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We’re nothing without our expert support team.

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  • Meet Monica, an Audiology Assistant

    When you want to know about hearing loss, Monica is on the line. She’s the one who listens with empathy, assures you there are solutions and shares practical advice. She draws from years of experience to guide you through the steps, at your own pace.
  • Meet Freddy, our Shipping Manager

    Freddy runs our shipping like a Swiss watch. His meticulous dedication ensures every order gets delivered flawlessly to your doorstep. Making sure you get your batteries before you even realize you’re out.
  • Meet Sam, a Hearing Support Specialist

    Sam is by your side from the moment you put in your hearing aid for the first time. And for every little question thereafter. Wanna know what the heck an earwax guard is? Sam knows. And when to change them. Ask Sam anything. She loves to help.
Marianne Cramer

Head Audiologist

Marianne Cramer
Audiologist for 30 years

With a Master’s Degree from the University of New Mexico, Marianne has worked across the US and internationally. Marianne is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.

Her background includes work with non-profit Hearing and Speech Centers well as servicing both urban and rural communities. Her breadth of experience is the key to her expertise.

A team of programming experts

Our Technicians

A team of programming experts
6 years of experience

Our technicians craft your hearing experience. They tailor each device to your specific needs, programming every single hearing aid with immense care and rigor.

With 10’s of thousands of hours under their belt, no team has changed more lives or ears.

Our manufacturer

We directly partner with leading manufacturers to offer the absolute best solutions, with the latest sound processing technology and beautiful design.

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Innovation backed by science

The Audicus Online Hearing Test is our greatest innovation. It has given unprecedented access to hearing healthcare by democratizing the testing process so that anyone with an internet connection, headphones, and 15 minutes can get an accurate hearing loss profile, so precise, we can use the results to program custom hearing aids.

Lead by a neuroscience engineer, we began the 2-year process of researching, designing, and verifying the science so that an online test would be just as accurate as an in clinic one.

After extensive user testing for usability we launched the Audicus Online Hearing Test in April 2017 and, 40,000 tests later, we’ve seen incredible success. In fact, the Audicus Online Hearing Test continues to outperform in customer satisfaction surveys.

And we’re just getting started.