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Everyone knows that you need to keep your body active to keep it in tip top shape, but does that apply to your ears, too? You bet it does! There are many exercises and activities you can do to keep your hearing sharp. Check out some of our recommendations below!

Downward dog, for hearing health

In addition to helping you stay limber yoga helps maintain your hearing health. Blood circulation is important for ear function, and yoga promotes a healthy and vigorous circulation. A healthy heart is key to healthy ears, so calming and purposeful exercise like yoga can not only improve cardiovascular health but it can give you a hearing boost as well!

Breath in, breathe out: Meditation for hearing

Like yoga, meditation can help you improve circulation which will help maintain your hearing. Additionally, meditation also encourages deeper oxygen flow to your brain and body, which is also important for hearing health. Taking a few minutes each day to quietly meditate can have a significant impact on your hearing.

Puzzle time! Brain exercises to improve your ears

Possibly the best way to improve hearing is to keep your cognitive functions sharp—when your brain starts to slow down, your hearing can follow. It’s imperative to keep the brain-ear connection clear. One way to keep the mind active is by puzzle games. Crosswords are a classic choice, and they have the added bonus of increasing your language skills. There are also tons of phone app games that are fun and easy to play: Click here to check some out.

Noise filtering: Practice makes perfect

One cool exercise you can do to improve your hearing is practice filtering out noise. The Hearing Aid Health Care center of California suggests this activity to be able to hear conversations in even noisy spaces. It works best with two people: Turn on the TV or music to create background noise, and then sit with another person and have a conversation. Do your best to focus on the conversation while ignoring the other noise around you. This type of exercise can help you train your ears to filter out noisy extraneous sounds.

These activities and exercises can help improve your hearing, especially if you start doing them early on in life. The best way to maintain optimal hearing is to avoid loud noises, especially prolonged sounds, and to keep your body healthy. Diminished hearing can be a side effect of an unhealthy lifestyle, so it’s important to keep your mind and body active and healthy.

By: Elena McPhillips