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The Price of Canadian Hearing Aids

Did you know that 3 million Canadians suffer from hearing loss? In fact, 8% of Audicus customers are Canadian. Hearing aids in Canada are just as necessary as in the US and the cost is similarly steep.

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As healthcare gets more expensive and confusing in America, many people are wondering, “How much are hearing aids in Canada?

Canadian healthcare is different from the US but it’s always interesting to check out how hearing aids work for our northern neighbors.

Hearing Aids in Canada: Cheaper or More Expensive?

Much like in the US, Canadian hearing aids can reach sky-high prices — hearing aids in Canada can retail for about $2,000. A 2013 CBC article found (with the help of our own Patrick Freuler) that hearing aid manufacturers only charge an average of $150 to make a hearing aid. Retailers and Audiologists can end up selling the hearing aid for thousands more.

A Manitoba-based audiologist explained that the cost of hearing aids is not just for the actual device, but includes the services that go along with it. Adjustments, cleaning, hearing tests, fittings, and more – these are all part of the thousand-dollar-plus price tag of hearing aids.


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Paying for Hearing Aids in Canada

Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories, somewhat like the 50 states of the US. You could be eligible for hearing aid discounts depending on where you live. An overview of the benefits and subsidies you may be entitled to are listed below, but confirm with your audiologist for full information:

  • Ontario: Adults and children with an Ontario Health Insurance Health card are eligible to receive 75% coverage of one or two hearing aids (up to a maximum of CD500 per device).


  • Quebec: Eligible people (check here) are entitled to full coverage for the purchase and replacement of hearing aids or listening devices.


  • Atlantic Provinces: Students up to age 21 can receive special audiology care and purchase discounted hearing devices through the APSEA program.


  • British Columbia: Most people are not eligible for hearing aid coverage in BC unless it’s virtually impossible to pay for hearing aids. Check the regulations here.


  • Alberta: Albertans under 18 and full-time students are eligible for new hearing aids every five years, while those who are 18 to 64 and have a low income are eligible for funding towards new hearing aids.


  • Saskatchewan: As of July 2017, hearing aid sales and services for adults are no longer provided. Adults can purchase hearing aids through private sellers, while children are still able to receive hearing care.


  • Manitoba: Children are covered for hearing aids and seniors on a fixed income are also eligible for an 80% reimbursement of their hearing aids.




  • New Brunswick: Certain residents, regardless of age, are eligible for covered hearing aids.


  • Yukon: Children with chronic diseases, military veterans, and seniors are entitled to hearing aid funding


  • Northwest Territories/Nunavut: Seniors who are non-Aboriginal and non-Indigenous may qualify for discounted or covered hearing aids.


  • Prince Edward Island: Hearing aids for children up to age 21 are covered, as are hearing tests for children and adults.


Affordable Hearing Aid Options for Canadians

If you’re interested in getting hearing aids for a lower cost, you might consider purchasing online. When you buy online, you can expect to pay less than you would at most storefronts.

Many online companies are able to reduce the costs by manufacturing their own hearing aids. This lets them cut out the middle-man entirely, which helps to drive down overhead, allowing them to offer you the same quality for a much more palatable price point.

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By: Elena McPhillips, Updated in 2022

References: CBC News, Hear-It