Did you know that 3 million Canadians suffer from hearing loss? In fact, 8% of Audicus customers are Canadian. Hearing aids in Canada are just as necessary as in the US and the cost is similarly steep.

As healthcare gets more expensive and confusing in America, many people are wondering, “How much are hearing aids in Canada?” Canadian healthcare is different from the US but it’s always interesting to check out how hearing aids work for our northern neighbors.

Hearing aids in Canada: cheaper or more expensive?

Much like in the US, Canadian hearing aids can reach sky-high prices — hearing aids in Canada can retail for about $2,000. A 2013 CBC article found (with the help of our own Patrick Freuler) that hearing aid manufacturers only charge an average of $150 to make a hearing aid. Retailers or audiologist then sell the hearing aid for thousands more.

A Manitoba-based audiologist explained that the cost of hearing aids is not just for the actual device, but includes the services that go along with it. Adjustments, cleaning, hearing tests, fittings, and more are all part of the thousand-dollar-plus price tag of hearing aids.


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Paying for hearing aids in Canada

Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories, somewhat like the 50 states of the US. You could be eligible for hearing aid discounts depending on where you live. An overview of the benefits and subsidies you may be entitled to is below, but confirm with your audiologist for full information:

  • Ontario: Adults and children with an Ontario Health Insurance Health card are eligible to receive 75% coverage of one or two hearing aids (up to a maximum of CD500 per device).
  • Quebec: Eligible people (check here) are entitled to full coverage for the purchase and replacement of hearing aids or listening devices.
  • Atlantic Provinces: Students up to age 21 can receive special audiology care and purchase discounted hearing devices through the APSEA program.
  • British Columbia: Most people are not eligible for hearing aid coverage in BC unless it’s virtually impossible to pay for hearing aids. Check the regulations here.
  • Alberta: Albertans under 18 and full-time students are eligible for new hearing aids every five years, while those who are 18 to 64 and have a low income are eligible for funding towards new hearing aids.
  • Saskatchewan: As of July 2017, hearing aid sales and services for adults are no longer provided. Adults can purchase hearing aids through private sellers, while children are still able to receive hearing care.
  • Manitoba: Children are covered for hearing aids and seniors on a fixed income are also eligible for an 80% reimbursement of their hearing aids.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: The Provincial Hearing Aid Program (PHAP) provides hearing aids for children under 18, full-time students, and adults with financial need.
  • Nova Scotia: Hearing aids are sold at wholesale cost for children up to age 21 through APSEA.
  • New Brunswick: Certain residents, regardless of age, are eligible for covered hearing aids.
  • Yukon: Children with chronic diseases, military veterans, and seniors are entitled to hearing aid funding
  • Northwest Territories/Nunavut: Seniors who are non-Aboriginal and non-Indigenous may qualify for discounted or covered hearing aids.
  • Prince Edward Island: Hearing aids for children up to age 21 are covered, as are hearing tests for children and adults.

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By: Elena McPhillips

References: CBC News, Hear-It

20 responses to “The cost of hearing aids in Canada

  1. Go to Costco! They have the best price and awesome technology! Just make sure you get a good technician! Hearing aid user since forever! Don’t pay more than 2000! Rip off!

  2. Are Audicus hearing aids approved by Health Canada?
    Thank- you in advance

  3. I was just quoted a price of 6009.56 for a pair of Signia Charge & Go 7x, and 5856.56 for WidexEvoke 440. Three thousand dollars? That is a dream.

  4. Need hearing aids a lot more than I thought but think I will go deaf instead as can’t afford the outrageous price of $6500 for a pair. I guess they figure us baby boomers as made of money!

  5. I’m having a hearing test soon but I’m sure it will recommend that I get a hearing aid. I’m a senior with only government pension so the cost is very steep. I’ve been looking into whether Canadians can buy hearing aids in the US and whether they are cheaper than they are here in Canada I’m not sure yet how complicated a device I will need.

  6. In Canada what can I expect to pay you for a set of hearing aids ? I live in the Kawartha Lakes is there a dealership near me ?

  7. Which do you think costs more to produce, design and ship? A 65″ OLED TV with 300 watt sound bar and smart tv, wifi and internet with a mid line laptop thrown in or a pair of hearing aids? Here’s a hint.. you can get 3 of one for the price on 1 of the other

  8. That is actually false. These hearing aids are usually manufactured in the countries they are headquartered in. They do not cost pennies to make either. They may not cost as much as the device itself but they definitely are not cheap to produce.

  9. I believe these companies that sell Hearing aids are making Millions of dollars off of us & the Government does nothing. I need Hearing aids but sure can’t afford $5,000. This should be looked into & fixed.

  10. In Ontario, the $500 device used to be every three years. Now, as the boomers age, it is every 5 years.

  11. And don’t forget that the manu. stop fixing the hearing aids if they are more than 3 years old.

  12. how do we get hearing aids through Audicus ?

  13. We need a socialist revolution in USA. That is the only way to stop all kind of robbery by business. As I understand, this is not going to happen without a blood. Вut, without it the country is gоing to fall. The signs decay are here but are ignored.Cosmetic solutions are not touching the probem.

  14. Did my reply get through to you? Or did Audicus censor it? It talks about 225% added to initial cost, to arrive at $3,900 a pair. That’s extortionate and unconscionable.

    1. Hi John,

      Due to the high volume of spam comments, we review all comments each week to make sure none with unsafe links are included so there is a delay from the time you post to the time it appears. Thank you for your patience!

  15. Starting from an initial cost of $600 for one hearing aid, the cost of a pair is $3, 900. That’s a 225% increase. Can they deny that %? That is extortionate and unconscionable. Hearing aids are only for the rich. Oh sure, they will devise a ‘plan’ for you, but you could end up nearly broke. They try to justify the cost by saying it includes ‘many things’. It’s called squeezing the middle class. Make them calculate for you how much their ‘plan’ will cost you over a 5 year period. Then decide and hope your budget can stand it. Borrowing always costs. Check the borrowing percentage squeeze. Quite a racket by the professionals. Don’t let the put the onus on you to make the calculations. Get them to paint the WHOLE picture before you buy. No point in risking buying if you don’t know your budget risks. Caveat emptor.

  16. Very informative article. Looking forward to more posts in near future.

  17. My husband is trying a pair of Phonak aids right now. $5400. Can we afford this not really but if we have to we will. He is so much happier with them. I have sent the hearing test to you. He likes these as they are tiny in the ear and also the the piece at the top or back of the ear are also small and silver. He tried some a few years ago and they were much bigger. They part that went in the ear hurt him after a few hours.
    Thank you.

  18. This is such a rip off.!The average Canadian can not afford hearing aids due to the overinflated cost charged by these money grabbing idiots! There is no excuse for the price of such ridiculously inexpensive parts that usually come from China for mere pennies! Why? Because they can!

    1. Thanks for sharing Janet,

      The price of hearing in the US and Canada is incredibly high. That was why Audicus was founded to begin with. We are proud to offer the same quality hearing aids for thousands less in the States and to many Canadian customers. Thank you for sharing your insight! We hope to spread awareness of the high cost of hearing.

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