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Employee Spotlight

November 2022

Meet Freddy Crocker, Operations Manager on our Operations Team

Audicus strives to provide top-tier hearing aids and services to our customers.

Let’s see who’s working behind the scenes to make that happen.

Today we’re highlighting: Freddy Crocker!

“If you join Audicus, you’ll be making a difference in people’s lives. You’re not just selling a product or experience – this is completely life-changing.”

What initially drew you to Audicus?

Helping others has always been deeply rooted in Freddy, as his mother was a firefighter, his oldest brother followed bravely in her footsteps, and his sister became an accountant. He wasn’t quite sure what he himself wanted to do yet, but knew helping people was of the utmost importance. Freddy kick-started his career working for a pharmaceutical company in Midtown Manhattan for several years following college, but after the company unfortunately went under, he explored new opportunities and discovered Audicus. 

Prior to joining Audicus, Freddy recalled that his mother was deaf and she wore hearing aids for a time, but she did not like the feel of them as they were too big and bulky. The only way for her to understand anything was by reading their lips or having someone write/text what the person was saying. Audicus provides top-notch hearing aids that are slim and comfortable when they sit on the ear. Unfortunately, she did not get the chance to try them as she passed away shortly after Freddy’s employment.

 Working at Audicus has been extremely meaningful to Freddy. While he does not suffer from hearing loss, he does understand the frustration, struggles and hardships the hearing-impaired face as well as how it impacts the family as well. Freddy wants to help be part of the solution and wants to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives similar to how his mother impacted lives as a firefighter.


What is your role at Audicus and when did you join the team? 

Freddy is currently the Operations Manager, and joined the Audicus team in February 2018.  As a manager, Freddy oversees two wonderful colleagues, assists the VP on tasks, helps program hearing aids,  and ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently on the operations side. A strong, collaborative team is important to Freddy, and he steps in where he is needed and can help make a difference.


What’s one of your favorite memories at Audicus?

Customer satisfaction – and happiness – drives many of the individuals working at Audicus. The team is not only here to offer a product, but to make a valuable impact in someone’s life and carry out the Audicus mission.

Freddy notes that one of his favorite parts of working at Audicus is “hearing and reading customer testimonials on whether how great the product is, how happy they are,  or how efficient the shipping and service was.” Our customers’ happiness is celebrated among the Audicus team, and this feedback drives the team to keep going and provide the best customer experience possible.


How would you best describe the culture at Audicus?

The culture at Audicus is centered around mission-driven folks who provide top-notch support and customer service, while delivering a life-changing product to those experiencing hearing loss. Freddy describes Audicus as having a  collaborative, tight-knit nature, and “if one team member is down, other team members pitch in and provide support.”

Transparency and support are essential, and having a supportive CEO makes an impressive difference on the team as a whole. Patrick Freuler, Audicus’s CEO, “supports you in everything you do. He checks in and asks how you’re doing, and if you’re down for some reason, he’ll try to pick you back up.” A mission-driven leader instills passion throughout the organization, and that is felt every day while working at Audicus.


Why do you think candidates should join the Audicus team?

Waking up everyday knowing you’re making a fraction of a difference in someone’s life is nothing short of a humbling feeling. Freddy notes that “if you join Audicus, you’ll be making a difference in people’s lives. You’re not just selling a product or experience – this is completely life-changing.”

Hearing is a massive essential sense, and  Audicus is dedicated to ensuring individuals who struggle with hearing loss will  have affordable and accessible access to our products and services.  Working for this organization is a positive, overwhelming experience, and we’re “helping end some frustration” for the customer.


Outside of work, what are your favorite things to do?

Freddy notes he’s a “hard-working, quiet and responsible individual.” Outside of work, you can find him watching baseball, specifically the Yankees. Physical fitness and working out are important to Freddy, so any chance he gets, he’s playing baseball with his friends or jogging around the neighborhood.

Instead of taking the subway straight to work, he walks 4.5 miles to work each day as well. In addition to sports, Freddy plays video games and trading card games to unwind as well. For a fun fact: he has a potbelly pig named Sadie who is the absolute greatest pet. Growing up, the family had a total of 4 dogs and he is allergic to cats. He originally contemplated getting another dog, but settled on sweet Sadie.  Their favorite activities to do together are going on walks around the neighborhood, playing with toys, and sharing a cup of applesauce.