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The Top Radio and TV Jingles Over The Years

Hearing vintage radio jingles or watching a television commercial from the past can bring back early memories. Even a few words or a chord progression spurs old feelings and helps evoke events from years ago.

CNN’s news story from earlier this year points directly to the power of sound and how the brain reacts to particular noises. Researchers have a fairly basic understanding of the brain’s physical response while listening to music, such as the lowering of cortisol, formation of the superior temporal gyrus, and increase in immunity antibody immunoglobin A.

Slate also researched the specifics of nostalgia and why musical tastes are related to memories. Positive connections with songs or jingles release pleasurable chemicals in the brain like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, which makes the song or jingle even more meaningful.

The brain develops fastest between the ages of 12 and 22, so songs heard during this time have stronger positive links and more intense memories. That’s why those vintage radio jingles from your youth continue to stick in your brain. See if you can remember these iconic commercial refrains.

Vintage Radio Jingles from the 1960s


Catchy Radio Jingles and Commercials in the 1970s 


The Greatest 1980s Vintage Radio and Television Jingles


The Best Jingles from the 1990s

If you sang along with any of these vintage radio jingles, the advertisement certainly worked! Now the tough part will be getting them unstuck from the tip of your tongue.

By: Diana Michel, Updated in 2021