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Clara Rechargeable Hearing Aid Support

Guides, FAQs, Tutorials and more


Clara Rechargeable Hearing Aid Support

Guides, FAQs, Tutorials and more


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1. Charging Your Claras

  • Ensure the case is plugged into an outlet
  • Plug the hearing aids into the charging port. There is no need to turn the hearing aids off before putting them in the charger. The dock will turn them off.
  • When the lights on the aids are flashing green, they are charging.
  • When the lights turn solid green, the aids are fully charged.
  • After you remove the hearing aids from the charger, you will need to hold the button on each aid until it flashes green once. That indicates that the aid is on and ready to be worn.

2. Turning on your Claras

Turning on Your Clara Rechargeable
  • To turn ON/OFF, press and hold the button for 3+ seconds.
  • The LED light will blink once if the device is turning ON,  it will blink twice if turning OFF.
  • Your hearing aid will automatically shut OFF while charging.
  • It will remain OFF when removed from the charging case.
A melody will play as the device turns on.
Turning on Your Claras Turning on Your Claras

3. Putting On Your Hearing Aids

  1. We recommend using a mirror to practice. First, place the hearing aid body over the top of your ear
  2. Hold the wire where it attaches to the dome and gently push the dome into your ear canal. The wire should lie flush against your head and not stick out. The dome should fit into your ear snugly and comfortably.
  3. Place the retention guard in your ear so it rests in the bowl of your ear. Trim the retention guard with scissors if it’s too long, or remove it altogether if you don’t like it .
It takes patience and practice to insert your hearing aid correctly. Learn more about fit here.

4. Adjusting the volume

The device button controls the hearing aid volume. Both hearing aids are adjusted simultaneously. Turning on or charging will reset the device to the default volume
  • Increase: press button on the RIGHT hearing aid
  • Decrease: press button on the LEFT hearing aid
From the default volume you can adjust 5 steps up or down. When you hear a double tone, that means you’ve reached the max / min volume.
Only have 1 hearing aid? Learn more about volume control for 1 device here.

5. Choosing Your Dome

Your hearing aid is fitted with the dome style that should work best for your hearing loss.
  • For less severe hearing loss, an Open dome is recommended. For more severe loss, a Closed or Double-dome is recommended.
  • Other dome styles will be included in the box.
Choose the dome that you are most comfortable with
  • If you are experiencing whistling/feedback, a smaller or larger dome may be better. Whistling/feedback indicates that the seal between the dome and your ear canal is not as good as it could be.
  • You may like a dome that is meant for less or more severe loss. That is ok. Choose the dome that you prefer.

Understanding Your Dome

A dome has a few functions. The dome:
  • seals the ear canal to prevent feedback
  • traps in necessary amplification
  • keeps the hearing aid fit and snug
Dome Sizes are SmallMedium, and Large
  • We fit your hearing aid with size Medium and include Small and Large in the box.
  • An extra-small (xs) dome is available on request. 
Dome Styles differ in amount of ventilation
  • Open domes have 6 holes
  • Closed domes have 2 holes
  • Double domes are 2-layered and have no holes.

Caring for Your Claras



  • When handling the hearing aids, make sure your hands and ears are clean
  • Let the hearing aid sit overnight before cleaning. It’s easier to brush off wax when it’s had a chance to dry.
  • First, wipe your hearing aids with a soft dry cloth every day to remove dirt and oils. Consider Audio Wipes
  • After you clean with the cloth, take your black brush gently brush any openings on the hearing aids, including the little holes on the back of the hearing aids. They are microphone screens.
  • The domes that go into the ear also need daily cleaning. If ear wax clogs the domes you won’t be able to hear!


  • Change your dome every 3 months or when it becomes discolored.
  • When you change your dome, change your earwax guard as well.

Changing Your Earwax Guards

If the earwax guard is clogged, this blocks the sound coming from the receiver going into your ear. It is recommended to change your earwax guards, as well as your domes, every 2-3 months, or as needed when amplification starts to decline.
  1. Remove the dome from the hearing aid. You should see the earwax guard on the end of the receiver. It is a small white circle.
  2. Find the spare earwax guards we sent (grey case with black toothpicks inside)
  3. Take out one black toothpick tool with the white end – this is the new earwax guard.
  4. Use the end with nothing on it (non-white end) to remove the old ear wax guard. Stick the black toothpick into the earwax guard and pull it up out of the receiver.
  5. Flip the black tool around and use the white end to place on the new earwax guard by sticking the new one into the same spot on the receiver. Put the dome back on.

Cleaning the Mic Screens

We recommend cleaning your microphone screens every week or two to keep dust, debris, and earwax from blocking the mics.

  1. Wait overnight for wax to harden. Use the black brush that was included in your box.
  2. There are two mic screens – one is located above the volume button, and one is located below the volume button. They are two tiny holes curved in a half circle.
  3. Brush the mic screens gently to get rid of any debris. This helps to make sure the hearing aid can properly pick up external sounds. Wipe down your hearing aids with a dry cloth to make sure you are removing dirt and oils from its surface.

Using the Drying Capsule

The charging case has a secondary function. A drying capsule will  sucks moisture out of the hearing aid as it is charging with the charging case shut. After a few months the drying capsule will turn white. When it turns white it is time for a new one.

Getting to Know Your Clara

  • Push button with indicator light – changes the volume, turns the hearing aid off/on
  • Receiver wire – connects the receiver (speaker) unit to your hearing aids
  • Microphones – sound enters your hearing aids through the microphones
  • Charging pins – make contact with the charging case
  • Dome – holds the wire in place in your canal
  • Receiver – amplifies the sound and sends it directly into the canal, the speaker
  • Retention guard – helps stabilize the hearing aid in the ear  

Services for Your Clara

No need to go it alone – we offer Clean & Care services, Repairs, and even a Protection Subscription for your hearing aids.