Get up to $400 off Series 2 hearing aids for a limited time.

Need a creative gift for the tech lover in your life? Check out these fun options:


1. Tile Mate – This 34mm by 34mm chip connects to whatever you lose most, allowing that item to be tracked by Bluetooth technology. Whether its attaching the tile to your car keys or connecting it to your phone, that item can then be followed on a map or commanded to ring so you can find it. $25


2. iHome iSP6X SmartPlug – For those iPhone users who want to control their electrical devices while away from home, the SmartPlug is a good option. Plug in any device that uses a three-prong outlet, and you can use your phone to remotely turn on and off electricity to that device. Perfect for turning on and off Christmas lights! $29.99


3. Samsung PowerBot R7070 – This electronic robo-vacuum uses Bluetooth connection to control the robot’s movements. It even has a function where it self-cleans any hair trapped in the brushes and can be programmed to run on particular schedules. The battery life is less than 90 minutes, but the navigation and thorough cleaning job are remarkable. $549


4. Fitbit Smart Scale – If you know a health nut that is looking to track their fitness and body weight, this smart scale could be the perfect gift. Not only does the scale provide pounds, but it also gives a body fat percentage as well as body mass information and tracks data over time. It can also connect to the Fitbit phone application or any other Fitbit device. $129.95


5. Wireless ear buds – One of the first steps in preventing hearing loss is managing music volumes within ear buds. With wireless ear buds, you can use Bluetooth technology to connect your phone to your hearing device and use an application to customize the sound. This allows for safer volumes, snugger fits, and crisper sounds. $100


6. Logitech Harmony 650 – Keeping track of all of the various remotes around your house can be tricky, so the Logitech Harmony simplifies. It can replace up to eight different remotes and is easily programmed for your watching needs. The remote also features a colorful smart display, making it even easier to pick and choose your programming. $79.99


7. Nest Cam Indoor Security System – If your loved one travels often, the Nest Cam could be a good gift to help them monitor their home while they are away. The camera films 24/7 and stores up to 30 days of footage on the cloud. It also has a microphone that speaks, scaring away potential intruders and provides definitive times when there was activity in the home. $199


8. Audicus wearables – Hearing loss affects a large number of Americans, so chances are, you know someone who could benefit from hearing aids. Audicus offers the Uno for mild to moderate hearing loss, the Dia II for mild to severe hearing loss, and the Oro for even greater hearing loss. Additionally, there is the Solo, which acts as an amplifier rather than a complete in-the-ear hearing aid. An audiogram is necessary to purchase and customize these devices, so this gift may not be a surprise. Nevertheless, improved hearing can change the holiday season for the better! $399-799/ear 

P.S. Want to put some ‘Audicus’ under the tree, but are unsure of your loved one’s preferences? Give them an Audicus Gift Card and give them the gift of choice (and better hearing)!


By: Diana Michel