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Physical fitness keeps the body going strong, but don’t forget to exercise the mind! Keeping your mind sharp today improves long-term cognitive function and decreases the potential for future memory deterioration or loss. Technology provides brain sharpening games to keep the mind engaged. Whether it’s puzzles, brainteasers, or memory games, technology provides ways to keep your brain functioning at its best. We’ve selected the best websites, games, and smartphone applications created by professionals who understand the brain. Try these out to keep your brain sharp.


When logging in to this website, there is an option to pay for unlimited access, but the free, limited edition is still beneficial. Every day you are given three different exercises that track specific functions of the brain like memory, problem-solving, or speed while you fight against the clock. The games do change daily, but every game can be tracked against your original baseline skill level to help show your progress along the way.


This app (available via Google Play or on iOS) tests your memory. The word eidetic essentially means photographic memory, so the app works on improving this skill. Instead of using mnemonic devices, the app asks you to memorize things that are actually important to you. You receive notifications when it’s time to test yourself, improving long-term memory.


This iOS app helps retrain your brain to see the happiness in everyday life. Regardless of how you’re feeling when you open the app, Happify is able to refocus your brain to see the positive through science-based games. There are also guided meditations to help calm your mind and the option of creating a “happiness track” with expert help, allowing you to track your progress. There is a monthly fee, though it is free to download.


Peak has over 30 brain sharpening games included in the app that only become unlimited once you pay a monthly fee. The games track memory, attention, and mental agility, and require only a short amount of time to play. Coach, a built-in personal trainer, pushes you to achieve the goals you set and reminds you where you should work to improve.


Maybe you are looking for something simple that still challenges your brain. Braingle is a website that provides brainteasers, puzzles, trivia, and what they call “metalrobics,” which are daily brain exercises. New puzzles are frequently added, and there is also an online community chat center where you can interact with other Braingle users.

AARP Games

AARP provides a variety of services for the aging population, but did you know they also create online games? They begin by asking for a brain health assessment that is free and gives you an idea of your current brain function. You can then work on your weak spots through their recommended online brain sharpening games. Examples include “Secret Files” where you catch falling words and file them into the correct category or “Split Words” where you create complete words from the fragments provided.

Maintaining brain health doesn’t have to be a bore with these fun online games and apps!

By: Diana Michel