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It’s summertime, and for many people that means vacation! Going on vacation when you have hearing loss can get a little more complicated, so we looked into the best vacation spots for hard of hearing people. From theme parks to cruises to European getaways, there’s something for everyone!

I’m Going to Disney World!

Disney World (or Disney Land, if you’re closer to the west coast) is one of the best places to vacation if you’re deaf or have some measure of hearing loss. Disney is well known for its hospitality towards its guests, and goes out of the way to bring that “Disney magic” to every person that visits. Upon entering the park, all you have to do is notify a Cast Member of your hearing loss, and you will receive a hearing device tailored to your type of hearing loss. For mild to moderate hearing loss, Disney provides an Assistive Listening system, which amplifies sound through headphones or an induction loop, which you can hear via hearing aids. Disney also provides a Handheld Captioning device that displays text wherever closed captioning systems are unavailable (like moving attractions).

If you’re staying at any property in the Walt Disney World Resort, you can also request extra amenities for your stay, such as phone amplifiers, a strobe light smoke detector, or a text typewriter telephone. In the parks and in the Resort, you can also take advantage of several captioning systems and sign language interpreters.

Cruising the High Seas with Hearing Loss

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A cruise vacation is a great option for someone with hearing loss. Cruise lines travel all over the globe, and there are so many activities and things to see you that you don’t even need to get off the boat. Cruise Critic takes a look at the best cruise lines for people with hearing loss and other impairments. Holland America Line and Norwegian are two popular choices for passengers with hearing loss, due to the services and technology they provide. Holland America Line and Norwegian both offer stateroom kits with visual and tactile alerts if someone knocks at the door or a phone or alarm rings. Passengers can also request amplified telephones and take advantaged of closed captioned televisions.

Enjoy the Silence at Grand Canyon

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National parks make a peaceful getaway for families, couples, or just solo trips. Besides the thundering Colorado River, there aren’t too many sounds to miss at the Grand Canyon, meaning you can enjoy your vacation without missing out! Many hotels and resorts in the area offer text typewriter phones for their guests, and sign language interpreters are also available upon request from the park. In 2011, a group of teenagers with hearing loss traveled through the Grand Canyon to experience the natural sounds of the park and understand the importance of hearing preservation.

Traipse through Europe with Your Hearing Aids

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Italy and France are two of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Both are steeped in culture, bursting with history, and offer the best food in the world. Both countries are very varied in terms of climate and geography, so if you want a beach vacation or a mountain getaway, you can experience everything in these countries! French and Italian vacation planners also offer many services for tourists with hearing loss. Museums in both countries offer sign language interpreters, and you can even take a sign language tour of the Vatican Museums in Rome.

By: Elena McPhillips