by the East Coast).
online-hearing-aids-audicus     online-hearing-aids-audicus    online-hearing-aids-audicus audicus-online-hearing-aids   online-hearing-aids-audicus   online-hearing-aids-audicus
Audicus Online Hearing Aids Update: August 10th, 2011

We’ve been tremendously busy with the launch of our platform these last few weeks, but luckily the world doesn’t lack “eary” shapes…here are our favorite 5 pics of the week:

online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus audicus-online-hearing-aids

Audicus Online Hearing Aids Update: July 8th, 2011

This week we’ve had some excellent additions to our campaign! Many thanks to (e (check out (e’s great blog here: Eh? What? Huh?) and Larry Herbert from Art In Place.

online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus

Audicus Online Hearing Aids Update: June 23rd, 2011

To kickstart it, we will be posting 5 “eary” pictures per week, starting with the following “out-of-the-box” shots:

online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus  online-hearing-aids-audicus online-hearing-aids-audicus


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by Brad Miller