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As 2022 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to think back on the year and look forward to the next. If your life was impacted by hearing loss in 2022, you should consider purchasing hearing aids in the New Year. Here are the top 6 reasons you should take the plunge in 2023:

Why treating your hearing in 2023 is the best resolution for health and happiness

  1. There’s no time like the present to start  hearing. On average, Starkey reports that people with hearing loss wait 10 years before purchasing a pair of hearing aids. Additionally, the Society for Epidemiologic Research conducted research on American adults, and found that very few of those who suffer from hearing loss treat with a hearing aid. Be one of the few who takes their hearing seriously, and don’t wait 10 years to take a simple step to improve your life.
  2. You can prevent further damage to your ears. Every time you turn up the volume on music or the television, you are potentially putting your ears at risk for damage. When you ear is exposed to loud sounds for a prolonged amount of time, the tiny hairs inside your earsstart to break down. Unfortunately, once this damage happens,there is no turning back. The only treatment is hearing aids, so why wait?
  3. There’s no longer a stigma surrounding wearing hearing aids. Old, outdated hearing aids are a thing of the past. Now the devices are barely noticeable and are actually very common. You may not notice how many people in your life wear hearing aids because they are so small and high-tech. According to the World Health Organization, 466 million people experience hearing loss worldwide. That means if you need hearing aids, you are similar to 16 percent of the world!
  4. It’s cheaper to hop on board early. When you first notice hearing loss, contact your doctor. There may be a simple solution this early on such as antibiotics to clear up an infection, or removing something lodged within your ear. However, if there is no simple solution, your doctor may start you off with an amplifier or Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP). These tend to be slightly cheaper than hearing aids since they require less specialization.
  5. There are more options than ever for purchasing hearing aids. With websites like Audicus, you can buy high quality hearing aids at a lower price. If cost prevented you from buying hearing aids in the past, take a look at your options in 2020. You may be surprised to know you can get a pair for as low as $499 (and save even more with New Year’s deals!)
  6. Revive your active physical, mental, and social life. The Hearing Journal published an article in 2011 breaking down all of the positive side effects of wearing hearing aids. Hearing aids improved the lives of 40% of the participants in their study, and an even higher 3 out of 4 participants stated at least one aspect of their life was enriched due to hearing aid use.

Make hearing your resolution for 2023!

By: Diana Michel

Sources: WHO, Starkey, Society for Epidemiologic Research, Hearing Journal