Hearing loss is likely an issue close to your heart. Perhaps you want to make it close to your wallet, as well! There are many great hearing loss charities and organizations out there that need your support, either through donations of money or time. Let’s take a look at some of the best hearing loss charities in the country, what they do, and how you can help!

Hearing Charities of America

The Hearing Charities of America (HCOA) is dedicated to supporting Americans who suffer from hearing loss or deafness. They use three different approaches to meet their goals: awareness, advocacy, and scholarships and grants. Among those who benefit from the HCOA’s work are audiologists, non-profit organizations, hearing aid manufacturers, community leaders, and of course, those with hearing loss. The HCOA also has many scholarships available for deaf or hard of hearing students as well as for students who are seeking careers in hearing-related industries. The HCOA has a number of campaigns and programs across the country, here is a list of just a few:

  • The Hearing Aid Project, which seeks to bring hearing aids to low-income communities and individuals
  • SAFEEARS, which concentrates on helping elementary and middle-school children develop an awareness of hearing safety and hearing loss
  • Adopt-an-Agency, in which a HCOA chapter partners with a hearing health non-profit to apply for grants and other educational materials

To get involved or donate: http://hearingcharities.org/get-involved/

Hearing Loss Association of America

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is one of the largest hearing loss organizations in the country and is the only hearing loss charity vetted on Charity Navigator, a reputable charity analysis site. The HLAA provides resources and assistance for people living with hearing loss, as well as for their families and friends. The HLAA has an expansive online community which allows people across the country to connect with each other, and also provides popular webinar programs about hearing loss education and hearing loss products. The HLAA also has statewide chapters that help people create hearing loss groups in their own communities.

To donate: http://www.hearingloss.org/content/make-donation-online

Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss

Children with hearing loss in America and other developed countries have access to a lot more healthcare and resources than kids in developing countries around the world. Started by Paige Stringer after a trip across Southeast Asia, the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss is a hearing loss charity that aims to provide hearing aids, medical care and experience, and education to the developing world. The Global Foundation offers on-location training, consultations with local and state governments, supports research initiatives, and provides community outreach programs about how to address hearing loss in infants and children. The Global Foundation concentrates its efforts in Vietnam, Mongolia, and Ecuador.

To donate or volunteer: http://www.childrenwithhearingloss.org/difference.shtml

These are just a small sampling of hearing loss charities that are doing great things for people with hearing loss in this country and around the world. If you want to get involved, you should look into some hearing loss charities and the work they do. Donating your time is also a great way to support hearing loss charities!

By: Elena McPhillips

5 responses to “The Best Hearing Loss Charities

  1. hello..
    I am a medical student now live in Jordan.. but an american citizen.. and have severe hearing loss..but with hearing aids I speak and communicate well not perfect.. but I am going to start training in the hospital.. and as you know it is a noisy environment..,and i am looking for an appropriate type of hearing aids for me such as Oction Opn… to help get involved in such environment.. I really don’t have any experiences about which charities that can help me to have high quality types of hearing aids to help me…

  2. Hello
    My father is old and suffers from hearing loss since he can not hear unless the sound is too high
    Can I get a free headset?

    1. Hi Mohamed. We don’t provide free headsets, but we do have a free hearing test that your father can take to determine his hearing fitness. Why don’t you have him try it at audicus.com/online-hearing-test and let us know what you think?

  3. I have been retired now for over ten years and have suffered hearing loss gradually especially in the last decade. I recently had a hearing evaluation which is covered by my insurance. But, when visiting a facility in the same complex, they recommended hearing aids priced at over $6000 to $ 4000 per pair. I can’t afford that and checking online, I saw information about used hearing aids available through versus outlets. Please let me know how I might qualify to receive used hearing aids. Thank you.

    1. Hi Deli, thanks for reaching out! If you are interested in applying for a program, you could click on the links we have listed in the article above and learn more about the hearing loss charities. However, we are an online hearing aid company and our hearing aids cost around 1/4 of the cost of what you’ll usually find at your local audiologist, so we’d love to be able to assist you! Please reach out to us at 855-971-0451, or email us at [email protected] so that we can learn more about your hearing needs and what we can do to assist you!

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