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Managing your Hearing Aids with Sweat: Heat, Humidity, and Summer

Ah, summer: A time of sand, sun, and sweat. When you wear hearing aids, summer can be a perilous time because of the danger sweat poses. Hearing aids and sweat don’t mix very well, so heed our tips to keep your hearing aids sweat-free and working fine!

In case you’re not sure, most hearing aids (including Audicus models) are water-resistant. That means a little sweat or a walk in the rain won’t damage your hearing aids—they are stronger than that!

However, excessive moisture can pose a risk to your hearing aids. If you’re sweating a lot at the beach or spending a hot day working in the yard, the sweat pouring down from your face could get into your hearing aids and damage them.

Hearing aids and sweat accessories

Did you know you can buy a sweatband for your hearing aid? If you’re an athlete, spend a lot of time outdoors, or are just a generally sweaty person (no shame!), you might want to look into getting a hearing aid sweatband. They are made of a soft fabric that wicks away moisture while protecting your hearing aids from sweat, dirt, and dust.

There’s also a similar product made of Spandex that blocks sweat and other irritants from entering your hearing aid and damaging it.

It’s extremely important to keep your hearing aids dry, but summer sweat can interfere with that goal. If you do lead an active lifestyle where you work up a sweat often, consider investing in a hearing aid dehumidifier or dry box. These devices will help dry out your hearing aids more quickly and efficiently than just letting them dry on your bedside table.

If you have gotten your hearing aid extra sweaty, you can also pop it in a bowl of dry rice. The rice acts like a sponge and can soak up the moisture. Make sure to use long-grained rice so no pieces get stuck in your hearing aid.  

Hearing aids and sweat: Keep it clean!

One preventive measure you can take as temperatures rise and sweat inevitably creeps towards your ears is this: Clean your hearing aids daily! Don’t let sweat build up inside your hearing aids, because several days of sweat can lead to problems. Read our complete guide to cleaning your hearing aids here.

If you do get super-sweaty and your hearing aids get clogged, consider sending your hearing aids in for professional cleaning. Send your hearing aids to Audicus’ Clean and Care service and we’ll send you back squeaky clean and dry hearing aids!

Bottom line: Hearing aids and sweat don’t go well together. It’s important to keep your hearing aids free from excess sweat during the summer to keep them in tip-top shape.

Use accessories to protect them from sweat and make sure to dry them out after heavy exercise or a particularly hot day. Keep your summer stress-free by protecting your hearing aids!

By: Elena McPhillips, Updated in 2021